Inspire Me! Please!!!!

Holy cow!  Look how long it has been since I blogged!!!!  FAIL!!!! 🙁  Not that I write these wonderful, entertaining, uplifting or even informative blogs at all…but it does help me clear my head, and escape from work a bit while I’m at the computer.   You know?

However, I’m the first one to admit that my blogs are NOT what I would like them to be.  Therefore, I was wondering if I could beg you for some help.

I need some inspirations for blogging.  Believe it or not, I get kind of bogged down where thinking is concerned a lot of the time.  Stress, fatigue, too much sugar…it all adds up to rotten blogging.  🙁  So, I was wondering if you’d be willing to do this for me:  Over the next few days, post some ideas for me either here as a comment, on Facebook, Goodreads, or via e-mail.  Ideas I could use for blogging that might entertain me as well as you (hopefully 🙁 )  Or at least help to get our minds off all the demands weighing us down, you know?

Personally, I don’t have ANY ideas…at all!  So I’m up for tons of suggestions!  And what I’ll do is this:  Whichever idea strikes me first and gets me going on a blog (interesting or not)…well, the idea submitter person will win my Blog contest of the week…i.e. a WoodWick Pumpkin Butter Candle AND a DVD copy of Nim’s Island!  The candle and DVD aren’t as random as they may sound, by the way.  🙂  For over a year now, any time I’m writing a book, I burn a WoodWick Pumpkin Butter candle on my desk!  AND I LOVE the movie, Nim’s Island…because, as odd as it may sound…I can often relate to Jodi Foster’s character, Alex Rover!  No kidding!  I do!

So if you can find a minute and are willing, please post a comment somewhere or drop me an e-mail with blogging ideas for me, okay?

AND I didn’t forget about the winner of my last Blog contest!  The comment name I just pulled out of my hat as the winner of the Pumpkin Patch photo and the children’s book is, Samantha Gwilliam!  Samantha…please e-mail your snail mail address to me at and I’ll get your winnings in the mail to you asap!  AND thank you so much for commenting!

Now let’s see if anyone has any blogging ideas for me…because I sure don’t! 🙁


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16 Responses to Inspire Me! Please!!!!

  1. Jan Verhoeff says:

    1 – writers are nibblers, post a few of your favorite writer nibbles. (Recipes are extra, but I’m pretty sure you have a stash of amazing recipes. If not, steal the soup recipe from the ‘old man’ cuz it was DELICIOUS!)

    2 – write your favorite excursions. Those escapes you take advantage of in the wilds of New Mexico should be filled with ‘romance’ (I’ve seen the sunsets), and adventure.

    3 – What’s your favorite writer lunch? Writers always seem to have a ‘go to lunch’ that the lean on when they’re writing. Mine is a quick fix frozen berry shake with yogurt and vitamin/powder. My daughter has me hooked on Vi Shakes.

    4 – Remember when… We all go there, and sometimes get lost for a little bit in those memories of what we did ‘back then’ so sharing those should be a tale worth telling.

    5 – Readers want to know what their writers suffered, as they achieved their writing goals. Blog those experiences and tell them what they want to hear “Yep, you did it all for them.”

    Have to admit, these are tongue in cheek, but they’re all the little things I’ve used to inspire and conspire with my own readers. FUN to share. I like this opportunity.

  2. Kristie says:

    Marcia–blog suggestions huh?? Well—-
    I love to hear funny things that happened to you–your life experiences–funny ones—ones that inspire your books–ones that have inspired you to write!! I love you–I love your books and love the happy attitude you bring to our lives!!! <3

  3. Jenny says:

    I love hearing ‘real -life’ romances. I think you should write a ‘blog story’ about you and your charming hubby! How you met and all the fun stuff that led up to your greatest adventure (maw-wage)! That would be so cool, and may help some of us to believe that ‘ real’ handsome, heroes really do exist outside of books. Love your books! You inspire us!

  4. Jenny says:

    I love ‘real romances’ I think you should write a blog story about how you and your husband met and all the delicious sweet stuff in between that and your wedding. Hearing such romantic sweet stories re establishes faith in strong handsome wonderful men being real. Thank you for your wonderful books! You inspire us! Tell us your romance 🙂

  5. Kasey says:

    Silly jokes or puns. Things that make you laugh so hard you’re afraid of wetting yourself while everyone else is going “I don’t get it”. My sisters and I have a lot of those moments and inside jokes. Those are what I think on most when I miss them or feel down. Sometimes you just need to feel silly.

  6. Teya Peck says:

    Okay, this is going to sound brown noseish okay, but it’s not. I LOVE your blogs they all lift me up. You know when you read your OWN Journal and your like oh my I have theeee most boring life ever, well as true as that would be for me, it’s not for others. Okay an example…….. I was reading an old excerpt from an old journal entry, yes I know OH MY! Well I was about to crumple it up and BURN it then my child come to me and asks what’s that?
    I told him it was a boring old journal entry of Mom’s very Boring life, he asked me to read it, I was like “O….K…” so I started reading it to him and he was laughing. I don’t know maybe my very boring life was funny to others or he was just simply laughing at me. Who knows. I enjoy reading my great grandmothers journal it’s fascinating to me. I’m sure not to her.
    However saying this I would be rolling my eyes reading this saying, ya, ya ya, but I really want ideas it will help me. So even though your awesome and you fascinate me every time I read a blog, that’s why I’m in here practically every day checking on your site. I will help with ideas.
    1- funny, even if you don’t thinks it’s worth a belly laugh other may.
    2- experiences, even every day ones you may think are boring.
    I am a googler so I’m going to go into my email and send you my google cheat blogging helpers. I hope it helps you. I have miss-spelled words I know I call them Teyaisms.

  7. Amy Cook says:

    I agree with Jan Verhoeff. My friends blogs are all about their day to day things. I LOVE looking at photos & they always comment what they were doing in the photo. Blog about funny stuff. Nothing feels better than to have a good belly laugh…(your picture of Johnny Depp & the Princesses chasing him)…I still giggle everytime I think about it!! (His pirate name escaped me). But most important…write about what feels best to you!!

    Thanks for sharing your talent of writing! 🙂

  8. Jennifer H says:

    What is the coolest super power in the world/ would you choose to have if you could? – this discussion went around the other day and I threw off the whole thing by picking Mary Poppins, come on- sing a song and the mess cleans itself up… yes please!

    What is your favorite non-kissing romantic moment from a movie or book?

    I never… what are ten things you have never done,
    or tell us ten things you never thought you would do,
    top ten things you never thought you’d say (for example, stop trying to put your sister in the oven, or no you can not ride in the dryer…that’s my world of little kids, but you don’t have to have little kids to end up saying crazy funny things)

    what is your favorite date night, favorite place to go on a road trip

    some of the craziest hold ups you have gone through to get your books in print



  9. Corrie C says:

    Heaven help us all if you don’t get inspired by some of these comments. I file under the “I need a mommy moment…I’m gonna go check Marcia’s blog” category so PLEASE let inspiration flow! I’m thinking lists. Aren’t you a list maker? I’m thinking of….lists of date ideas, new recipes, how to raise the perfect kid, how to cope with life drama, how to laugh at one-self, kids’ crazy antics, the best one liners, inspiring quotes, top gotta see movies, favorite anythings…etc. etc…that list could go on itself. You could blog your own ideas and then ask for others to comment to add to the list. Just an idea….but first and foremost….keep writing!! Love ya

  10. Michelle says:

    While we all know Fall is your favorite season, Spring is in full bloom! What are your favorite things about Spring? For me it’s the smell of wisteria and jasmine!

  11. Michelle Christensen says:

    I base what I write on my dreams. One little nuance of a dream can inspire a whole book.

  12. Lisa J says:

    I would like to hear how you came up with ideas for books or deleted scenes from books. You could always pick random quotes or excerpts from your books and post them and then comment on them – how you came up with that scene, favorite parts of that book, etc.

  13. Chelsea B. says:

    Hi! 🙂 I love reading your blog posts! But to make it easier, you could have dedicated days for certain subjects. Such as: Teaser Tuesday (Peeks inside your novels) or any other subjects you were interested in. Questions for your readers, posts about a show you watch each week, new movies you see, what books you’re looking forward to reading… And give each subject a dedicated day. I see a lot of bloggers do this and there are already tons of memes already started. You should look it up– could help!

  14. Well,Marcia, i would like you to write about what your interest is and tell us things you are planning to do through the week or month. Little “tid-bits” we would tell our friends, because that’s what we are. Make us feel like we really know you. And,, ask us questions if you like.
    Talk about your family and pets too. What events are coming up to look forward to. God bless, Maxie

  15. sierra dahlke says:

    dear Marcia,
    My name is sierra, I am thirteen and I Struggle with a severe case of anorexia. Your books inspire me so much! They have helped me through very hard times in my life(: I also lost my hair to alopecia( that is a disease where your hair falls out for no reason) when I was six and I am now completely bald at this point. I love all of your books so much, and I think you should blog about the most inspiring story you’ve experienced. That would make me very happy(:

    Thank you soooooooo much for writing your stories never stop

    Love sierra

  16. Marcia,
    My mom came to your book signing, I don’t know if you remember but you had signed her ticket and it said sweet dreams. My mom said she sat next to you for part of the time and that she got a cover of the guy on the cover of ameretta ipswitch. I thought that was pretty cool!. I wasn’t there but I would have been. I was in the hospital. thank you for signing the ticket
    love sierra

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