The Kiss (by Harrison Fisher)

So I’ve been working on redecorating one of our bedrooms.  Kevin has done all the manly work (the painting, etc.) and then I get to do all the fun stuff (choose the bedding, the furniture, the lighting and stuff to hang on the walls).

Well, one day while searching for just the right things to have framed for that room, I came across a vintage postcard of “The Kiss” by Harrison Fisher.  Naturally I fell in loved with it the moment I saw it!  (I’m sure you can see why, right?)  I purchased the postcard and it’s in the very capable and talented hands of the custom framing girls over at Michael’s.

I loved “The Kiss” so much, that I thought I might be able to find a couple more Harrison Fisher things to frame for that room (which I did).  However, imagine my excitement/surprise/frustration when I found that the postcard I’d purchased featured only part of Fishers painting!





Yep!  While searching around for other works by Harrison Fisher, I came across THIS image!  I LOVE the entire painting best, but it is TOTALLY out of print!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  The only thing I found was a black and white copy of it in an 11×7 size that cost a mint!  Shucks!  (Heavy sigh.)

But, fear not…for I have accepted the fact that a large, full version of The Kiss by Harrison Fisher is out of my reach.  (BUT if you ever see one in good shape and at a decent price, snatch it up for me, okay?)  The one the girls at Michael’s are framing for me will just have to do…for now.

Meanwhile, I procured a couple other Harrison works for that room.  I managed to get hold of a copy of “Caught Napping” and “Behave”…so that gives me three images to display in that room.  (You know how I am…I have to work in odd numbers when placing knick knacks around…especially 3s!)  Still, I’m always on the look out for great Harrison Fisher images (postcard size or larger), so DO let me know if you find any, okay?  I LOVE those vintage, romantic images!

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9 Responses to The Kiss (by Harrison Fisher)

  1. Carolyn says:

    Did you try ebay? I personally love Gibson girls, and have purchased a couple prints that way. I checked and they have some of Fisher’s books containing his illustrations available, and that way you could get a lot a once.

  2. Teya says:

    I love them! I’ll for sure keep my eye out.

  3. Nikki Barton says:

    Mmmmmm…. he is just claiming her soul, isn’t he!

  4. Sil says:

    Marcia go to they have a bunch of his art there!

  5. Sil says:

    Marcia found some more of his art on I just realized that I have some stickers that were made of his piece the Wedding Ceremony! I have them in my wedding album that I made years ago! LOOOVE IT!

  6. Mippy says:

    Very cool! If I see any I’ll holler! 🙂

  7. Alysha says:

    I found some really cool one’s at they even have the full version of “The Kiss”!

  8. Lisa dowd says:

    I just found this site by accident.. I just purchased a total of 8 framed and matted pieces by harrison fisher they are frame to 19″ x 23.5″. I have the whole set of 6 of the “important days in a girls life”. The Proposal; The Trousseau; The Wedding; The Honeymoon; The First Evening In Their Own Home; and Their New Love… I also have Spring Maiden, and the kiss….

  9. Riva says:

    Hi Marcia, I have loved mine and now selling it! It’s a 10 1/2 x 14″ gilded vintage frame signed 1910, w/ the top hat and coat laying on the furnishing to the left of them. Are you still interested?

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