New Book-The Haunting of Autumn Lake! (No, I’m NOT Kidding!)

I just cannot keep quiet about this any longer!  I just can’t!  I’m way way way way way too excited about it!  But where do I begin to tell you the tale?  Hmmm?

Okay, so here’s what happened…I was feeling a little like a wanted some autumn in my life a while back.  I knew my beloved season was on it’s way, but that wasn’t enough!  I needed more!  Something really, really, really autumn-ish AND something really, really, really me!!!!  And so, as I was laying in bed one night, literally praying for some Autumness…BAM!  It hit me like a ton of bricks!  The Haunting of Autumn Lake!  Yep!  The entire story just began running through my head like a freight train!  I couldn’t slow it down!  I was up all night outlining and jotting down scenes, etc.  I LOVED it!

Writing The Haunting of Autumn Lake was just what I needed!  And I HOPE HOPE HOPE that it’s just what you need, too!  I think the book will be available to order on Friday…and the e-book shortly thereafter!  And I know I should’ve let you be surprised, but I couldn’t stand it anymore!

Hey!  Wanna read an excerpt from Chapter One?  If you do, here are the first three paragraphs:

The dusky path meandering through the old maple and oak grove was still amply bestrewn with summer-green grass. Birds still chirped in the leafy branches above. Yet it was there—the slight change in breeze, the few leaves in the tops of the trees that had begun to tip with scarlet, gold, and burnt orange. Yes, it was there—the sense that summer was waning, that autumn was gently stretching forth her lovely, bejeweled hand to clasp the world in the wonder and beauty of  harvest time.

Naturally, Autumn Lake always imagined autumn as a woman. It was her season after all—the season she was named for—her mother’s most beloved time of year. So of course she imagined autumn itself was a personage—a woman of such great gentleness and beauty that all the world waited for her to appear, gasping at her loveliness when she did. Yes, the season of harvest and respite was a woman in Miss Autumn Lake’s bountiful imagination—auburn-haired, with ribbons of pumpkin orange and sage green woven through. Her eyes were the color of ripe green apples and her lips such a perfect bittersweet that all men who looked at her desired to kiss her. Autumn wore a gown of leafy amber and chestnut brown that swirled in the breezes the way dry leaves flurried when a little giggle of harvest’s breath whispered to them. Her lovely hands were spangled with golden vines, rubied rosehips, and amethyst mums, and at her feet were slippers woven of soft, supple corn silk and yet-green corn husks that would soon be honey-colored instead.

With a heavy sigh, Autumn Lake wished for a moment that she were as beautiful as was the season of harvest—that her hair were auburn and her eyes the green of ripe and juicy apples. Yet, smiling to herself, she shook her head—glad at once that she favored her father. Oh, her mother was a beauty, it was said in town—and it was true. Yet her father was a handsome and striking man who still left women’s mouths hanging agape as he passed them in the street. What care did Autumn have for green eyes when hers were the blue of a stormy sky just like her father’s? What care had she for lovely auburn hair when hers was as black as a raven’s feathers and far softer than sable?

What do you think?  Is it autmny enough for ya?  I LOVE this book!  I wrote it with an open heart, a soul-felt love for all things harvesty and autumn…not to mention a wild passion for someone we all know as Handsome Ransom!  It’s packed with everything I love about writing…lots of romance, kissing and autumn description!  I know you’ll like the mystery in it, too!  And as far as the hero goes?  Boom chicka wow wow!  You’ll LOVE him!

So?  What do you think?  I want The Haunting of Autumn Lake to make your October and November perfectly delicious!  I LOVE this story and I really think you will, too!  I can’t wait for Friday to get here!  Wait until you see the cover!  Yowza!  I LOVE it!

Now…you know how I am…I need contests…I always need contests!  So, I should probably begin by pulling a name out of my hat for the Monster House DVD and treats contest from last week (or whenever it was…I’ve had company so I’m a little more off my game than usual).  So, the winner of the Monster House DVD and the accompanying treats is:  Leanna Morris!  Leanna…e-mail your snail mail address to me at so I can get your winnings in the mail to you asap!  Congratulations!

Now, as for this week’s contest…I canNOT allow an October to go by without paying homage to my favorite, favorite book Mr. Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow!  I LOVE it!  And my very first introduction to that beautiful story was, of course, Walt Disney’s version!

Who wouldn’t love the Disney version…not to mention the songs and FABULOUS narration by B-B-B-Bing Crosby!  So, taking my youthful intro to the cartoon version of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, this week’s contest is comprised of Sleepy Hollow stuff!  Here’s the list:

1.  DVD-The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (though I only watch the Ichabod part, of course)!
2.  The Legend of Sleep Hollow paperback book!
3.  Appropriate “Legend of Sleepy Hollow” snacks (chosen by yours truly) to accompany your DVD watching or book reading!
4.  Four Pumpkiny/Autumny surprises (also chosen by yours truly), to enhance your October Autumness!

To enter, just leave a comment here about anything autumn-ish, Sleepy Hollow-ish, or The Haunting of Autumn Lake-ish!  Okay?  Oh how I LOVE October!  Oh how I hope you’ll love the new book!  (I’m soooooooooooooo nervous!)

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105 Responses to New Book-The Haunting of Autumn Lake! (No, I’m NOT Kidding!)

  1. Erika says:

    I love love love fall! This book will be perfect!!! I live next to an apple farm so we always go and get freshly pressed apple cider and carve pumpkins! Perfect cuddle weather!

  2. Heather Hilmer says:

    I was debating back and forth about whether I wanted to buy the book or wait for the e-book (cheaper), but as soon as I read an excerpt that tied the story into a Sleepy Hollow/Fall setting, I knew I had to buy the book! Plus the cover is GORGEOUS, plus I love the title and how it goes along with The VISIONS of Ransom Lake/The HAUNTING of Autumn Lake…It’s just all so perfect! I remember watching Disney’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow as a kid and I loved it. Every Halloween I think I’ll find it for my kids to watch and it never happens, so I’d LOVE to win it! How perfect it’d be to get the movie to go along with my new book!!!! =)

  3. Christy Brooks says:

    I just love driving through White Pass on Hwy 12 in fall, when I see all the colors of leaves, I hope you had the chance to go through there when you lived in Washington, it’s a sight to behold 🙂

  4. Daily Woman says:

    Fall and Halloween are my favorite I love the cool weather, the colors and dressing up.

  5. I love all the tales of sleepy hollow and although I love all the Holidays beginning with Halloween I love Spring almost as well. With that said Halloween is the greatest beginning!
    Please enter me in this contest. I hope to win!

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