Poor Man’s Lasagna, Contest Winner and New Contest!

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  1. Leanna Morris says:

    First off, I do love Winnie the Pooh…he’s such a loveable creature…and I really like honey (in some things) just because I enjoy the taste of it. But now, Olive Garden..WooHoo! Love it, love it, love it…I really really like pasta…and what better place to go for that, than Olive Garden. Then, there’s that lovely salad and oh so delicious breadsticks…making me hungry just thinking of it!
    And thanks for the recipe…I plan to try the Poor Man’s Lasagna real soon…

  2. Meaghan Lutz says:

    I love Winnie the Pooh because he’s a “Tubby little buddy all stuffed with fluff”. 🙂 but I also love him because of his love of his friends and the way he always encourages them.. I have alot of good childhood memories envolving his books and movies and toys too. 🙂

  3. Elizabeth B says:

    I grew up watching Winnie the Pooh…’oh dear’.. I think is my favorite thing he says. As for Olive Garden I pretty much would do anything for a free meal there. Its my favorite place to eat! Unlimited bread sticks.. ummmm

  4. Bridget Hughes says:

    Well im 12 1/2 weeks pregnant and very sick. All i can do is sit on my couch and watch tv and vomit. As miserable as I am every so often they show an olive garden commercial on tv. I even have my dish already picked out for when I get better and can go eat. I love pasta, and Olive Garden is always one of my favorites. Thanks for the lasagna recipe. Oh I am so hungry now. I cant wait till I can get back on my feet again. 🙂

  5. Meghan Cline says:

    I have to say I love Winnie the Pooh because of a line in a movie that came out when my oldest was little. The line is “You are braver then you believe, stronger then you seem, and smarter then you think.” I have to say I have loved Pooh Bear for as long as I can remember. And Olive Garden is pretty AWESOME too.

  6. jeanette mix says:

    I love the Olive Garden. We only get to go about once or twice a year if we’re lucky. I guess that makes it special to us. I love the paintings and the nick nacks that add to the Italy feel. The food is sooo good and the service is superb. Every time we think about going out to dinner my daughter always wants to go to the Olive Garden. I love their never ending salad and bread sticks.

  7. Katie says:

    Ah, Pooh Bear…he is sooo cuddly and cute! I love how he says, “there’s a rumbly in my tumbly” and that’s how I feel thinking about the Olive Garden! 🙂

  8. Brooke says:

    I love honey because my mom is a beekeeper! Such good stuff to always have around. I also love the Olive Garden! I CRAVE their breadsticks more often than I would like to admit. Their minestrone soup is to die for!

  9. OOh, I love Olive Garden for several reasons:
    1-Their food always tastes great
    3- Zuppa Toscana
    4- (and probably most importantly)- I don’t have to clean up the prep or serving dishes when I am done eating there 🙂

  10. Becca O. says:

    Oooh- fun contest! Olive Garden has always been a special memory for me. There are 8 kiddos in our family and so we never went to restaurants growing up- NEVER! It was just too expensive. (Okay I think maybe 2 or 3 times in my entire childhood we went to Taco Bell or McDonalds when we were in the middle of a move and the dishes were packed.) But one year, on my birthday, my mom and dad took me on a VERY special date to…yep… Olive Garden! It was the very first sit-down restaurant I had EVER been to and I remember being in awe of how fancy and beautiful everything was. I still remember I had raspberry lemonade, gobs of breadsticks (of course), and fettuccine alfredo. Still my favorite meal to this day. 🙂 Awww…memories.

  11. Ciara says:

    I love honey cause it always soothes my throat when i’m sick!! I grew up with Winnie the Pooh, he was my go-to-guy 🙂 and the Olive Garden is really cool because they accommodate people with Celiacs disease with their Gluten-Free menu!! 🙂 makes it easier for me to know what i can and cannot eat 🙂

  12. Darla Darling says:

    Have you ever noticed how the decore of the Olive Garden looks like the Hundred-Arce Woods? Thank you Marcia for finally putting my two favorite things together. Every time I go to the Olive Garden, have to go home and watch Winnie the Pooh.. and I am convinced that when you leave the Olive Garden you feel like the dear old Pooh after he has eaten too much Honey! Now If only I gout get them to deliver at 9am to the office:)

  13. Angeline Jarvis says:

    I love reading Winnie the Pooh to my two girls! He is such a lovable bear! And Olive Garden YUM! Love date nights there with the hubby!

  14. Heather says:

    Hmmm…so many great things to comment on. Honey-honey peanut butter sandwiches. Yum. Winnie the Pooh-reminds me of Disneyland and all the family pictures we have with the Winnie the Pooh characters. Olive Garden-breadsticks…need I say more.

  15. Jessica P says:

    I love Olive Garden b/c the food is ssooooo good. Who doesn’t love all you can eat soup, salad and breadsticks too!

  16. Maria D. says:

    I love Winnie the Pooh, he’s so sweet and has the funniest friends. He’s a good example to kids too. I love honey because it really does taste yummy in my tummy in tea:) ….and what’s not to love about the Olive Garden….their salad is great, the bread sticks are wonderful and I’ve always had a thing for pasta. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Tori Brown says:

    Every time I think about Winnie the Pooh I think of the song “I’m just a little black rain cloud, hovering over the honey tree.” I love Pooh bear. He makes me smile! I love Olive Garden too! I would love to have a date night with my hubby! Thanks!

  18. Cheri Ewell says:

    Who wouldn’t or doesn’t love Pooh Bear! I do that’s for sure everyone can relate in one way or another. Have you ever tried Honey Bear Brownies? Oh just a little taste of heaven!

  19. Tori Brown says:

    Whenever I think of Winnie the Pooh, I think of him singing “I’m just a little black rain cloud. Hovering over the honey tree.” Pooh Bear always makes me smile! I love Olive Garden! I would love to have a date night with my husband! Thanks!

  20. Tori Brown says:

    Sorry. I didn’t think the first one posted.

  21. I love Olive Garden because of their soup and salad!

    Thanks for the chance.

  22. Jaime Comer says:

    Ahh Winnie the Pooh…My first birthday was Winnie the Pooh themed and my mother did a fabulous job with making the little pooh bear cake made solely just for me! I also love the movie, The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, such wonderful terrific memories

  23. Annalisa Thaler says:

    I love Winnie The Pooh because it was my husband’s favorite movie as a little boy and it drove his sister CRAZY! So naturally being the good sister-in-law that I am I made sure to send all of her kids Winnie The Pooh toys that make lots of noise 🙂 How can you not love the world’s most lovable bear?

  24. Christina says:

    Okay, soul sister… Winnie the Pooh was my daughters first favorite movie (the search for Christopher Robin), and consequently I grew to know it almost word for word, but I must admit it has two of the sweetest songs ever in it… and seriously, Pooh is adorable… silly old bear. I also love honey, though admittedly not quite to the same extent as our stuffed with fluff friend. It’s wonderful on toast with peanut butter and also when drizzled on shredded wheat. Lastly, truly, Olive Garden is the yummiest restaurant on the planet!! Well, on my planet anyway. I salivate just thinking of their breadsticks, or fettucine alfredo, or lasagna… mmm, I can smell the wonderful aroma… mmm, okay, now I’m hungry. 🙂

  25. Shanna Eskelson says:

    I love when pooh and his friends play the pooh stick game when they throw it in the stream and run to the other side of the bridge we still do that when we go up on the mnt

  26. Pamela Hulse says:

    I love love love Winnie the Pooh! I use my niece as excuse to watch it all the time! Nothing beats the old classics. 🙂 also olive garden is just plain amazing! Their bread sticks are to die for. But being a college student I don’t get to go out and eat all that often.

  27. Tiffany Deza says:

    I’ve gotta be honest, as much as I do love Pooh I am more of a Tigger fan. But oh how I love Olive Garden. I have recently stopped dieting because I am preganant! and feel like my baby deserves all the yumminess I am craving, so a trip to Olive Garden would be wonderful!

  28. I love Winnie the Pooh, because that is who I grew up with. My favorite character would have to be Eeyore… Honey… let me just say, you got to be crazy to not love honey!!! And Olive Garden? The best pasta in the world!!!!

  29. Heidi says:

    For me the main reason I currently love Winnie the Pooh is because when we watch it as I family I get to watch my children’s faces. That little bear and his friends make my children’s faces light up and laugh at all he does and accomplishes! I love Winnie the Pooh because he makes my kids happy little tots 😀

  30. sil says:

    I used to sit with my kids when they were little and watch Pooh with them!! I like the old version better than the way Disney makes the show look now!! I also like the fact that it always teaches something…
    Honey is the best for sore throats…tea…and especially on scones!! YUM
    Ok now for the honest to goodness truth…I have NEVER eaten at Olive Garden…well, it’s true! I hear great things now but years ago my husband went to one and said he liked my Italian cooking better cos I’m Italian….go figure! But my kids tell me it’s a lot better now and is yummy so….I think I would enjoy seeing or tasting for myself if it is or not!! I bet it is cos the commercials look so good and we all know commercials don’t lie!!

  31. Astasia Catanzaro says:

    I’ve never actually been to the Olive Garden, but I do love Italian food. And all these comments about it are really making me hungry :S It would be a nice get away from the house since I had my baby…gotta love Idaho, stuck inside in winter with newborns 😀

  32. jan smith says:

    Yes, after I lose the Christmas pounds I will be going back to Olive Garden for Pasta and salad. Love it. When I visit next time we will have to pay them a visit. right?

  33. Mandy says:

    Piglet: “How do you spell love?”
    Pooh: “You don’t spell it. You feel it.”

    Enough said. 🙂

  34. Tara says:

    I just love The Olive Garden! My husband and I just went there last friday for dinner. We spilt the Tour of Italy. Just thinking about this is making me hungry. oh, and Winnie the Pooh is just so cute and timeless too!

  35. Emilie says:

    I love Olive Garden because of the bread sticks!!

  36. Kerri Mensing says:

    I have always been a big fan of Winnie the Pooh. Although I really grew to love it when I had my youngest child Kameron. He loved everything Pooh. He had many Pooh Bears including one that spoke. His room was yellow with a Pooh Bear border. He watched all the Pooh Bear movies over and over again. I even have a picture of him when he was three and he was asleep in his bed with a Pooh blanket, Pooh Bear pillow, Stuffed Pooh Bear, and a Pooh Bear umbrella propped up on the bed with him lying under it. I have great memories of a little boy and his love of Pooh Bear.

  37. Melody says:

    Winnie the Pooh is just so cute, I can’t imagine life without that silly bear! Lots of good memories of watching shows with my baby brothers, then later with my sweet nephews. I can still hear in my head my nephew humming Winnie the Pooh which sounded like ‘Minnie ma pooh,’ when he was just learning to talk. 🙂
    Honey makes everything delicious! I most especially love it on warm homemade bread just pulled from the oven, or some cornbread in the fall…
    Olive Garden’s fettuccine alfredo is my favorite. That is the only thing I ever order because I love it just that much. 🙂

  38. Mary Jones says:

    Thank you for the recipe, sounds yummy. All your recipes are. And who doesn’t like winnie? And honey is yummy. And olive garden is the best. But best of all are your sweet love stories and all the great contest.Thank you for your mini vacations from life.You are my very favorite author. Not kidding,don’t even read any other novels. Have a wonderful day.

  39. Margaret says:

    I love Winnie the Pooh because he sticks by his friends and they stick by him. He tries to calm Tigger down and cheer Eyeore up. He has a pudgy tummy and eats carbs. He is totally his own little bear!

  40. Cassidy says:

    I love winnie the pooh, and olive garden!! Those are the best two things out there!! Pooh taught me a lot of great lessons when I was little, and I’ll always remember them. 🙂

  41. Kristy says:

    I love Olive Garden because around Thanksgiving they serve THE BEST pumpkin cheesecake! And my favorite time to go is when they have the never-ending pasta bowl. Yum Yum Yum!!!

  42. Amanda says:

    I love Winnie the Pooh because it is a fun cute little show that I love to watch with my son. I love Olive Garden because of the unlimited Soup, Salad, and Bread sticks!!! Plus it makes me feel like I am eating healthy!! 🙂

  43. Mary Ann Fifield says:

    I love Winnie the Pooh because I am reminded of my darling daughter Stacy who started drawing the characters from Winnie the Pooh for birthday cards for her friends when she was a teenager. She drew them perfectly and her cards were so cute that now whenever I see something from Winnie the Pooh it reminds me of her and I smile. So if I win, I’ll share the gift certificate with her.

  44. Kandace says:

    I love Winnie the Pooh because I grew up on those stories and the characters are classic!

    I love Olive Garden even more because the food is wonderfully delicious! In fact, it’s almost as delicious as a tasty kiss 😉

  45. Holly Kurtzeborn says:

    My mouth is watering just thinking about the Olive Garden now! I’m totally craving their breadsticks! I will have to try your lasagna. It sounds yummy and so easy! Thank you for sharing your recipes with us 🙂

  46. Candace K says:

    Well, I love Winnie the Pooh. It’s a classic! I watched it when I was little and then I watched it again when my own kids were little. I think I love it because of the nostalgia I feel when I think about it. That being said, I HATE honey! I would cough a lot when I was little. We found out later that I have asthma. Anyhow, a home remedy for cough was a spoonful of honey. I had more than my fair share of spoonfuls and now I despise the stuff. Fortunately, I have many other things to love….like Olive Garden! Mmmmm.

  47. AubreyB says:

    I love Olive Garden! Their salad dressing is just the best. Winnie the Pooh has always been a little creepy to me ever since this stalker-ish guy in high school got the combination to my locker and covered all my pictures of hot guys with Winnie the Pooh stickers in addition to the flowers and chocolates that he put in there. The sight of Winnie the Pooh has always made me a little queasy ever since. 🙂 But I do love Olive Garden!

  48. Lorri Juno says:

    I can’t live without honey! Years ago, I got a tip out of a magazine about using honey as a facial mask. People always comment on how young and great I look. I say thanks but seldom share that for years my beauty regime has been to scrub my face clean with a washcloth and apply a light coat of honey. I leave it for 5-10 minutes and rinse it clean, every day. That’s it, and that’s all I use besides my make-up. It leaves my skin soft and tight. I love it!

    Very funny! I went to an older singles activity and the brother serving over it with his wife thought I was in the wrong group. When I told him I was 39 he called his wife over and said, Guess how old she is, guess how old she is!” His wife, however was a little bemused, and when she found out my age she said cattily, “How nice for you that you are so well preserved.” My friends and I laughed over that one for a long time. (And no. I haven’t had any work done. It’s just the honey, lol.) So enjoy!

  49. Emily A says:

    I love the innocence of Winnie the Pooh, not to mention he and his friends are so cute.

    We love Olive Garden, especially the breadsticks and salad and free….even better!

  50. Jenny Glazier says:

    Why I love Olive Garden:

    The first time I went there was with my mom and sister after we went to see Beauty and the Beast (the musical) at the fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta last January. It was a magical night with wonderful food and time spent with my family.

    Why I love honey:

    My Brother has bad pollen allergies. As a result he is always sneezing all over the place. It is know that honey when taken from the local area in which one lives helps with a persons pollen allergies. Since my Brother has started eating honey his sneezing has been less. He loves honey so much he is eating it all the time. For Christmas I got him a 16 oz. bottle of local honey and he immediately started sucking it down. He loves the stuff!

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