Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (And “Kevin Sketch” Winner!)

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23 Responses to Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (And “Kevin Sketch” Winner!)

  1. Kristie says:

    MAUREEN `OHARA is my all time favorite actress!! I LOVE<3LOVE<3LOVE her!!! You can tell everthing see is thinking with her eyes!! How many actresees can do that!!! –and John Wayne–who– does not LOVE John Wayne???? Maureen IS Irish and from Ireland!! 😉

  2. Jewel Adams says:

    Can’t wait to read it, Marcia! Sounds like another awesome book from the brilliant mind of the Romance Queen:-)

  3. Stacey says:

    Marcia!! Drooling!!!! CAN NOT WAIT for this book!! You are awesome! Love ya!!

  4. Jennie says:

    I’m so excited about this new book. I need to hear more, see more. PLEASE!!

  5. Jennifer H says:

    I will love this book, I am certain because I love the eccentricities so far! Sometimes I wonder where your ideas come from… and hope they keep coming, because I throughly enjoy reading your books! ;^)
    My kida and I are all wearing GREEN!!! I would say my whole family, but mornings, like everything else, are a bit crazy sometiems and I can’t remember what shirt he’s wearing…

  6. Becki K. says:

    OH, me thinks me wants to win this dvd, and more than just a wee bit, I do!! Me loves these two! I have McClintock and I watch it a lot! Gotta love that sassy redhead, I do!! Me thinks this would be a great one to add to my collection! Oh, and P.S. Sooo excited for the new book, I am!!!

  7. Amy T says:

    Who doesn’t love, love, love John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara? A sassy-tempered red head…perfect for the wearing of the green. Alone each actor is outstanding, together they are off the charts! Can’t wait for the new book! Love the names of the characters!

  8. Alyssa says:

    LOVE this movie! John Wayne is so dreamy when he grabs her and kisses her!

  9. Alyssa says:

    I like how Sharla has a lot of siblings! Not very many of your characters do, so it’ll be fun! Love the characters names too!

  10. Mandee Brown says:

    Oooo – I haven’t seen this one, but my hubby loves John Wayne. Would love it! 🙂

  11. Chelsea B. says:

    I have never watched this movie, but it sounds fabulous! I love me some oldie films 🙂 Great contest!

  12. Megs says:

    Cool about Trove! My birthday is in April-at the end. I hope it’s by then! In the meantime, I’m still waiting for Kissing Cousins to ship! (And Kiss in the Dark to have stuff added! My favorite! I think…)

  13. Stephany N says:

    The only one wearing green today is my youngest who is 2. Does it count if your eyes are green?

  14. Katherine says:

    So so excited for your new book!!

  15. Elizabeth Baker says:

    Not only am I excited to add The Trove of the Passion Room to my collection but it would be pretty sweet to own Quiet Man too. The best movie kiss of all time is in this movie! When they kiss in the rain! I love love love!

  16. Heather D says:

    Oh my heck, I NEED that book.

  17. Kacee says:

    The Duke & Miss ‘Ohara! It just doesn’t get much better! My guys constantly are quoting John Wayne movie lines and making me guess which movie they are from. We love John Wayne at our house! Can’t wait for your new book!

  18. Kelsie J. says:

    I can’t wait for Trove to come out!! That excerpt made me even more anxious! Can’t wait! Also great contest Marcia, I haven’t seen this one, but I love old movies!

  19. Marie V. says:

    I CANNOT wait for your new book!!!! I’m so excited!!! Great movie too!!!

  20. Nikki says:

    Maureen O’Hara is one of my favorite actresses. 😀

  21. Kim says:

    Random, but did you ever post the winner for the February contest by chance? I missed it if you did so I’m just curious…

  22. Becca O. says:

    Can’t WAIT for your new book!!!! Also- I’ve never seen that movie but now I NEED to. Love me some love stories!

  23. Kareena says:

    I love John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara together! My brothers and I watch McLintock all the time, and i’d love to add another one with the two of them to my collection. 🙂

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