Random for Random’s Sake! (Contest winner and new contest, too!)

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  1. CateS says:

    I live in Indiana and one of our ‘wonderful’ state legislators has ‘done some research on the web’ and chose to not vote for a congratulatory referendem on the 100th year of Girl Scouting… http://indiana.onpolitix.com/news/104254/fort-wayne-lawmaker-wont-honor-girl-scouts
    The wonders of web research…. it’s true if it’s on the internet…
    If you know anyone in the Fort Wayne IN area… ask them to vote this guy out.. please…

  2. AubreyB says:

    My 5 year old keeps talking about wanting 2 little babies (he has an almost 2 year old sister) and I don’t know if I ever want another baby. Hmmmm. How’s that for random? 🙂

  3. Rhonda Laney says:

    well right now listening to book on my kindle, dog is snoring and I am hungry right now.

  4. Sarah Crump says:

    Feeling my baby stretch with his feet and hands in my tummy at the same time is a crazy feeling. I wish the food I ate would be enough… hungry again. lol

  5. Becca O. says:

    Ha ha ha- love it.

    Sitting here gestating and getting beat up inside by my unborn baby. Here’s my random thoughts: How can someone so tiny be so strong? Maybe she’s claustrophobic. I wonder if she can do actual damage. {*flinch*} Yea- pretty sure I’ve got internal bruising. Can I really go 5 more weeks without her punching through? It looks like I ate an alien. Maybe she’ll be a gymnast. Or a Tae-Bo instructor. Or a kung-fu ninja master.

  6. latanya says:

    I am ready to get off work so I can go home to my son who is having a bad day because he is teething.

  7. I LOVE having a washer and dryer in my apartment…. Throw-up is so much easier to take care of with these appliances readily available. (So that it doesn’t seem so random, its cause my little girl has been sick all day)… An Applebee’s gift card sounds great about now!!!

  8. kursty H. says:

    my 3 year old daughter was just singing “im sexy and I know it” by lmfao (except her version is “I’m thirsty and I know it”.)and i was thinking how fun it would be if Mr. jeans innovations guy was dancing in the video instead of lmfao!

  9. Connie Barnes says:

    I’m just loving this spring weather in February. Flowers have started blooming in my front yard and I’m beginning to get the itch do some gardening.

  10. Candice Valdez says:

    I’m with you on sue. She can’t ever catch a break! But she’s always so stinking optimistic about everything!!

    And I love the big bang theory! My nieces were always saying how good it was and finally watched an episode. Awesomeness!

  11. Claudia Bushman says:

    2 days ago I had to explain to my daughters that our 4 mo. old rottweiler was hit by a car and died. Now every time we pass a car, they ask if they are the ones that killed Riley. He will be missed!

  12. Lexie@BookBug says:

    After reading a couple of the other comments, I’m just thinking that I’m glad I’m not pregnant anymore and that my sweet little 2 month old daughter is asleep right now so I can have some “me” time on the computer!

  13. Stephanie M. says:

    So I was sitting in my chair after I just read a book. Sorry it was not by you and it sadden me so. I am finding that there are NO other books that are as romantic and clean as yours are. So in a desperation to feed my romantic side I open up my kindle and pick a book. Which one did I chose you ask? A Crimson Frost of course. Even though I have read all of your books ( more then just once I might add), there is just something about A Crimson Frost that I just love. Thank you for making my winter months go by a little faster! Now I have to go because Monet just got her warming pan from Broderick and we all know what that leads up to……

  14. Whitney C. says:

    It is definitely one of those “tired of winter days” I love being outside and am so much more active during the summer and today I am in a funk. I was actually just thinking before I read your blog that if only life were conducive to living somewhere warm year round, but then I thought how I would not be by all the great friends that I love and adore, so that would be a bummer too! I guess I will just have to make the best of it till the sun and spring weather comes around! Thumbs up for Applebees!

  15. Erin Spenc says:

    Just washed my hands in the bathroom and noticed the glob of blue frosting in my hair. And now I am wondering about the lady that helped me at the store AFTER the birthday party I went to… I wonder what she thought?

  16. Cassidy R. says:

    I just got home from school….prom is in less than a month. ACT is on March 6th. And SO many other deadlines are approaching… Yet I’m still finding myself on here looking at the new contest :):)

  17. Brynette McKinney says:

    I really dislike the scientific argument that white is not a color. I can see it and color/paint with it. What exactly is it supposed to be called then? I don’t care what they say. White is my favorite COLOR.

  18. Kristie says:

    I have a brand new granddaughter–born last night!! There is nothing more special than witnessing the birth of your grandchild–and how I love their tiny good- smelling little bodies!! I`m in love—–again!!! They wrap themselves around this Nana`s heart immediately!!! <3

  19. Jan-Berry says:

    Just wondering why would a gal my age spend $500 today on getting veins lazored? Who is going to care or even look at them.

    Thinking about weight watchers and how weight just goes from my legs and arms and not my tummy. How can I designate where to lose. silly but true

    sitting here wishing Marcia would come closer to Louisiana . Utah is too far .

    Dang, my age is getting old and my mind wants to stay at 30. Is this a losing my mind game or real?

  20. aimee evans says:

    Do we receive any nutritional value from corn? Hopefully I don’t have to explain any more then that. Gross.

  21. Lindsey Olmstead says:

    Why are sandwhiches so good? Haha! Foods definitely on my mind right now. Better eat something.

  22. Melnaie Cavaletto says:

    hmmm, I wonder if I could get by just feeding my family cereal for dinner…

  23. Sil says:

    so full! why did I eat that hot fudge sundae, it was sooo good at the time but now it’s sitting way too heavy….oh well…watching Idol with my hony. …

  24. HeatherD says:

    Just thinking how nice it will be when it is summer and my family and I don’t have colds every other week.

  25. Shanna Eskelson says:

    Why is my 3 year old daughter so girly that is until she darts then she has to announce it to the world?

  26. Shanna Eskelson says:

    Why is my 3 year old daughter so girly that is until she farts then she has to announce it to the world?

  27. Cyndi Cheney says:

    I’m so glad I’m not a famous singer, or movie star. That I get to live my life the way I want and it’s not all over tv and not everyone is talking about everything I do.

  28. Carol L says:

    I’m actually thinking (a day late) what to give up for lent. Not a problem for everyone but it’s what was in my head. Applebee’s won’t be on the list lol.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  29. Brooke says:

    I probably shouldn’t have eaten that whole bag of cadbury mini eggs. I wonder if my son will ever be potty trained? Maybe I should just go play words with friends.

  30. Cindy says:

    Playing with my grandchildren.

  31. Holly Kurtzeborn says:

    Did I really just eat Pretzel M&M’s and Snickerdoodles for breakfast? Yes. Yes I did. It’s going to be one of those days…….

  32. Eskimo kisses with your 6mo are the sweetest thing… next to laughs, which are hard to get, but so worth acting loony to get them!

  33. Teya Peck says:

    LOL! You are simply a hoot! LOVE IT!

  34. Arianne says:

    I was hanging out with friends having frozen yogurt last night and I was showing them my new phone and the weather app… I showed them a demo of the snow weather and I said: If I look closely, I could see the snowflakes. THEY’RE REAL!
    They look at me then laughed out loud… I’ve never seen snow.

    email: cruz042 at cougars.csusm.edu

  35. Meleah says:

    um, well, right now my thought is “MMMM Food!” so I think I will go heat up my lunch! Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. Megan E says:

    I need a nap!! 🙂

  37. Laura C says:

    I love your randomness! Here’s mine: If they have “pregnant mother” parking why don’t they have “moms with multiple little kids” spots….its way harder than being pregnant! Why do men loose weight so much easier than women? And why do kids sleep in on days I can’t, but never on the weekend?

  38. Ramona says:

    My random thought is that we need another dog. Our scottie needs a friend. The breeder is having another litter sometime this month. We should call and reserve a puppy….lol…fun thoughts huh!

  39. Peggy H. Meyers says:

    My random thought—–My mouth is watering for some Popeye’s chicken!!

  40. Pam says:

    Horses are the most beautiful majestic animals!! I feel priviledged and blessed to be able to ride on these amazing creatures and to bond with them.

  41. Carol Bond says:

    The sun is finally shining today! 🙂 I wish that I were on vacation. Why does it take my daughters 5 days to get their room clean?

    I always have more than just one thought going through my mind! 🙂

  42. Are any of your heroes blonde and blue eyed?

  43. Alysha J says:

    The weather needs to start cooperating with what I want to wear, yesterday it was 70 and sunny and I was wearing black, today I wanted to wear a bright pink short sleeve shirt, but it’s 40 and overcast.

  44. Pamela Hulse says:

    When it rains, why don’t sheep shrink? Why doesn’t Tarzan have a beard? Answering the same letter three times or more in a row on a Scantron test is absolutely petrifying.

  45. Julia Martin says:

    If a goose in plural form is geese, then why isn’t a moose in plural form meese? Very curious!

  46. Chelsea B. says:

    Psych comes back on Wednesday! Soooo excited! Having withdrawals of my favorite TV guys! 🙂

  47. Krystle Henrie says:

    Patrick Stewart has a sexy voice…

  48. Aik says:

    Hmm… I should probably sleep now. It’s half-past midnight.

  49. Julianne says:

    I’m getting real tired of cold, wet, rainy weather. I guess I need to move someplace warm. Like Aruba. I’ve been to Aruba on a cruise a long long time ago and I loved it. It’s a very small island, but I don’t think I’d like the hurricanes either. Soooooo, I guess I’m rambling now. 🙂 It’s been a while since I’ve been to Applebee’s. We used to eat there all the time then they changed the menu, but lately I’ve seen some commercials on TV and boy does that food look good.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  50. Shae Carcar says:

    I really hate waking up to a freezing room, so freezing that my toes and my nose feel like icicles! This isn’t THAT random since it happened today, and I’ve made it a silent mission to NEVER let it happen again. My heater and I are going to get along swimmingly, if, and only if, it cooperates 😉

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