Veteran’s Day and The Navajo Code Talkers

Oh, you know me…always an emotional wreck on Veteran’s Day!  I can hardly look a Veteran in the eye with out bursting into tears of gratitude, reverent admiration and a feeling of being so small and insignificant in comparison.  Heck!  I can hardly glance sideways at a Veteran without bursting into tears!  So please take a moment today (and every other day that you are lucky enough to pass one on the street) to thank every Veteran you see for his or her service to us!

I’m not kidding about this being an emotional day for me…therefore, I thought I’d just leave you with a little snippet on an astounding group of WW II Veterans that often are forgotten…The Navajo Code Talkers!  If you’re not familiar with them, then please take the time to watch this short video concerning their service to our country…and to us!

God Bless ALL Our Veterans!

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5 Responses to Veteran’s Day and The Navajo Code Talkers

  1. Stacey says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I loved it! I too have a special spot for veterans. I did a ward party last year honoring some in our ward, and just listening to their stories, touched my heart!

  2. Kacee says:

    Thank you posting this. It is very impressive and moving. I’m going to share this important video with my family.

  3. Elisa Redhouse says:

    Thanks for posting this video. My husband’s great-grandfather was a code talker and is in one of the pictures. My amazing husband has been in the Army National Guard for the past 11 years and will be commissioning as an officer next month. So thanks again! I can’t wait for him to see it!

  4. Sophia Rose says:

    I was so glad to see this clip and your piece for Veteran’s Day. They certainly do deserve honor and our thanks.

  5. Anne Smart says:

    Beautiful! This really moved me as most veteran stories do. I hope Marcia will write a story with one of these men as inspiration. I will share it with my students so they will know what a blessing it is to have our freedom protected by good nobel men of all races and people serving one nation. May God continue to bless the USA.

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