Hola! I’m your neighbor, the idiot!

So, a few years ago, we had some new neighbors move in to the house directly west and behind us.  They’re are way happy, celebratory family from Arizona/Mexico that have a lot of fun!

However, the first few weeks after they moved in, Kevin and I wondered if we’d be able to stay in our house at all, because the constant noise from our new neighbors as they cemented their entire back  yard, erected a shed there, power washed everything constantly, sanded their cabinets and floors for refinishing, had a little girl whose big brother was always bugging her and causing her to shriek at the top of her lungs constantly, etc. nearly drove us batty!  It was like that moment in How the Grinch Stole Christmas where the Grinch is grumbling, “All the noise, noise, noise noise!  If there’s one thing I hate, it’s the noise, noise, noise noise!”

Anyway, along with all the noise, noise, noise, noise generated by our new neighbors there also seemed to be a constant stream of family and friends…which isn’t a bad thing, of course.  We began to see an elderly woman in their back yard quite often, too, and assumed that she was perhaps a grandmother or some other relative.  Why is their having a grandmother important?  Well, because of this:

sunsetIn the late afternoon and evening, when the sun is low in the west, the sun shines very brightly onto the back of our house.

Well, one early evening, I went onto our upstairs bedroom balcony, just to admire the beauty of the day…when I heard an elderly woman’s voice say, “Hola!”

I shaded my eyes from the intensity of the setting New Mexico sun (which anyone who has ever lived here can tell you is VERY intense…near to blinding), and looked down to our neighbors back yard in the direction from whence the old woman had greeted me.  But the sun was so bright, I still couldn’t see clearly.

Not wanting to seem unfriendly, I tossed a happy wave into the air and returned the greeting, “Hello!”

Much to my surprise, the old woman’s voice again greeted, “Hola!  Hola!”

Mexican woman with grey hair in Merida, Yucatan

I figured that maybe the kind old lady “No Hablo Ingles” (didn’t speak English), and so I waved again and called, “Hola!  Hola!”

Again the kind, neighborly old woman seemed determined to make a new friend and called, “Hola!  Hola!”

“Hola!” I called, wondering how in the world I was going to leave the balcony and go back into the house without offending our new neighbor.  I mean, I don’t speak much Spanish at all!  “Mi gato es muerto,” (My cat is dead) is about the only sentence I do know!

“Hola!” the woman greeted again.

At utter loss as to what to do, I figured I’d just say, “Adios,” and disappear into the house, right?

But by this time the sun had gone down just another hair, and the neighbors’ house behind us actually blocked its intense rays enough that I could see down into their back yard, at last.

Hola!” I called as I waved once more…as I a moment later I glanced down into the neighbors’ cemented back yard and saw… a big, huge parrot sitting inside a big, huge white cage, calling out to me, “Hola!  Hola!”

parrotI could not believe it!  Of course, my first thought was what an idiot I was…and my second thought was in hoping that none of my other neighbors had seen me out on my balcony waving and calling out, “Hola!” to a parrot!

I’ve never been a fan of parrots…and this particular parrot soon changed out it’s kind, old grandmotherly, “Hola!” in favor of the near continuous shriek of the little girl who was always shrieking!  Believe me, after that switch, I sure wished it would have stuck with making me look like a fool and “Hola!”

Anywho…my kids get a huge kick out of that story, even though none of them witnessed it.  And I’m not exactly sure why it came to mind today, but I thought I’d just share it as a piece of randomness added to you afternoon!

As for this week’s contest…last weeks winners are Amy L. and Amy C.!  Loved your comments and will ship out your European Spa CDs as soon as I receive your shipping addresses!  Please send them to me at marcialmcclure@cs.com, okay?

LongmireThis week, everyone who takes a moment or two to leave a comment here on my blog, on Facebook, Goodreads, or via e-mailing me at marcialmcclure@cs.com about one of your own “I’m an idiot!” moments will be entered to win either a DVD set of Season 1 of one of my FAVORITE shows, Longmire…OR a DVD of one of my favorite movies, Quigley Down Under!  I’ll pick 2 winners and each winner can choose between Longmire and Quigley, okay?  It’s a tough choice, I know!  But either one is fabulous!  Why Longmire and Quigley?  Well, because they both have beautiful sunsets in them…AND Longmire is even filmed here in New Mexico where some neighbors have parrots that mimic sweet old ladies greeting you!

QuigleyMeanwhile, have a great weekend!  Adios!


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4 Responses to Hola! I’m your neighbor, the idiot!

  1. Kachina M. says:

    I LOVE Longmire! It reminds me of my daddy, plus it’s one of our favorites too. & I love Quigley Down Under because it reminds me of my grandpa. Either would be great.
    Well I’m an idiot on a constant (in fact you’ve been present for a few), but I choose not to be embarrassed to frequently so of course in this moment I can’t think of any of my own stories. BUT your story almost immediately reminded me of a story of my mother. It’s a little outlandish because my dad always retold it…
    One day my mom was making something and was short two eggs. She decided to borrow from the neighbors but here’s the rub, they didn’t speak English. Mom went over and tried English first, “May I borrow two eggs please?” But they looked at her funny, so mother thought for a minute and somehow came up with the phrase “dos huevos.” Being unsure of her Spanish, she decided to act it out as she asked. Putting out her best peace sign she said “dos” then doing the crazy chicken wing thing with her arms said “huevos.” At that moment the neighbors’ son (and interpreter) returned home from school to witness this show of culture, and busted up laughing. My mom was, of course, blushing with her embarrassment, but needless to say she got her two eggs, and my dad has a fun little story to tease my mom about.

  2. Amy Cook says:

    So…when I was a younger teenager my oldest sister & I were in the grocery store. As we were checking out I seen an older lady who looked EXACTLY like our grandma…same hair color & style, same stoop of her shoulders, same light blue jacket, same facial features. So I stood in line behind the lady & said “Hi, Grandma!” to which the older woman turned around & when she seen me she said in a sweet voice “I am not your Grandma!” I was SO embarrassed! 🙂

  3. kylee says:

    I work at a self service dogwash, and I was checking a customer out when I realized that the credit card machine was off. I frantically followed the cords, checked that they were connected to the computer, and called a coworker. After they left I checked cords going the other direction and found out that the credit card machine wasn’t even plugged into the wall…..Thankfully no one else noticed this….

  4. Kim Christensen says:

    I have had so many embarrassing moments in my life I don’t know where to begin. Here goes…While doing Kindergarten testing at the beginning of the school year I finished up testing a little boy. I sent him out to his parents and cleaned up. I realized that they had left all the important papers sitting on the chairs. I went out after them calling their names as they walked down the hall. The mother turned around and said, “Yes?” The mother was covered in facial body piercings and as she spoke she really stuck out her tongue that a lot of tongue earnings. I almost threw up when I saw mother’s tongue. Needless to say my principal was told about it. As punishment I had to tell what happened in faculty meeting to my fellow teachers who roared with laughter.

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