Oh sweet memories of my favorite birthday cake! :)

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2 Responses to Oh sweet memories of my favorite birthday cake! :)

  1. Teya says:

    OH Marcia you make me laugh and “Awe” this morning. THank you for sharing that sweet memory, pun intended. I am a cake decorator and totally appreciated that story. Of all my experiments my kids love the simple white cake recipy, so sweet. I hope I’ve given them as good a memories. I am excited I get a challenge of making a ship cake for my grandpa for his 80th birthday who is an amazing inventor, who also was in that depression time. SO I”m excited to creat this exiting masterpiece for him.

  2. Oris says:

    Marcia, you ate more than your share of those cakes! One of the many neat things about watching you grow up was how your always hovered around your mother as she baked those cakes.
    Love you,

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