Funny Title Challenge! (And a new contest, too!)

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32 Responses to Funny Title Challenge! (And a new contest, too!)

  1. Jaime Comer says:

    I love Gone With the Wind! I actually have a Christmas ornament of Rhett and Scarlett!

  2. AubreyB says:

    I would love to win this movie! I made my husband sit through the 1st half til intermission with me one night, then the movie stopped working, so he’s never seen the 2nd half! (not that he really wants to…) 🙂 I kept promising him more Civil War stuff in the 2nd half, winning this would be perfect!

  3. Lisa Olsen says:

    I LOVED those titles…Rhonda is hilarious! Personal fave…Locks on my Wrists…haha! Yours were so french inspired. C’est magnifique! Okay…here is the saddest part…I haven’t seen Gone with the Wind for years…sounds perfect for “the month that must not be named.” Merry Christmas!

  4. Heather F says:

    My baby cousin is named Scarlett after this movie. I don’t actually have a DVD copy yet and would love to win one to force my husband, who’s never actually watched the movie, to sit through the whole thing. Lol.

  5. Ramona says:

    Honestly I don’t think I have ever seen it all the way through:(

  6. Stacey says:

    Help me Rhonda, Help, Help, me Rhonda! So funny and creative! I love Gone with the Wind, especially when I get to say “Frankly Scarlett, I don’t give a damn!” 😉 Fun post, thanks for sharing!

  7. Becki K. says:

    What a fun friend you have! Reminds me of the Christmas songs that are like that that I’ve seen floating around the internet. I got some of them right off, and some of them I had to think about. Thanks for the entertainment! I would love to win the “Gone with the Wind” dvd. I have NEVER seen it, and the funny thing is that someone was talking about it on Facebook the other day and I told myself that I needed to watch it. So I NEED to win!! 😉 Thanks Marcia, and I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season!!

  8. Chelsea B. says:

    LOLLOLLOLLOL!! Those are too funny! 🙂 🙂
    You know? I have NEVER watched Gone with the Wind. Never! Everyone’s always telling me I NEEDTOASAP, but I’ve just never watched it!

  9. Susanne says:

    Those names are hilarious!!!! I haven’t seen that movie yet but I want to.

  10. Katie L. says:

    I love Gone With the Wind!!! I first watched it when I was 8 years old and I still love it! I definitely need to watch it again. Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh are so perfect in it.

  11. Julie says:

    What a fun friend that you have…so glad that you have such fun friends to keep motivating you to write! Gone With the Wind is an all time favorite of mine. And they have a documentary “The Making of a Legend” that I always cry when I watch…I’m such a sap!

  12. Oris says:

    Do you remember the time when you were little that you and I watched Movie Gone With the Wind.

  13. Megan E says:

    Merry Christmas to all!!! I’ve heard my mom and grandmother talk about the movie and the book often … but I’ve never seen it all the way through.

  14. Kristie says:

    My parents let me miss Mutual and took me to see “Gone With The Wind” when I was a teenager!!! Marcia–did you ever see Carol Burnett`s spoof of Scarlett? She comes down the staircase with a curtain rod across the back of her shoulder`s and the green drapes still on them tied around her and say`s “I saw this in the window and just had to have it!!” LOL!! Love the movie–but I don`t have it!!! What`s with that?? I know huh!!!!!

  15. sil says:

    I love this movie, what a real classic!! Thanks for making life fun…it’s pretty overcast and dreary today so this was a nice pick me up!

  16. Lisa Warthen says:

    I’ve always wanted to see this. Merry Christmas!! Happy New Year!!

  17. Cheryl Lynne says:

    Gone With The Wind is one of my favorite movies,thanks for the chance to win it!

  18. Stephanie S. says:

    That was really fun to figure out what the titles are. I love Gone With the Wind…haven’t watched it in a long time.

  19. Sandy says:

    Marcia, I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your newsletter was today. So sorry to hear 2011 was stressful, but THANK YOU so much for sharing your gift with all of us. Your writing made so many of my 2011 days truly delightful as I stayed up until the wee hours devouring your books. Just know we appreciate all of your hard work!

    Regarding Gone with the Wind, I saw it for the first time when I was nine and my librarian mom brought home the VHS tapes from the library. This was before videos were widely available, and the VHS tapes cost $75! I fell in love with the story (even though I was probably a little young for it–what was my mom thinking?!?). I loved the movie so much I snuck the book off my mom’s shelf and read it by flashlight at night in the fourth grade (again, way too young!) but it’s been one of my favorites ever since.

  20. DeeAnn says:

    I loved your little game! lol I love your books too! Gone with the Wind is one of my favorite older movies! thanks for always keeping me enthralled with your lovely books!

  21. Laura McLendon says:

    How about a Gone with the Wind DVD?!!! I saw this movie with my Aunt Leta at the Alabama Theatre in Birmingham, AL when I was about ten years oldl A very majestic and well known theatre that even now host lots of important events and it is some 40+ yrs. later. It was such a thrill and the movie has stayed with me for all these years too. I would love to win this one!!

  22. Chris Bails says:

    some great titles on that list. I actually have only read the book and have never seen the movie. I think I am the only person to have never watched this movie. I loved the book and am sure the movie is great. This would be a great prize to win. Thanks for the chance to win Marcia.

  23. Linda J. says:

    I don’t normally post but had to after reading Rhonda’s shelf list. I was sitting at the computer and giggling like crazy over some of the titles when DH walked by and said, “What’s so funny?” To which I replied, “Winds Kill My Campfire and Storms Make Me Old”. He looked at me with one eyebrow raised,a funny look on his face and said, “Really? No kiddin’ ….” Poor guy.

    I saw the movie the first time in my 9th grade history class. We had to get special permission to be at school an hour and ten minutes early so we could watch it in hourly installments. Took a week of being at school at 6:00am but we all loved it!

  24. shannon says:

    Marcia, I have always given a damn! I own this movie (so don’t enter me please) and love it! I have for years and years. One of my favorite scenes is when Scarlett is at the bbq surrounded by all the boys and she is trying to decide who will fetch her food! My older sister also looked just like Vivien Leigh, tiny waist and all! Such a great movie. So many memories from it. Love ya Lady!!

  25. Mippy says:

    Hi Marcia!
    I have never seen Gone With the Wind so this would be super cool! 🙂
    Thanks for the chance!
    ~Mippy 🙂
    bunnysmip (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

  26. Melanie says:

    I love Gone with the Wind. My parents named me after the chracter, Melanie.

  27. Maralee says:

    I LOVE this movie! My parents own the vhs and I remember watching it over and over when I was growing up! I would love to have a copy of my own! Great giveaway!

  28. Jocelyn says:

    I love this movie!! The end made me soo sad 🙁

  29. Syrina says:

    Those lists are great; reminds me of when my friend and I worked for the same company where we took orders from customers, and we would have conversations using the product numbers to test our memories of what the products were.

    Gone With the Wind, huh? I must admit, I’ve never seen it all the way through; what I have seen is good though.

  30. Susanne says:

    Hi, this doesn’t relate to the post but… In fun stuff, with the character biographies, my friend and I were looking at the hero pics. We really think that you should upload pics of Sean Wing for Jagger Brodie… Thanks!

  31. Amy Vongsawad says:

    I need this in my collection!

  32. Jenny Glazier says:

    I love Gone With the Wind. Being from Georgia, it is required literature and viewing before one graduates from school. My mom grew up just around the corner from the house in which Twelve Oaks (Ashley Wilkes’ home) was based on. The first time I saw it was at the old Fox theater in Atlanta. It was magical!

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