New Book-The Haunting of Autumn Lake! (No, I’m NOT Kidding!)

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  1. Erika says:

    I love love love fall! This book will be perfect!!! I live next to an apple farm so we always go and get freshly pressed apple cider and carve pumpkins! Perfect cuddle weather!

  2. Heather Hilmer says:

    I was debating back and forth about whether I wanted to buy the book or wait for the e-book (cheaper), but as soon as I read an excerpt that tied the story into a Sleepy Hollow/Fall setting, I knew I had to buy the book! Plus the cover is GORGEOUS, plus I love the title and how it goes along with The VISIONS of Ransom Lake/The HAUNTING of Autumn Lake…It’s just all so perfect! I remember watching Disney’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow as a kid and I loved it. Every Halloween I think I’ll find it for my kids to watch and it never happens, so I’d LOVE to win it! How perfect it’d be to get the movie to go along with my new book!!!! =)

  3. Christy Brooks says:

    I just love driving through White Pass on Hwy 12 in fall, when I see all the colors of leaves, I hope you had the chance to go through there when you lived in Washington, it’s a sight to behold 🙂

  4. Daily Woman says:

    Fall and Halloween are my favorite I love the cool weather, the colors and dressing up.

  5. I love all the tales of sleepy hollow and although I love all the Holidays beginning with Halloween I love Spring almost as well. With that said Halloween is the greatest beginning!
    Please enter me in this contest. I hope to win!

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