I’m Thinking WAY too Much About Food!!! (And last blog’s winner, too!)

Okay…the truth is that, right now, there are two things I can’t get out of my mind!  One is Autumn, Glorious Autumn!…and the other is…PANERA BREAD!!!!  I’m sooooooooooooooooo craving my favorites at Panera!

I think they’re connected…the two things stuck in my head…because I LOVE Panera Bread in the fall more than ever!  Even though I love it all year long, fall and winter at Panera are my favorite!  You know, when the soup is extra hot and the fires are on in the dining area…Heaven!

Lately, I just start salivating whenever I think of my current favorite meal there…their Basil Pesto Sacchettini AND a half of a Frontega Chicken Panini!  I’m dying over here!  Then you throw in a chocolate chip cookie and WHAM!!!  I’m there!

Do you know that I’ve never taken a laptop to Panera and worked?  No way!  I prefer to savor my food there…mmmmm!

Anyway, I was just sitting here craving Panera Bread (especially their Basil Pesto Sacchettini) and I realized I haven’t blogged forever (again!)!  So here’s the deal…the winner of the Sadie’s Salsa from my last blog thingy, (and  yes, she’s getting TWO jars, because it took me so long to blog again) is…Lily Jones!  Just e-mail me your snail mail at marcialmcclure@cs.com, Lily, and I’ll get that Sadie’s Salsa in the mail to you!

Meanwhile, leave a comment about absolutely ANYTHING fun and/or happy here, on Facebook, Goodreads or e-mail, and I’ll drop your name in my hat for a chance to win…yep…a Panera Bread Gift Card!  Ha ha!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!  I LOVE PANERA BREAD!!!!

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35 Responses to I’m Thinking WAY too Much About Food!!! (And last blog’s winner, too!)

  1. Megan A says:

    I just moved to a large city where they have a Panera Bread! I’ve never tried it but now I want to!

  2. Lisa Hansen says:

    Marcia, I don’t know about u but I had a wonderful harvest in my last minute garden. we normally plant in may and the end of JUNE we decided to do one. we planted green beans, onions (white, yellow, and purple), cucumbers, zucchini, and pumpkins. My zucchini have produced and yes I have picked over 110 so far! my pumpkins are coming on like crazy and I have MONSTERs this year.. I mean like 25+ pounds!! O and I planted 2 tomato plants and somehow ended up with 10.. yep 8 volunteer plants and I have HUNDREDS of tomatoes coming on.. I just hope the hard freeze waits until they turn red and I can get them all picked!!!

  3. Amy DeWitt says:

    I have never had pan era bread. But I have been making lots if zucchini bread and I love that.

  4. Charlotte Morris says:

    Panera bread is yummy, although there isn’t one close by, I love to go with my mom and sisters!

  5. Melanie Stott says:

    Something fun and happy is that it’s almost fall! I drove through a canyon tonight and you can tell the leaves are getting ready to make a masterpiece! Love it!

  6. Emily McLean says:

    I adore how much you love Fall! It makes me so happy!

  7. CateS says:

    I’m just grateful that Panera Bread is on the other side of town — not smelling those lovely aromas has saved me from gaining another 10 pounds!!

  8. Adrienne says:

    I haven’t had Panera Bread since I moved away from home. My absolute favorite was french toast bagels with maple cream cheese. Heaven is served for breakfast!

  9. Anna Wears says:

    Mmmmmm! I was just thinking of Panera myself. I love getting soups in the huge sourdough bread bowl! Yumm. Any place with good bread and I’m there! Though the best bread of all is my mothers. She’s an incredible bread artisan. Making loaves of herb bread or oatmeal rolls!

  10. Cheryl Hart says:

    Oh my–it feels like AUTUMN today. (Insert wide obnoxious smile.) My windows are open and I’m enjoying this breeze. 🙂

    My writer friends and I eat at Panera Bread each month after the GRW meeting. You’re right, their soups are delis!

  11. Panera is always fun. I love their bacon and spinach pastries.

  12. Aubrey B says:

    Something happy – I love that it’s still warm even though it’s September. Cold weather makes me sad. Seriously, my husband says I’m a different person in the winter and I come alive when the sun comes out and I can be outside again. So here’s to hoping it stays warm for a nice long time here in Utah.

  13. Michelle Zeugin says:

    Nothing makes me happier than the conversations (the civil ones) that go on in the backseat of my car.The topics are random and the philosophy of life priceless.This weeks topic was what my daughter wants in a sister in law.Hilarious because she is 8 and her brother is only 10. Her requirements, and this is a direct quote, “You better get me a nice sister in law! You know, one who will,like, do nails and mud masks with me and stuff!” I think I shall one day write a book and title it, “Conversations From the Back Seat”!

  14. Kelly Winland says:

    My kids think I’m nuts that I love Autumn soooo much – but what’s NOT to love? The cooler weather, the scenery, the smells…ahhhh. Here’s hoping for a long Autumn and a short winter! 🙂

  15. Jennifer H says:

    Happy thought.. the heat has dropped at least 10 degrees! Although, the still triple digit weather here in Mesa, AZ leaves me with a definite and undeniable summery feel. That has not stopped a sense of autumn and with that comes a wanting! I started looking around a week ago for anything pumpkin. I’ve had a pumpkin cookie, and a slice of pumpkin pie…What I REALLY want is a pumpkin donut, but I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks for one of those.

  16. Jessie Clark says:

    Can I say that thinking of Panara Bread makes me very happy? I grew up loving it in Chicago. When I went to college in Utah and took road trips, I drove the extra 2 hours through Vegas, just to stop in Henderson when I found a Panara Bread there! Oh, how I miss Panera!

  17. Lindsey Olmstead says:

    I am SO excited for fall too! It makes me SO happy! It is my absolute favorite season and there is nothing like delicious comfort food to go along with it. Yum!

  18. Laura K. says:

    My husband eats at Panera all the time and i never eaten there yet!!! How unfair is that!!!! I need an excuse 🙂

  19. Sandy W says:

    I am so crazy about Panera! However, they really need to bring back the old chicken noodle soup recipe. I even signed a petition when they changed it!

  20. Deborah Fucci says:

    I absolutely LOVE Panera! I’m so excited because they just opened one not far from my home. I completely agree, for some reason it’s just so much better in the fall and winter!

  21. Glenda says:

    It’s a good thing I was already eating while I read this blog!! I love Panera! Of course here in my part of Texas fall weather means highs in 70s and 80s no fireplaces till later in year! 🙂

  22. Lauren Tye says:

    I LOVE fresh bread from Panera! I can’t imagine a better start to my fall season that curling up with a cup of pumpkin-spiced cocoa, delicious bread and my copy of Visions of Ransom Lake. Or maybe some spiced-nutmeg milk and The Whispered Kiss. Or perhaps I’ll throw on my favorite pumpkin sweater and re-read an Old-Fashioned Romance. XD

    Thanks Marcia, for giving me so many more reasons to love fall!

  23. Sarah Crump says:

    Panera bread food is totally yummy…. hmmm. You know another great place for food is Harvest Bread hmmmm…. their pumpkin chocolate chip bread is so divine you won’t want to share it. lol

  24. Bryn McKinney says:

    The weather is cooling here and I’m excited for fall baking! I started the season this morning with pumpkin pancakes. Yum!! Tomorrow it’s pumpkin pie for my hubby’s birthday.

  25. Trudy Jacobson says:

    I love to bake this time of year and love to make soup too, so bread to go with my soup would just be great…share the love!

  26. bn100 says:

    This is a fun blog

  27. Jade says:

    Sadly, I’ve never been to Panera! I keep hearing how great it is though, so it’s definitley on my list to go to this fall! I just read your post about eating 3 muskateers, & I do that too! I also eat all of the peanuts off of a “Pearson Salted Nut Roll” to save the nougaty middle for last! 😉

  28. Anne says:

    Your post is delightful and very tempting. Panera bread sounds wonderful especially for fall which is the best season ever. The soups would be delectable and the breads crusty and enticing. What a lovely experience to have a treat there. I enjoy creating fall meals, stews, brisket, roast chicken and soups. Thanks for this great opportunity to learn about your books and Panera which is a treat.

  29. ellie says:

    Panera resounds with me greatly but I have never had the chance to visit one yet but your exceptional post made this so great that I will have to now. Since Fall is here and I am now well after undergoing a breast cancer diagnosis last year I will be walking in the foothills and spending time gardening and cooking healthy meals.

  30. pearl says:

    Fall is ideal for my interest in cooking and creating meals that have a flavor of fall. Applesauce, apple cake, tilapia with roasted veggies and many more favorites. Your lovely post was perfect for today’s sunshine and blue skies.

  31. Alysha Jardine says:

    I absolutely love Panera in Autumn, duck in there to get some soup and their awesome bread, pumpkin bread, then just sit at a table where I can look outside at the orange, yellow and red trees. Fabulous!

  32. Heather says:

    Guess, I’ll drop my name in the hat! I want you to know because of your enthusiasm for fall, I’m doing my best to like it this year. I’ve always dreaded autumn as the herald of winter, but I figure anything bringing that much joy to another person can’t be all bad!

    So where can I find a pumpkin sweater for a grown woman?

  33. Ali Lewis says:

    I just had a baby less than 2 weeks ago and your books are perfect to read on my kindle when up during the night nursing a baby!

  34. Judy Harder says:

    I live in Phoenix and have seen Panera Bread places but have never been in one. I’d love to give them a try. Loved seeing A Bargained For Bride on the blog tour at Brooke Blogs! Love your books!!!

  35. Michelle Fidler says:

    I joined Panera Rewards and got a free dessert. I picked a big chocolate cookie. A few months later it was my birthday and I picked the same item for my free b-day item. I love chocolate and it looked like the best thing there. I don’t go to Panera much but we have it on the other side of town near the mall. There’s another restaurant called the St. Louis Bread Company and I think that’s run by Panera. I saw one once at an out-of-town mall.

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