The Windswept Flame-A Tenderly Small World :)

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  1. aimee evans says:

    Marcia…sigh…you make my daily escape from the stress of reality possible. I love your books your than words can say.

  2. Donna Patrick says:

    Hi Marcia, I enjoyed reading your blog concerning my Mother, Blanche Widger and the comments about my daughter Cindy. I too, have always insisted on my family wearing coats and do stress when they don’t….I am touched that people outside my family that have interest in this historical part of my family….I grew up hearing about this all my life but did not comprehend the importance of it until later in life. I have seen many pictures and heard many stories and met with a couple of the authors and drove my Mother to some interviews….I also took my Mother to a reunion with the other survivors that was held in Holly, Colorado about 10 years ago…Thank you for your interest in this and I know my Mother would be pleased….Donna Patrick

  3. Michelle Christensen says:

    How sad. I used to lend coats to children at the bus stop who didn’t wear coats in below zero weather. I am so glad there are still mothers out there who understand the importance of wearing appropriate clothing and children who obey their mothers.

  4. Teya says:

    Okay Marcia, I have to admit it took me a while to even have the courage to read this one. Now I know why. I was not ever connected to that except the book of course, however I was always reminded of having a jacket or coat with me and I do it with my children. Living on the Menan Butte growing up anything could happen out there. Thank you for sharing that sweet, sweet story.
    Now on a happier note you mention the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon thing. Well I have one for you:
    Me- Teya Peck I nannied for
    David Pogue who’s neighbor and good friend was none other than….
    Harry Connick Jr. Who I had the priviledge of meeting at David Pogue home when his first child was born.
    Harry Connick Jr was in a film “My Dog Skip” with yep
    Kevin Bacon

    That’s not all that is only 4 degrees. I met you in Logan last year your the fifth degree. I thought that was cool so I wanted to share. Especially where I’m a nobody in Idaho and have less than 7 degree to Kevin Bacon. THat’s just cool.

  5. Amy Cook says:


    Thanks for the blog. With our current weather being warm then freezing cold I always have my kids take jackets with them….you just never know. I absolutely LOVE your books. I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy them. It is SO hard to find good, clean, fun books & yours fit the bill to a “T”.

    My brother-in-law jokingly cusses me for introducing his wife & daughter to your books. He claims that he’s a Kindle widow & my hunny claims he’s a library widow. Our noses are ALWAYS in books…most often yours.

    I’m anxiously awaiting for my Midnight Masquerade book. I’ve had to find other books to read until it comes. My sister-in-law keeps asking if it’s come yet. Can’t wait.

    Thanks again for your books & your fun personality. Have a GREAT day!!


  6. donna harris says:

    What a sad sad story. I will never forget this and always remember this story in winter. My mom always made me and my brothers take our coats even if it was warming outside. Then towards the end of the school year we had to take a jacket or sweater. Because you never know what the weather will do. Of course I passed this onto my sons. Don’t forget your jacket, or hoodie. I would hear the words as I did when I was young, “mom it’s warm outside I don’t need a jacket, the other kids will make fun of me”.How many times I and them were so glad to have that jacket. I had to ride a bus to school for an hour every morning. Mom would say, “What if the bus would break down”, of course mom was always right.
    Thank you for your writing, I really enjoy it.

  7. Becky Swanson says:

    Just to let you know my Grand mother Eunice Frost Clapper has passed away
    This last July 2014. She never talked about the blizzard. My step dad told me about it and has the book on it. It was a blessing to know her. She was a very loving person. My step dad Doug Clapper told me there is only one surviver that is still alive. I’m surprise that this wasn’t well known. This is a history lesson everybody should know. Sincerely Becky Swanson. Cass Lake ,MN

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