Fun Video – Lonesome Ghosts

When my sister was really, really young…she had this little movie thingy. It looked sort of like an old 8mm movie camera, only it was plastic…and some little movie cartridges came with it. Seriously, I think I enjoyed it more than she did! I loved that little toy! My favorite movie cartridge was The Lonesome Ghosts! The Lonesome Ghosts was released in 1937 and it’s still one of my favorite, favorite spooky cartoons! Since we’re all bathing in the wonder of October, I thought I’d share it with! So sit back and enjoy The Lonesome Ghosts…your October treat for today! Too, fun!

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6 Responses to Fun Video – Lonesome Ghosts

  1. Cheri Ewelll says:

    Ohhh, how that made me feel young again! Of course you always do. I was just trying to remember the name H R puff and stuff the other day and what do I find…

  2. Stacey says:

    This is a classic! Love it!!

  3. Mary Jones says:

    Loved it,Thank you !!!!!!

  4. Jean Ledyard says:

    We had that exact same toy and this was my favorite cartridge too!!

  5. Mippy says:

    Heee that was a fun video! 😀

  6. Keara says:

    I love this!! Growing up we would watch it every year, but it wasn’t on video. It was on 8mm reel (I think that’s what its called). I still have it!! Thank you for bringing the memories back!

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