Stress, Lists and a Barbie Binge! :) (And Corrie C.-You WON!)

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11 Responses to Stress, Lists and a Barbie Binge! :) (And Corrie C.-You WON!)

  1. Annalisa Thaler says:

    I’m swept away to childhood with this entry. My daughters now play with the Barbies that I had as a little girl and I’m always finding myself caught up with them. Another of my absolute favorite childhood toys were my Cabbage Patch Dolls – love love love them! They were my babies. I couldn’t get enough of the dolls, books and even the cassette tapes with stories and songs. Thank you Xavier Roberts.

  2. Kelly Winland says:

    I was somewhat of a tomboy, being the only girl in my family for years, and years 🙂 and almost always played outside – no matter the weather! I absolutely LOVED my red wagon – I had the one with the removable sides. The adventures I had with that wagon are some of my fondest childhood memories!

  3. Tara B says:

    What a sweet post… I Happened to read when the day was getting a little to much and it made me relax. So thank you…. I was a kid that stayed out side from sun up until wayyyy past dark. Love the 80’s for that but what I loved most was my small little cottage play house my dad built for me. My most prized possession was my gigantic 5 foot chalk board that I had so i could be the neighborhood teacher and boss everyone around. And course when I was done doing that I’d spend hours on my red big wheel pretending to be Daisy Duke. Chalk boards and big wheels… My favorite.

  4. Michelle Christensen says:

    How many Halloween Barbies are there? Although I am not a collector, (where would I put the collection?) I love giving my girls Barbies. When I was little, my dad built us a huge doll house and we would play Barbies for hours. As adults and mothers we all wanted it and “claimed” it for our kids. My dad settled it by building each sister an exact copy and had us decorate it the way we wanted. Now my girls spend hours playing Barbies just the way I did.

  5. Teya says:

    That was great Marcia! Fun, interesting, and I love lists too! It calms me as well, which is just funny to me. Your great!

  6. Dusti says:

    This blog literally made my heart happy, for the simple fact that I decided the other night (at 10 pm) that I needed to make a list of all the heroes and heroines, their first and last names, and the coinciding MLM book. It was the ONLY thing to do because it had been one of those days, and after all I have procrastinated making this list and it was bugging me. Therefore, though it took me until 1 am to complete (ya’ know, because I had to stop and read ALL my favorite parts of course), I now have a list worthy of making into an access database. The only problem is that my list is incomplete because I could not find Malaina’a last name anywhere. BIG problem when it comes to sorting the database into different lists (and it totally bugs me that I cannot complete the list)!! So, this blog just made me feel A LOT better about my lists and gave me a chuckle too!! 😀 (Oh, but can anyone help me out with Malaina’s last name??)

  7. Jackee says:

    This post was so sweet! I grew up with 4 sisters and we all loved barbies! We would play for hours. One of the fun things that we did was tie strings (or sometimes all we could find was the laces out of our shoes) around the barbies and have them bungee jump off the banister on our stairway. How fun that was! One of the other fun things we did as sisters was to have a sleep over on our trampoline in the summertime. We loved that because it was a time for us all to be together and have fun as sisters. We still enjoy getting together, but I’m not sure I would like sleeping on the trampoline I enjoy my bed too much!

  8. Jennifer H says:

    I LOVE Barbies, the clothes – was always frustrated that the shoes never stayed on… we (my siblings and I – my brother had his own Ken doll) played for hours as kids. We didn’t have a whole lot of toys growing up so I had exactly 2 Barbies, Beach Barbie and her Ken – they are tucked away in a box with all their camping gear and clothes and things that we made out of fabric scraps and whatever else our imaginations could come up with. And the things my mom made for us out of scraps.
    My 9 year old wants them, but I just can’t give them up for her. I’ll have to pull them down and show them to her sometime ;^) Plus she has a whole box full of Barbies so I don’t think she needs mine!!

  9. Tammy Beverley says:

    Marcia, I love your blog!! So many of the things you said were so much like me I am always writing lists! My family likes to tease me about making lists of lists!! Also Barbies wow my best fiend and I would play them for hours!! When I had my girls I passed my barbie things down to them and it was so fun to watch them do the same as I did my husband even built them a huge Barbie house and it as well as the Barbies both mine and the ones I bought for each of my 3 girls has now been passed down to my Granddaughter! So fun! Thank you so much for taking me down a fun memory lane!! Have a great day!:)

  10. Anita Ganowsky says:

    Your post made me remember my own excitement over barbies as a kid and though i wasn’t the biggest on making up a whole story to go along when playing with them I loved dressing them up in all of the different clothes. As a kid though my favorite thing to do was play games. I loved card games, board games, make believe games and any other type of game you can think of. And even now I love to play games!

  11. Linda Gibbs says:

    In 2004, I went to China to adopt my 14 month old daughter. (She’s 10 1/2 now) In Guangzhou, we stayed a a fantastic hotel, right by the US Consolate. They had a contract with Mattel and gave all babies being adopted a Barbie with a Chinese baby. Seriously, so cute! She has never been into Barbies, but she did take it out of the box. I will have to find them and email a picture to you.

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