National Pig Day!!!!

Today’s the day we celebrate PIGS!  Seriously!

Years ago, I started a “Anti Bacon-Deprivation Day” with some of my friends!  One day in March, we would make a point of eating bacon (something we all love, love, love!)!  However, the funny thing was, that after a few years of celebrating “Anti Bacon-Deprivation Day,” I learned that March 1st is officially “National Pig Day!”  Awesome, huh?

So, to kick off March (which is going to be official “Brevan McLean” month in my mind and here on my blog), let’s start with celebrating “National Pig Day”!  Shall we?

Now, be sure and consume some bacon today as part of your “National Pig Day” celebration.  Maybe have BLTs for supper!  Maybe have a toasted bagel, slathered in cream cheese, and generously sprinkled with REAL Bacon Bits for breakfast or a snack!  While you’re out and about pick up a pig!  (Mitch and I are going to see Gnomeo and Juliet together today, so I’ll pick mine up then.)  It doesn’t have to be a big pig…it can be like a little farm animal or something with a picture of a pig on it!  Picking up any bacon or pork products also counts.

Next, be sure and enter my blog contest for this week!  Just tell me a pig story or tell me about the new pig you acquire today (via a comment here, Facebook or e-mail) and I’ll pick my favorite Pig Tale (Get it?) as the winner!  The prize is a fun little game our family LOVES called, Pig Pile!  We LOVE this game!  My friend Rhonda sent it to us one year for Christmas and it’s soooo fun!  It’s really easy to learn and anyone over about ten or eleven will love it!

March is fun!  I love green and St. Patrick’s Day and the fact that spring is upon us!  Furthermore, I love Brevan!  So watch for some “Brevan-ness” to come spilling out of my random brain, too!


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10 Responses to National Pig Day!!!!

  1. Sil says:

    I have 2 pig our town we have a big celebration in Aug. everyone comes from all over!! So my friend and I decided that we would bid on a little pig to help out someone in we won the piggy. well she lived on the outskirts of town so we kept the pig there…well the pig got big fast and one day he got out of his pen..what a time trying to chase him down and get him back! We finally got him in his pen and then he was dead! ok we had him butchered…I could never eat any of that poor piggy! To this day we wonder why did we do that!! 🙂
    Here is my other story…when my daughter was probably 10 or so she wanted us to take just her out to dinner and my husband jokingly said when pigs fly…well..all was quiet til one day…I look out my kitchen window and she had gotten some plastic pigs and hung them from the outside rafters and there they were pigs flying…I think she even put wings on them!! Needless to say she got her dinner with mom and dad…

  2. Kristie says:

    When I was a little girl, my Dad bought two pigs. We named them Porky and Bess (I know!) Being the loving little girl I was with our farm animals–I grew to love Porky and Bess!!! They fell in love (;]) and Bess had a whole lot of little piggies and I was fascinated-they were so cute and little!! Now when time came for my Dad to take Porky and Bess to be—I can`t say it!! (sh-h slaughtered!!!!!!) We`ll I was NOT about to eat them!! AND I didn`t!! But I have to admit THAT is the only pork I have turned down! I eat Bacon–oh yeah!! I eat bacon!! My favorite meat is Pork Chops–love a good pork chop!!!

  3. Stacey says:

    Wow! i had no idea it was pig day!! I don’t really have a pig story, just a funny thing that happened this last October. Two of my girls got their tonsils out, and when they were in recovery, the doctor came in and said “Well, now you won’t be able to snort ever again! No piggy noises for you girls!” They were SO upset!! They said they never would have done the surgery if they had known! My 4 year old McKaydee was crying and said “What kind of mommy am I gunna be if I can’t teach my kids what a piggy says?” So sad!! Haha! I think we will have scrambled egg and bacon on toast with chocolate milk for dinner tonight!!
    Can’t wait for the “Brevan-heaven” this month! Bring it on!!

  4. Corrie C says:

    Good luck picking a winner. What pig story isn’t funny? So here’s mine….have you ever known a pig to have asthma? My dad claims we had a pig with asthma once upon a time. While feeding this pig one day he discovered it was having a hard time breathing. I don’t remember what he did to help it but I think there were knives and hoses and bloating involved, but what makes this story a story is the hereafter…my dad was explaining his pig problem to a neighbor at a church function one day and to make sure this neighbor fully understood, my dad dropped to his hands and knees and began playing the part of the pig…asthma trouble and all! My mother could have dropped dead of embarrasment! But it doesn’t end there…NO ONE in my family has been spared the “pig with asthma embarrasment”. My dad has performed at big family reunions, for other neighbors, and every one of his soon-to-be son-in-laws!! I think if you were to ask him….he’d perform for you too.

  5. Jennifer H says:

    What I find SO hilarious about this is that I was making myself breakfast this morning and wishing that I had bacon in my house so I could cook it and eat it… and I had no idea what today was! Time for a trip to the store!!

    Hmmm a pig story… ;^)
    We are trying to teach my almost 3 year old (Logan) to talk, there are some developmental delays involved and his 5 year old brother has delays and Autism, so speech is something we’re struggling with right now for both. Well we’ve been showing Logan farm animals on puzzles and little figurines etc. He finally got/understood that a cow is a “tow” and with that realization all four legged animals became “tows” until the other day when he finally said “pi”. This morning brought the funniest moment, he was digging through a box of beans and found a pig and said with a gasp, “oh, a pig-a-piggy-piggy!”

    I finally had a chance to open my lovely copy of The Heavenly Surrender, AND had time to read it and I don’t know if I was too distracted all the other times I read it or if I was just paying extra special attention this time, but my-oh-my this time it played like a movie through my head and when it ended I thought “Hey wait a monute, I wasn’t done yet!” Haha

  6. Heather H says:

    I live in Wy.(cow country!) and didn’t grow up on a farm and get to have pigs, but my mom grew up on a farm in Iowa and they always had pigs. She always tells stories of how she loved the smell of the newborn baby pigs! One day a couple years ago my sister was pregnant and walked into my Mom’s house when she was cooking bacon and said, “Why does it smell like a newborn baby in here?”, and my Mom said, “It’s this kind of bacon. It smells like a newborn pig when it’s cooking.” So, knowing that I love the smell of a newborn baby (and my mom says a newborn pig smells similar), they had to call me up and tell me to come over and smell the bacon cooking! =)

  7. Stephanie says:

    Chicken go cluck cluck, cow go moo, piggy go oink oink how about you

  8. Ramona says:

    I work with severely handicap students at school. We have this one boy who loves pigs. He loves anything pig and has stuff pigs, books on pigs and loves when we draw pictures of pigs wearing hats … Anyways he goes around all day doing the sign language sign for pig. He earns one of his piggy items after he does his work. He is way to cute!

  9. Holly B. says:

    I don’t know if it’s too late to share my pig story, but even if it is it’s ok, you’ll get a giggle out of it. Either that or think I’m a horrible parent.

    My husband and I pre-ordered a pig (for meat) a few years ago. The man that raised them would call us every so often and give us an update of how big the pig was getting and when he estimated the pig would be ready for us to pick up. The farmer also found us a good butcher in the area. When the day came for us to us to drive to Taos to pick up the pig all the kids were in school except our youngest. We got home in time to get the kids off the bus, and the first thing my daughter, who was 6 at the time and a huge animal lover, said was, “Is our new pet pig waiting in the backyard for us??” My husband and I just looked at each other. Neither one of wanted to break it to her that yes the pig was at home, but that it was in our freezer! The first couple of times we had pork for dinner my daughter would comment, “Is this the pig that was supposed to be our pet?” I’m just hoping we didn’t traumatize her for life 🙂

  10. Dawn Sherman says:

    In FFA/4H my FAVORITE project was the swine project! The first year my little brother and I showed the pigs we didn’t understand that at the end of the fair we had to go through the whole sale for them to be sold/slaughtered. Well, the afternoon of the sale my dad pulls us aside and explains to us what we’d be doing. I’m shocked & sad at first but then I’m seeing dollar signs to go toward my next pig…my brother is distraught. He starts crying and my dad tells him “Oh that’s good. Keep the tears flowing in the ring and more people will bid and you’ll make more money.” DAD! GOOD EXAMPLE!

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