Went to Sleep Thinking About Sea Monkeys, Of Course (Contest Winner and New Contest, too!)

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15 Responses to Went to Sleep Thinking About Sea Monkeys, Of Course (Contest Winner and New Contest, too!)

  1. I love!! Hugh Jackman! I want to see movies that have him in it even if I don’t know anything about them, just because he’s so awesome! I loved him in Real Steel. If you haven’t seen it you have to! It’s so cute!

  2. Cheryl McLaws says:

    My brother got some sea monkeys when we were both younger a couple times. I remember thinking they were so cool! Until I realized they were just shrimp. I remember watching a show on Saturday mornings about sea monkeys as well. As a kid I thought it was funny, but it was probably really dumb! Lol.

  3. Nikki Barton says:

    Hugh is ideal in a plethora of ways. His massive chest would compliment his massive tail…were he to play a manly mermaid. Nothing briney about him!!! I had to feed my friend’s pet frogs sea monkies one summer while she went on a month long vacay. Yeah…sounds morbid when they’re the feast! One of the frogs just couldn’t get his fill of the monkies and therefore ate his wee amphibian compadre. The little porker. I was mortified. Talk about frog eat frog world. Oh well…c’est la vie. I shoulda donned a witch hat and cackled “Swim my pretties…SWIM!!!” to the little monkies <\:-0 and surely…if Hugh the Merman had been around, pee wee might still be here today.

  4. Kirsten says:

    Seriously, I’ve never heard of Sea Monkey’s…but that’s a really funny story about them! Hugh Jackman is my all time favorite actor! He’s THE perfect Ransom Lake! Aaaand, Australia is my favorite movie with him! He is the epitome of the perfect man(by his looks, in the least! Enter me sighing here!)!

  5. Holly Kurtzeborn says:

    We found Sea Monkeys at Wal-Mart a couple months ago! They were in the super cheap toy aisle where toys are only 1, 3, or 5 dollars! We bought the little plastic aquarium and Sea Monkeys for our kids. It came with a cute little magnifying glass too! My kids loved them! I would love to win Australia! Hugh Jackman = yumminess 🙂

  6. Katie Siddoway says:

    I love Huge Jackman, but only manly Huge. I like him scruffy and manly. I must admit I have never seen Australia. With a cover like that I am guessing that I need to.

  7. Jennifer H says:

    I had a friend when I was a kid who had Sea Monkeys, she told me some outrageous crazy story about how they got them – that of course my little kid self thought was true and was totally creeped out by it… although I don’t remember the story now. Anyway, it made me never want any myself and I’m ok with that… although I’m missing the fun part to be sure!

    Hugh Jackman is one of my all time favorite actors.. I haven’t seen Australia yet though… or Real Steel… and I know I’m behind, but I will catch up! I would love to see his interpretation of a merman, in my head I see something of a cross between Leopold and Wolverine – interesting. But what would this merman’s name be??

    Marcia, you come up with some pretty amazing things! You keep me thinking outside the box to be sure! ;^) Hope you have a wonderful Monday! ;^)

  8. Megan E says:

    My mother-in-law recommended the movie Australia to me years ago … she said I had to see Hugh Jackman in the white suit jacket he wore in the move. She was right!! He was a sight to behold … 🙂

  9. Whitney C. says:

    Oh My! Talk about a “real” man….there he is! My husband loves to tease me about my crush on Hugh. 🙂 He would definitely play anyone of your heros well in your books. (right behind my husband of course!) Gotta love Hugh!!!!

  10. Jaime Comer says:

    Hugh Jackman…mmm mmm mmm!

  11. Sandy says:

    I love the range of Hugh Jackman’s roles…Wolverine in that leather jacket? Leopold in all his Victorian-costumed splendor? Hot Australian cattle rancher? Yes, he should be a merman. Double points if he speaks with the accent.

  12. Lindsey Olmstead says:

    Oh I love the movie Austraila and Hugh Jackman! He is definitely on my list of real men. Plus his accent is simply delicious. It definitely makes me want to go to Austraila and find some manly cattle rancher to claim as my own! Haha! :0)

  13. Stacey says:

    I NEED SOME SEA MONKEYS!! How cool is that? I gotta get me some of those! And Hugh? Oh Hugh! Oh how I love an Aussie! I love that movie and I think Hugh would make an amazing merman, with that massive chest and that face, if anyone could pull it off, he would be the manly man to do it! MMmm hmmm!

  14. Shanna Eskelson says:

    He’s a hottie

  15. Mary Campbell says:

    I just love me some Hugh Jackman. I love him as Woverine in the XMen. He can be my hero anytime. I think he would make a great Merman. I had some Sea Monkeys when I was a kid. I even bought my girls some when they were little too. I meght have to buy the grandkids some. I think they would like to watch them grow.

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