The Comfort of an Old Friend…

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7 Responses to The Comfort of an Old Friend…

  1. Meleah says:

    Ha ha ha! Thanks for making my smile (and the chance to win)!

  2. AubreyB says:

    I love Hobby Lobby! They always have the cutest things!

  3. Holli Gamero says:

    I would love it.

  4. Teya says:

    OH my heck Marcia, you crack me up. THank you I needed that today. THat was my favorite cookie monster clip too. LOVE IT!!!

  5. Lynette Dyer says:

    Thank you so much for the DVD!!! I can’t wait to watch it! It’s been a hard week with my mom in and out of the hospital three times and I needed a happy surprise! Thank you!!!

  6. Michelle Christensen says:

    So sad about Cookie Monster Bank. Maybe something at Hobby Lobby can help fix him up.

  7. Michelle Fidler says:

    Never been to Hobby Lobby, just Michael’s and Joanne Fabrics.

    I like Cookie Monster. When I was four years old my mother put a small cookie in my stuffed Cookie Monster so it looked like he was eating it. I also had a stuffed Grover.

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