Rebooting, Refinding, Refreshing! (AND Win a Spring Bouquet!)

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35 Responses to Rebooting, Refinding, Refreshing! (AND Win a Spring Bouquet!)

  1. Bethany says:

    Silly Marcia! When I need to reboot I read a book written by YOU of course! Or I try a new recipie that I had been wanting to make but couldn’t find the justification for. Or I go on a super hard but awesome hike. However the absolute BEST way to reboot is to go out and serve someone else. Take cookies to a rest home, make a meal for a new mother, rake your neighbor’s yard etc. Works every time:)

  2. Sandy says:

    Marcia, you are SO WONDERFUL! Thank you for all the sugar you’ve sprinkled in my life. I hope you realize all the amazing, uplifting things you do for all of us!

    My husband is a law student, and last summer, he had to leave for his summer internship while I stayed behind with our three kids. We called it our Summer of Sacrifice because it was MISERABLE being apart!

    Do you know what helped me get through? I read a Marcia book every night, and it felt like I had a friend sitting on the couch sprinkling happy dust on me. Your books made me smile like a loon (or sigh or swoon!) and made the long summer bearable and even optimistic…I was happier for my kids and excited each night to read my Marcia book! (I think I read 25 of them in August alone!)

    So THANK YOU, Marcia, for all the sugar you’ve sprinkled in our lives! We’re grateful!

  3. Kimberly says:

    So glad that you were able to take some tome for you!! Ways that I reboot is I take time to sit and do something fun with my kids. Whether it be reading a book to them, making a fun treat, a craft. I find that I get way to busy doing things, and don’t take the time I need to with my kids. So doing that helps me to reboot. Like today I am going to make Apple Fruit Rolls from The Haunting of Autumn Lake with them!! I picked up the apples last night!! Yay!!!

  4. Stacey says:

    Oh friend! I completely understand what you are talking about. Sometimes we get so busy with life and trying to just keep our heads above the water, we forget to take the time to splash around in the water and have a good old waterfight! We are also our own worst critics. It is easy to see our own faults and mistakes, instead of loving ourselves. I am so glad your wonderful hero made you stop to refind, refresh and reboot. What would we do without our heroes? And just so you know, you do sprinkle (more like pour) sugar on all of us by being you and sharing your self through your books. They give so many an escape and a happy heart just by reading them. Just know your hard work is appreciated and loved and we want nothing more than for you to be refreshed. So take care of yourself my friend! Love you tons!

  5. kursty H. says:

    a nice hot bath! not the kind where i converse with my daughter trying to convince her ariel doesn’t need to swim along side me while i bathe, but the kind where kids are in bed and I have plenty of time to lean back relect and get all pruney!

  6. Joy says:

    I struggle with realizing that I need to take a break and reboot until I am in serious pain 🙁 it usually takes me several days of hot tub soaks, chocolate chip cookie making(and dough snitching), meditating, napping in puddles of sunshine and a good book to turn it around. It feels so amazing to feel good again!

  7. Kristie says:

    Time with my Husband-children and grandchildren helps me reboot. Also reading a MLM book makes me very happy!! Also-this time of year I look forward to Spring –new life breathes new life into me! Thank you for sprinkling sugar into my life–you are my FAVORITE writer and I appreciate your sharing your talents with me. I would love to spend some giggling fun time with you (I`m sure my daughters would love to join us!!!!!) Be happy Marcia–that handsome hubby of yours is right–and spend some time with him!!!! Who loves you more than him?? Spend some time with that cute grandson—-that reboots a grandma!!!! <3

  8. Amy Vongsawad says:

    Well… Reading (your books, among others…Jane Austen of course), Netflix, chocolate, sitting in the sun (not reallly possible at the moment), and flowers (I still don’t know why I didn’t buy those tulips yesterday at Costco).

  9. Haylie says:

    Hmm…I haven’t been able to reboot since baby girl was born 10 months ago! However, I use to reboot by taking a long bath then snuggling up in some blankets to watch a movie or read a fun and light hearted book.

  10. Lindsey Olmstead says:

    How I reboot is just sitting down in a nice comfortable chair and getting all cozy while I read a book that helps me escape from all the insanities of life.

  11. I am glad you are rebooting your self. I recently had to go about rebooting me. How did I do that you ask? I spent a week pretty much doing nothing but reading four of you books I hadn’t read before. Reading always helps me to find myself. Especially books that I fall in love with the characters; I laugh when they laugh, I cry when they cry, etc.

  12. Candace Knouse says:

    I am not good at de-stressing. My dad used to tease me that I’d worry about whether the sun would raise in the morning. That being said…I reboot with a good book and a hot bubble bath. Pedicures, massages, dinner and a movie with friends, or a baseball game are all good for relaxing as well.

  13. Rachael Lundeberg says:

    Every once in a while, I take a day (or two!) and forget the rest of the world. I make sure my kids are fed and cuddled, but everything else is put on the back burner; I don’t worry about bills, shopping, projects, lessons, dishes, laundry or any of a hundred other things (thankfully, I have a very supportive husband!). I watch videos with my family (and sometimes just by myself!) and read books (almost always, yours!) and don’t worry about anything else–I figure it’ll all still be there when I get back!

    Thanks for all you do to make my life (and so many others!) better! You are wonderful! Definately take some time to be you! Love ya! : )

  14. Emily Wardle says:

    Oh my goodness I love Hoarders! Can you believe the patience and understanding those cleaning people and organizers have? Holy moly! My reboot consists of dunford donuts and a good book to escape into. I love you! Keep sprinkling!

  15. Diana Jex says:

    Marcia, I absolutely love this blog. It is probably my favorite one you have done so far. a couple of things I do to reboot is I plan a party with all my friends. We eat random delicious food and watch a terrible movie. Then we laugh until we are sick. Then we play games until our cheeks hurt from laughing so hard.
    Another thing I do to reboot is go help my sister with my niece. (she is physically challenged) And try and lighten her load a little bit.

  16. Lindsey says:

    To “reboot” I usually curly up with a good book or watch one of my “comfort” favorite movies. When I really need a “reboot” I usually end up chopping off my hair!

  17. Anne Smart says:

    Re-boot revitalize…kids…I teach kindergarten and when I am in a blahhhh state I find kids can get me closer to myself faster than anything else. Need a laugh or to remember who you are…have a deep conversation with a 5 year old. For example today I asked “J….How has your day been so far?” He rubs his chin looks me deep in the eyes and says, “I could use some kissing…not that mushy stuff the chocolate kind.” Muffling a giggle I agreed and asked, “What should we do about that?” He looks around and says “Beg of course.” Now you have to understand J… has several little girls in my class who would LOVE to comply…if he only knew. It’s true all you need to know you learned in kindergarten! Thanks for lifting my spirits today! 🙂

  18. Kirsten says:

    I take a long bath in my jetted tub, with a book in hand, smelly bath salts, and a handful of chocolates along the side of the tub that I can pop in after a couple pages! That few 40 minutes or so that my husband lets me take (kid free obviously!), is surprisingly refreshing!

  19. Susan Arroyo says:

    Reading a good book, dark chocolate, and making myself go to the gym really keeps me going. I like walking out the door all sweaty. I’m at the age where my health is really important to me. I want to be able to get out of bed each morning and have energy to enjoy it!

  20. Laura C says:

    Hot bath, good books and chocolate….or I literally run away from home. A good night out with girl friends is always a good cure! Glad you found time to reboot, since your books are often part of my cure!

  21. Michelle says:

    Books! Oh, and a night out with my best friend. She always helps me fully relax and then re-center.

  22. AubreyB says:

    Being outside in the sunshine, I love that feeling of the warm sun on my skin. Getting out of the house, whether with my husband or with my girl friends. Escaping into a good, distracting book, especially yours. 🙂 Being with family when they come visit once a year from across the US. Watching a show where all the drama & mystery is introduced, explored, and then resolved in those 43 minutes. And like you said, service. I always seem to forget about how happy I end up being when I do something to make someone else feel happy.

  23. Teya Peck says:

    Hey girl, before I say my reboot thing, I just want you to know how much reading your blog lifts me to a higher level. You have strength, and joy, and fun that does “sprinkle sugar”. Well I hope this helps your sugar sprikling. Now for my reboot; your website, reading your books I’m having withdrawels, LOL. Seriously you sprinkle sugar all over me with out even knowing that there magic fairy lights of uplifting joy!
    I hit the wall last night with my baby i think I got 1 maybe pushed 2 hours of sleep with a crying baby just cuddled her. I came to check out this site the first one I always check, (not brown nosing, seriously the truth) and was lifted I even smiled. Your not alone and I’m tearing right now knowing I’m not alone with “hitting the wall”.
    Marcia thank you for being YOU!

  24. Frankie Sutton says:

    My reboot and rewind time is spent with my Kindle, reading a great historical romance. I can just imagine myself out on a prairie with the breezes blowing across the blanket I am sitting on.

  25. Robin Rubalcava says:

    I have to admit when I need to reboot and refresh, I have to do one of 2 things. I find the most secluded corner of the local library to sit on the floor and snuggle in with a fantastic book, or I wait til it’s a sunshiny day and grab a blanket, a Jamba Juice, and (again) a fantastic story to relax under the oak tree in the backyard and lull myself back into that totally rejuvenated, sleepy happy place. Sometimes, there’s just nothing better!

  26. Carrie Miller says:

    All I need is a good book or a grand movie (Anne of Green Gables is perfect!), but if I’m ever outside and the sun shines through my brain long enough for me to recognize that its a beautiful day, I always stop for at least a moment and just feel the wind blowing, enjoying the moment before a move on. Those are my favorite mini reboots.

  27. Pamela Hulse says:

    I usually grab a good book and curl up with a good blanket and read until I look up and find out its 2 in the morning. Or I will take a nice long bath and just try to soak my problems away.

  28. Brynette McKinney says:

    Your story of Kevin sitting you down and telling you to reboot warmed my heart. There is nothing better than sharing your life with someone who knows you so intimately, they can see what you need when you can’t see it yourself. I have been blessed with such a husband and I’m grateful every day for him!

    For me, exercise gets me motivated. I could spend just 3 minutes on the elliptical and feel so energized for the whole day. As for a longer-term reboot, I’m still trying to figure one out.

  29. Heather Hakes says:

    I do many different things to help me reboot. When I finally realize that I’m stuck and can’t keep moving forward, I get out a pen and paper and write down everything that pops into my head that is blocking my path. After writing it all down and, occasionally getting a good cry in (those are surprisingly helpful and refreshing), I take that list and burn it, making all of those problems disappear! Then I take a long hot bath and curl up on the couch with a book and some chocolate and read out loud while my sister plays with my hair. Finally, I get a good night’s rest and wake up in the morning ready to conquer the world!

    But, thank you for being you! You “sprinkle” so much happiness into the lives of many just by being who you are!

  30. Tara says:

    I reboot by reading!! Of course my favorite author is marcia Lynn McClure but I love all kinds of clean romance!!! I homeschool all 6 of my kids so finding “me” time can be difficult. Reading just helps me relax. Thanks Marcia for providing hours of great “me” time!

  31. Mippy says:

    When I need to reboot I go read a romance novel or some uplifting novel, unplug the phone, munch on some popcorn while reading and just let it all go. 🙂

  32. Vennesa says:

    To escape, I grab a good book, but to reboot I do something physical like Zumba. When I exercise I feel more in control of my life. It makes me a happier mom and wife.

  33. Jennifer says:

    Dear Marcia,

    Whenever i need to reboot I usually do one of my all-time favorite things. Besides your books of course 🙂 my favorite thing in the world is to crotchet. I just love it. I love being able to create something so beautiful with my hands. I’m not the best in the world but i love making designs and patterns. my family calls me a big crazy when i have a really hard pattern (like making a star-that was so hard!!) but i like the challenge. it also gives me a chance to just think and relax so i can figure some stuff out!

  34. Phoenix Carvelli says:

    I try to grab a good book and try to find some sunshine to sit in. If I am lucky, my cats will curl up in the sunshine with me and nap. On cloudy days, I curl up under a nice fleece throw and read for a few hours or call a long distance friend.

    Thank you for a wonderful giveaway. Happy Writing!


  35. Lisa W says:

    Rebooting and refreshing for me includes returning to my roots. When I’m off balance, it’s usally because I’ve stopped doing the “essentials” (scripture study, prayer, and me-time) that keep me on track. So I have to stop, rewind, and start over again by refocusing on who I am and who I want to be. And chocolate always helps as well:)

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