A Photo Fanatic and An Edwardian Wedding! :)

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8 Responses to A Photo Fanatic and An Edwardian Wedding! :)

  1. Courtney Hokanson says:

    Old pictures are so fun! I love going through my grandmas photos.

  2. Stacey Hall says:

    Love love love this post and I LOVE LOVE LOVE old photos! I have a whole board on Pinterest JUST for those! I like to make up stories about them and their lives and how they met and what they overcame to be together!! So exciting! Love the pic of Frank and Bella…now I gotta think of a story for them..

  3. Carol L says:

    I agree she looks a lot scary. 🙂 But they are in love. I really love looking at old photos. I have quite a few from the 1800’s.The Pumpkin Patch kiss is great Marcia. 🙂
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  4. Samantha Gwilliam says:

    I love old pictures too! There is just something about the sepia tones that make the pictures so much richer. I love trying to figure out who they were, and what their story is. This pumpkin patch picture is priceless.

  5. Amy Cook says:


    I agree with you on your wedding picture…both look SCARED TO DEATH!!! I have some old photos of my Grandma & her family & absolutely love them. Especially since she’s gone now. I had extra pictures printed of those pictures & had my Grandma write on the backs of them of who she remembered because I absolutely LOVE my Grandma’s handwriting…so to me right now….they are PRICELESS!!!

  6. Teya says:

    Those are so fun! That one wedding photo is totally fascinating, no really, it brings out my fascination. Mine is stories, who were they, what did they do, what were there trials, what made them who they were. Why take the photo there was it there house, was it a background drape, how many kids did they have where did they live, I could go on and on. I love the stories of photos.
    I do love that pumpkin patch picture it brings me memories of reading your books actually. I LOVE IT!

  7. bn100 says:

    Funny pictures

  8. Michelle Christensen says:

    Adorable. There is a similar Van Gough painting of two people resting on a hay stack. Beautiful.

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