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*Never pay for any individual Marcia Lynn McClure e-book, old, new, or upcoming, during the course of your 1 year 2018 renewed membership.

*Beginning with Marcia's first new title release in January 2018,  you will not pay for a Marcia Lynn McClure e-book for the entire 2018 year, receiving all existing e-books for free, (Your personal copy, not to be distributed beyond your own home and personal devices), as well as receiving all NEW e-books for free! This does include Marcia's Newest Book scheduled for release the end of January, as well as all additional new e-books released during your one year membership! (We estimate four to five upcoming e-book new releases in this time frame.)

*Receive 20% discount on all print books all the time including new releases (no limit)!

*Terms and Conditions:  Distractions Ink, LLC reserves the right to terminate any Gold Members or Platinum Members Membership for unlawful download and/or distribution of electronic books and products.  Furthermore, Distractions Ink, LLC is not obligated to refund any amount of original membership costs when a membership is terminated for unlawful download and/or distribution.

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