Weird Blog Contest…and Oh Yeah! Elvis Postcard Winner!

Okay…so you know I’m just so random sometimes, right?  Well, yesterday I was thinking about The Crimson Knight (I have to admit to you that anytime some asks me for a list of my favorite heroes from my own book, The Crimson Knight always is right up there at the top.  I’m not sure why.), and I realized that after almost two years, I still have the Shcleich Knights sitting on my bookshelf that I used as references for Sir Broderick’s “look!”  Now, although none of the figurines look just like Sir Broderick, his horse, armor, etc. did…I thought, “Maybe someone would like to have a little piece of The Crimson Knight!”  Therefore, the weird, random blog contest for the rest of this week is this:  A Schleich Knight used as a reference while I was writing A Crimson Frost!  Yep!  The very one sitting on my shelf!  Corny, I know!  BUT if you like stuff like this (which I do and would like to have the whole Shcleich Knights collection someday), why not jump in, just for fun?  I figured you needed a break from Elvis for a couple of days (Plus…I have to think of another Elvis thing!)…so why not start your own Shleich Knights collection, or just have a fun little thing to give a child, or stick on your shelf!  Hmmmm…I’m thinking this would make a great bookend now that I’m looking at it again!

To enter, simply comment here, send me an e-mail or post on Facebook!  That’s all!  I’ll pick a winner in a few days…let’s say…Saturday, okay?  And then we’ll get back to Elvis!

Oh yeah!  That reminds me!  The winner of the Elvis Kissing Postcard is, Stacey Whiting!  Stacey, just e-mail your mailing address to me and I’ll get Elvis in the mail to you!  Thanks for entering, everyone!  The Kissing Postcard was one of my favorite contests ever!

Meanwhile, there are a few new character bio photos up and the hunt is still on!  Thank you, thank you to everyone who is submitting photos!  It’s a very hard choice to make…but I LOVE seeing everyone’s ideas!

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24 Responses to Weird Blog Contest…and Oh Yeah! Elvis Postcard Winner!

  1. Jewel Adams says:

    Marcia, I love you! A funnier lady there will never be:-)

  2. Stacey says:

    So excited for this postcard!!! Thanks so much! I think I will frame it!! Love the Crimson Knight figurine! How fun to know that is what you looked at on your shelf as you wrote! You are to fun!

  3. Erica says:

    I love the Crimson Knight, one of my favs. This is so much fun, I am loving your blog.

  4. Tanya says:

    I’m so in love with your quirky blog! So much fun!!!

  5. Scarlet says:

    The Crimson Frost is my favorite of your books 🙂 I love love love knights 🙂 🙂 🙂 thanks for blogging!

  6. Carol L says:

    Congrats Stacey, you lucky girl. 🙂
    Marcia, the Knights are awesome and to know you looked at this one for reference while writing makes it even more special. Your blog is great. I don’t actually need a break from Elvis but I have no choice lol lol
    Carol L

  7. I love the crimson knight! I got it for christmas so now I get to read it whenever I want! And I love the pictures you are putting up for the character bios! Hunky men!

  8. Steph S. says:

    I don’t think that it is corny at all. I would love to have something like that. It is even better that it is something that helped you when you were writing such a wonderful book. If I don’t win this one I will have to go find some anyway…lol
    Steph S.

  9. Marche Siefken says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Crimson Knight, and that is almost exactly how I pictured him at the tournament!! So cool! 🙂 Your blogs are so much fun (so are the character bios and pics!) and I am loving all your contests! Thanks~

  10. Jamie H says:

    Yay, Stacey! Congrats! Marcia- You are absolutely THE BEST…just so you know!!

  11. Jennifer H says:

    The very first time I read A Crimson Frost I was speechless and when I’m speechless I either let out a very delighted squeal – for lack of a better word – or I borrow the phrase, “Oh My HECK!”
    I love reading and re-reading your books and I definitely love all those Oh my heck moments! ;^)

  12. Sil P says:

    I just finished reading A Crimson Frost!! I just love this book, it’s my favorite! Wow how fun for you to give away the “Knight” that represents Sir Broderick! I would love to win it and place it on my knight stand by my Marcia McClure book collection! A fun change! Thanks

  13. Kim T says:

    I love the Crimson Knight! It’s definitely one of my favorites, but probably because I love jousting and knights and chivalry though I personally never want to be a damsel in distress! It’s so cool to see where you get some of your inspiration as well! Keep the amazing books and kissing scenes coming! 😀

  14. Nicole Nelson says:

    Crimson Frost was my FAVORITE book!!! …Still LOVE the Crimson Knight, but the favorite book has changed! 😀 Highway has definately trumped Him!

  15. Lena M says:

    I love love the Crimson Frost!!! As I read it I kept thinking of Robin hood with Kevin Costner… That was one of my favorite movies growing up….(I know It is different with knights but it just reminded me of that movie) Any ways I kept thinking of the Song by Brian Adams you know ….”Everything I do I do it for you” Love that song and this book really reminded me of that movie and song. I love the Crimson Knight and thought of him saving his girl just as Robin hood was being catapulted over the wall to save Lady Merion and his friend asked him if she was worth dying for…AAAAAAHHHHHHH and he said YES!!! I love that. Thanks for bringing back good memories!!!! Ok so I am rambling but I love that book (did I say that) Hugs!!

  16. Kachina says:

    Being a history major, and completely in love with the middle ages since I was practically a baby I’ve always enjoyed looking at these types of figurines. I must say if I win this it would mean alot because 1st- it was once yours, 2nd- it was a slight inspiration for one of your fabulous characters, 3rd- it’s beautiful, 4th- it’s just super crazy because I just finished Crimson Frost, 5th- Crimson Frost is in my top five favorite MLM books, and 6th- when I took that neat “Which MLM Man Do You Belong With?” quiz on facebook I got Sir Broderick. *sigh* I believe I have enough reasons for you to believe it would go to a good home. 😉 Muches and Bunches of Love…and…Thanks! <3

  17. J. Best says:

    Seriously LOVE the Crimson Knight. I can’t decide who my favorite is…The Highway Man or the Crimson Knight. I would LOVE to see these two in a tournament together!

  18. Marie V. says:

    I absolutely love The Crimson Knight! He is my ideal hero and my favorite in all your books! I’m about to re-read it and I’m so excited! I borrowed a copy from the library but now I own it. My husband ordered me a few of your books for X-mas for me and it was one of them! You can even ask my husband how much I love this book! On our way to Logan one day, I told him all about the book in our 30 minute drive. He just laughs at me. My husband reminds me of Sir Broderick and a mix of Brevan Mcclean. Sigh…

  19. Becki K. says:

    Oh, how fun! Would love that! The Crimson Knight is also one of my favorites!! Would be so cool to have that to sit on my bookshelf next to my collection of MLM novels!

  20. Mandee says:

    Marcia –

    I keep trying to post on your website regarding the Crimson Knight giveaway… but it’s rejecting my posts! I hope you will consider me if I post it again here?? Here is what I wrote:

    Apparently my first post didn’t come through… it was a good one… not sure if I can make my 2nd one live up to it. 😉

    The Crimson Knight is my favorite MLM Hero! Sir Broderick is my perfect imaginary fairytale dreamboat! I would absolutely love to have this sitting over my shoulder right next to me as I continue to read this book to pieces! (I think I may have to get a 2nd copy soon as mine is falling apart!) I have just the perfect spot to show him off… and would be proud to do so – especially because it was your inspiration.

    Side note: My hubby loves to dress up for the Arizona Reniassance Festival, with a sword and everything! He often reminds me of Sir Broderick! He would completely appreciate this being up in our home, since we are now so far away from his favorite pasttime. (we’re in N. Idaho now) 🙂

  21. Katherine says:

    Marcia! I love your blog and your books. They are some of my absolute favorites!

  22. Maralee Saulters says:

    What a fun giveaway! I’d love to have a nice visual of the Crimson Knight! And to tell you the truth my boys would love them 🙂

  23. Corrie C says:

    You have no idea how perfect the “scandelous” Elvis postcard fits Stacey!! I can just see the expression on her hubby’s face. And we all enjoy hearing where your inspiration comes from so who wouldn’t want to have a part of it.

  24. Mandee says:

    Ooooo – 🙂 It’s Saturday! 🙂

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