First Memories, Contest Winner and New Contest!

As you know (and I don’t know why I’m even saying this, other than stating the obvious seems to be one of my many many faults) I’m a terrible blogger!  I’m trying to be better, however, and I have decided to do something my daughter does…blog life as it happens and just keep it as part of my journal.  BUT for today I thought I’d do something a little scary…let you into my mind so you can see what a weirdo I’ve always been!

A month or so ago, my daughter asked me to jot down some of my first memories…you know…things I remembered when I was little.  Well, amazingly enough, I had recently come across something I’d typed up about sixteen years ago.  It was a brief list of first memories, and I think some of them reach back to when I was just over a year old!  Seriously!  Can you believe it?  Kevin is always teasing me about how I never forget anything, and even though I do forget stuff, I can remember things way way way back!

Anyway, I thought it might be fun just to post a couple of paragraphs from that thingy I wrote about my first memories.  Keep in mind that these are just quick thoughts…so their not very fun to read really…just kind of something to help me remember them when the day comes that I Do forget them.  (PS…I will post the winner of the Tarzan contest AND a new contest at the end of this blog, okay?)

So here goes!

“I have little bits and memories of standing in my crib talking to a “man.”  This frightened my parents, needless to say.  I would say, “Hi, Man.  Go away, Man.”  I can recall doing this and in my memory, I can see the man—a visible being.  For years I remembered him as being a black man.  But as I grew older, I think I only thought he was black, because he was always standing in the shadows in one corner of my room.  I was never afraid of the man, I would just finally get tired and want to lie down and go to sleep so I would tell him to go away. 

I remember my rocking horse and the carpeting in the house on Griegos Rd. In Albuquerque.  I can remember sitting in a high chair and gorging on ear after ear of corn-on-the-cob!  I loved it!  I still do!  I can remember curling up on the shelf of a large plant stand/table that my mom had our large Boston Fern sitting on.

Mom used to put me in the stroller and go for walks—very often to the nearby public library or the little neighborhood store.  I have a sense of the way the library smelled and remember how it looked and my favorite book to check out was Timothy Turtle by Al Graham (I have acquired three copies of this book thus far—one for each of my kids.  It’s really hard to find!).  I loved that story!  I also have a vivid mind-movie (memory) of a particular walk to the neighborhood store when Mom purchased some little plastic boats for me to play with in the tub.  I loved those boats!

There as a little elderly couple named The Timmons, who lived next door.  Mrs. Timmons crocheted a lovely afghan for me.  I had a matching pillow.  I’ve been told that while observing Mr. Timmons walking along the sidewalk one day, I announced, “There goes Mr. Timmons’s bottom!”

I must make mention of my pillow, “plug”, and Muggins.  My pillow is self-explanatory.  It was a small, child-sized pillow—made out of that typical white and blue striped pillow ticking, and stuffed with feathers (I still have it).  I loved my pillow and drug it everywhere it seemed.  “Plug,” was the term my parents used for a pacifier.  I’m guessing the reason is obvious—plug the hole, turn off the noise, right?  Muggins was a soft, plush, yellow, stuffed bunny that became my most treasured possession for a time.  These three items went everywhere I went!  If we forgot one, we went back for it.  I did finally give up the plug, and was able to do without the pillow after a while.  But Muggins was part of my very being.  You see, to me he was real.  I remember being petrified on occasion at looking out at the clothesline to see me Muggins hanging by his ears!  Such insensitivity was not common in my mother, however. Over the few years that Muggins was nearly flesh of my flesh, his soft, pretty, yellow fur became faded and worn.  Mom had to patch and repatch him several times and at one point must’ve gotten desperate, for he looks as if he’d had extensive skin-grafting procedures performed on him.  Over half of his original fur is gone and in its place lingers a fabric adorned with little green flowers.  The flowers are now faded, his pitiful arms are held together by a large safety pin, and he looks malnourished…especially in light of the fact that there are large gaping holes in his torso through which stuffing tries to escape.  On the inside of his pitiful little ears, one can still see a hint of faded yellow fur…evidence of the fine fur he once flaunted.  He is preserved, for as long as time will allow, in my cedar chest.  I check on him every once in a while out of respect and never-ending love.”

What a nut bag, right?  But in my own defense…at two years old, Mr. Timmons’ bottom was probably at my average eye level, okay?

Now…onto contests!  The winner of the Johnny Weissmuller/Tarzan contest is Shauna Bartlet!  Congratulations Shauna!  Just e-mail your address to me at and I’ll get your Johnny stuff mailed!  (Oh I just LOVE Tarzan!)

Next…for this week’s contest…I’m heading back to another one of my first memories…Showboat!  I remember watching Showboat on our old black and white TV when I was really, really little!  I instantly fell in love with Howard Keel (Man!  What a voice!), and the Deep South.  I think Showboat, combined with reading Gone with the Wind when I was in fifth grade, solidified my love for Civil War history and things.  But I digress…Showboat…when William Warfield sings Old Man River (STILL gives me goose bumps every time!)…WONDERFUL!  And then there’s my favorite part…Kathryn Grayson and Howard Keel singing Make Believe!   (Heavy sigh!)  It is a rather bitter sweet movie…which makes the fact that I still love it, kind of amazing!  So…in thinking of my early years…my formative years…I HAVE to offer a copy of Showboat as this week’s contest!

But wait!  There’s more!  Why not put up the TMC Broadway Musicals collection with not just one…but four…count ’em four…Howard Keel musicals!  Including Annie Get your Gun and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!?  Let’s do it!

Therefore, for this week’s contest post a comment here or on Facebook or e-mail me with one of your first childhood memories!  It can be random, funny, brief…whatever!  That will be your entry to win the DVD.  Okay?

Meanwhile, if you’ve never seen Showboat, here are a video to peak your interest…

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24 Responses to First Memories, Contest Winner and New Contest!

  1. Julie says:

    This first childhood memory has been told and retold by my parents, grandparents and Aunt & Uncle. We would go to Yellowstone camping almost every summer growing up. My cousin and I loved to play house. Apparently we loved that we had our own little “house” to play in…the outhouse! I guess the smell really didn’t bother us. I know DISGUSTING!!! Keep in mind we were very young! I also remember going to Disneyland at least every other summer with my family, my grandparents and my Aunt & Uncle’s family. We would all wear matching striped shirts that our Mom’s would make. There were 18 of us. Everyone would always ask the parents if all of these kids were their’s. It was great!
    By the way I LOVE Howard Keel. One of my favorite musicals of all time is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

  2. Elizabeth Baker says:

    One of the earliest memories that I have is also one of my favorites. We would visit my grandparents on the weekends and while we visited I would watch my grandpa work in one of his 5 different gardens. One time I found this old flower pot, filled it with dirt and proceeded to rocks for seeds. I thought I was pretty creative. Later that day my grandpa comes into the house and asked who planted a bean plant in a old flower pot. I ran outside and sure enough in the flower pot was a small bean plant. Later that year my grandpa passed away and it wasn’t until sometime later did I realize that he must of watched me and secretly made the switch. I honestly thought that I had a magic touch or something to be able to make a bean plant grow from rocks.

  3. Rose says:

    One of my earliest memories is of preschool. For our craft we were making a picture to go on a plate. I remember knowing exactly what I wanted to draw…a plate of food. I was drawing peas and a big steak. The room mom kept coming to me and telling me that I should make it more colorful. I tried to tell her what I was doing, but she wasn’t listening. Finally after she came by again and I was so frustrated, I scribbled in every color I could to finish the steak. I ended up with peas, and a steak that was half brown and half every other color of the rainbow. Hmm, guess that means we need to listen to our smaller kids a little more, huh?

  4. Kareena H. says:

    One of my earliest memories was at my grandparents house. My family was there along with my uncle and some of his kids. Me and my cousin Blair who are both the same age did everything together. That day we were on the tennis court where my grandpa had left some farm eqipment. We of course were balancing on it and having fun trying not to fall off. Then my uncle rode up on my grandmas fourwheeler and took my cousin for a ride around the house. I remember being so sad when she left, even though it was just for a ride around the house. I went up to my mom and said I want my friend Blair. She patiently explained that she would be back any second. Today, me and Blair are still the best of friends and we talk all the time.

  5. Trista Rich says:

    I think most of my childhood memories deal with pain…LoL! Well I LoVeD animals as a little girl and I adopted many wild animals. I would always try to taim the neighborhood stray cat. I would cup my hands out in front of me like I had food in my hands and the cat would slowly come up to me to eat and I would hurry up and pet it…and in return it would scratch me and run away…most of my cat were gray striped and so their names were always tigger 1, 2, 3 and I don’t remember how many tiggers I ended up going through. Well one day my dad just got home from a graveyard shift from the plant and my mom was setting up tents on the back yard with all the young women from our ward. Well I tried to trick my cat into letting me pet it and it clung to my face and scratched me really bad…well brace yourself… But my dad had had it with the cat…walked into the house…grabbed his gun and shot the cat that was hiding underneath the trampoline in front of all the young women! Well I think I was like four years old. Nut I could go on and on from a cousin pushing me down wood stairs at age two…a dog biting through my lip at age three… And my brother wacking me in the face with a broom at age four! I don’t know…I just remember pain as a child ha ha! Well hope you enjoy!

  6. Ann Hymas says:

    My earilies memories are of a house in Odgen just 2 blocks from my grandma’s. There was a girl who lived on my street who was the exact replica of Nelly Olsen from Little House on the Prairie. She had blond hair in ringlets, blue eyes, always wore frilly dresses, and had the attitude that would make Nelly proud. But I have to tell you my favorite story from that house because it involves… CHERRIES! My mom had just come home with a bunch of fruit she was going to can. She had left it in the kitchen while she was taking care of my newborn brother. My sister and I discovered the fruit and didn’t hesitate to enjoy ourselves while mom was occupied. As with sisters close in age we got into a competition. My mother later walked in on us and to her horror this is what she found. Rachelle and I and the kitchen was covered. There was cherry juice, chewed cherry pieces, and yes, cherry pits everywhere! I understand we started spitting the pits at each other and of course the rest followed. To this day, cherries is still one of my favorites. Of course, when I eat them there is alwasy two thoughts in my mind. This fun episode with my sister, and your book, Sweet Cherry Ray. I totally loved it! I have a hard time deciding what “one” book of yours is my favorite! I love (and own) them all. I am so glad and grateful you are willing to share your talent with us. I get your new book as soon as it is released and it’s finished read in hours after that. Then I wait on pins and needles for your next one. Thanks for all you share!

  7. Christine Painter says:

    I remember having a toy wooden dog with plastic ears that was on wheels with a pull cord. That was when I was about 1 and didn’t have any of my 5 other siblings yet. Just me and my parents. My next vivid memory was sitting in my car seat in the car waiting for my mom to come out of the hospital after having my baby brother. I was 18 months old. My dad was in the drivers seat. My mom came out holding my brother. In my mind it was a church, but my mom told me that was when she was released from the hospital.

  8. Jeanette says:

    Some of my earliest childhood memories start at the age of 2 years old, I remember my siblings leaving one morning to go and play with their friends and I had to stay behind with my parents. The day before my brothers were playing with a basketball in our living room.. I am “pretty positive” that my parents were not aware of that event taking place.. Ha! Ha! Anyways, they were trying to out do each other in their talents of who could stand on the ball and make it move; needless to say I was quite fascinated with their great talents that they were displaying for their little sister. Well back to the day I was home with my parents, I drug out that old basketball and started to try and stand on it like they had done the day before and after a little practice I actually started it moving under my feet…this was making me pretty excited to think how clever I was until that basketball started really moving with me still standing on the top of it and hurdled me into the air and I slammed into my Mom’s sewing machine and split my forehead completely open. I must have been quite the sight running and screaming across the living room with blood gushing everywhere (My parents still to this day shudder when they talk about that moment when they saw me), I remember sitting between my parents and my Dad was driving really fast (which at the time in between all of my screaming and yelling) I thought racing in the car was pretty fun, a really big nice policeman pulled my Dad over and after he looked in the drivers side window and saw me, we then proceeded to be escorted at high speed to the hospital. I remember at the hospital lying on a bed and a nurse came in and she was holding these “Giant” scissors, they looked like they were going to get me…of course in my 2 year old mind they were “Gigantic”. I think everyone in the hospital heard me scream when I got a look at those scissors and later on *67* stitches in my forehead.

    When I was 3 years old my best friend “Raymond” and I decided to get married and of course I grabbed my baby buggy and all of my dolls because they needed to be at my wedding. Well, we took off to go get married and about 7 hours later another really nice policeman found us and wanted us to go to the police station with him in his great big police car, we thought that was pretty exciting and on our wedding day of all days! Well, he had quite a time putting my baby buggy and all of my dolls into the police car trunk back then. We then proceeded to travel to the police station and were informed that the entire neighborhood had been out looking for us for hours and hours. We couldn’t understand why all the big fuss? Raymond and I had a great old time climbing up and down these really big handles that were on the nice police mans desk drawer, at 3 years old we felt like we were scaling mountains…again the desk was “Gigantic” …Well we had ice cream cones and had a good old time until our parents showed up and instead of getting a wedding kiss at 3 years old on my “Wedding Day” We both received a great big spanking on our bottoms. The memories go on and on… poor parents!

  9. Jessica says:

    Hmmm…my earliest childhood memory, I’m not sure how old I was but I remember a Christmas at my grandparents farm. They live in an old farm house with three bedrooms up very steep and narrow stairs. They heat their home with only wood heat acquired with two stoves, then and now. It was a cold Christmas morning we woke up so excited to see what Santa had brought. I had only asked for a pair of high heel Cinderella shoes. I raced to the bottom of the stairs; lined up with my five siblings. Grandma wedged a butter knife in-between the doorframe and the door at the bottom of the stairs essentially locking it to keep us from peeking until everything was ready. The anticipation, the sound and smell of wood burning in the stove…the giggles of my brothers and sisters, it was almost too much. When the knife was taken out of the door, we ran to the living room to the “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree that was in the corner of the room. I’m sure I received other gifts that year but the only one that mattered was the Cinderella shoes I had received from Santa. I put them on; they were plastic high heels with sparkles in the pliable plastic strap that went across my toes. I loved them. While everyone was eating breakfast I was clomping around in the kitchen, I loved the sound they made on the floor as I walked. I decided I needed to hear them on the stairs too, for if they sounded that wonderful on the kitchen floor, how much better would they sound on the stairs as I descended so gracefully into the kitchen, just like Cinderella at the ball? Holding my nightgown like a long ball gown I went up the stairs, it was magical! As I descended I slipped on the narrow step and fell the rest of the way, my pride was hurt as the adults came running to check on me. Most tragically, my beautiful Cinderella shoes from Santa were not to come out of the ordeal unscathed. One heel broke off! I was heart broken! I ate breakfast through my tears as Grandma tried to superglue it back on. It couldn’t be fixed 🙁 No matter how many times I was told that now I REALLY did have a Cinderella shoe because I only had one, my heart was broken. I have wondered now as an adult if this is why I love my heels so much…I feel like Cinderella every time I wear them!

  10. Megs says:

    I love those movies! I got them for my birthday last year! Amazing!

  11. My first childhood memory is visiting my great-grandparents shortly after my little sister was born when I was 2 1/2 years old. My parents were presenting my little sister to my great-grandparents when they told me that they had a surprise for me up on their bed upstairs. I ran up the stairs and found a beautiful little doll waiting for me, so from then on I had a “baby” of mine own.

  12. Tacia says:

    I think the earliest memory I have was when I was 2 years old when my mother was pregnant with my brother. In my memory I remember my older sister and me sharing a room and we had been put to bed. I remember talking to my sister and i was so completely distraught! We had forgotten to say I love you, good night, and hug the baby (in my mom’s tummy) before we went to bed! I was so sad and I felt like a horrible sister! I didn’t know what to do, because I knew once I was in bed I wasn’t supposed to get out, but my sister assured me that we wouldn’t get in trouble, because the baby needed love and daddy wouldn’t argue. So we got up and timidly went out to the living room where my mom was sitting in the rocking chair and explained why we were up. Of course my parents couldn’t argue, especially because it was so desperately important to us, so we said I love you, good night, and hugged my mom’s tummy and ran off to bed. 🙂

  13. Becca O. says:

    My earliest memory is getting out of the bath and into my purple nightgown and then lying my head in my dad’s lap while he brushed my hair. When I was really little, my dad use to always brush my hair to calm me down and get me ready for bed. Now- all these years later- whenever I feel stressed, in pain, exhausted, whatever– I ask my husband to brush my hair. It’s my favorite thing in the whole world. In fact, almost every night I fall asleep with him running his fingers through my hair. (It used to make his arm really tired after a couple of minutes- but now he’s conditioned to do it all night. hee hee) It just makes me feel loved and safe.

  14. Megan E says:

    When I was little, my mom had a record of Nancy Sinatra’s version of “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ “. I would put on her long leather winter boots and dance all around the living room to that song while she folded laundry and my baby sister laid on top of the clean clothes in the laundry basket … I still LOVE to dance to that song with my kids once in a while. 🙂

  15. Karen says:

    I LOVE Howard Keel! He is one of my all time favorite leading men! They just don’t make them like they used to! I love all these shows, but I haven’t seen some of them in a little while. Another of my favorites with him in it is Calamity Jane, with Doris Day. I love that movie! And I have had every word of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers memorized since I was four! Love that show!
    I’m like you Marcia, I remember everything… way, way back! But if I can think of my earliest memory, I guess it would be riding horses with my Dad. I was almost two. I can remember how high up off the ground it felt to sit in the saddle. I can remember sitting in front of my dad and only taking a few steps on the horse when it started crow hopping and bucking a little. My dad grabbed me by the arm and it felt like he threw me off to my mom. I’m sure he just handed me down. He got off to check the cinch and saddle and there was a cockleburr or something like it on the inside of the cinch strap. I think I would buck too. 😉
    I love you lady! You are the BEST!

  16. Heidi J says:

    One of my earliest memories is actually a pretty scary one. I was about 3 years old I think….I remember sitting on one of our horses…(my sister had been leading me around and had let the lead rope drop to the ground.) I was just sitting on Pal(the horse) and enjoying myself immensely while Pal was having a bite to eat… thing I remember, I was hanging on for dear life. I still remember watching the legs of the horse as he ran and watching the ground underneath me getting closer and closer.(Something spooked the horse and he jumped and took off with me. My sis apparently didn’t get the saddle tight because me and it, ended up almost completely upside down by the time my dad caught up with us.) When my dad did get there, he could hardly get me to let go! I was clinging on the saddle horn for dear life! 🙂 You would think this would have given me a fear of horses but I actually LOVE them, and riding is one of my greatest joys to this day. When you get bucked off, you get back on right?! 🙂
    On a lighter note, many of my other early memories are very HAPPY:)..including time with family, Grandparents, camping trips, and summers that seemed to last forever!! I do remember at a very young age not understanding why on earth my older brothers could go around without their shirts on and I was required to wear one at all times. I remember waiting until mom wasn’t looking and stripping down as fast as I could:) Good thing some things change!
    Thanks for all you do! lol

  17. Millie says:

    When I lived in AZ, there was a fort behind a house. I remember playing with my Navajo foster brother in that fort.

  18. Kelsie J. says:

    Ah, Marcia, I LOVE your contests!! They are all so great! My favorite memory of my grandma is when I stayed home from school with the flu and I would lay on her couch and watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers over and over while my grandma did all of her ironing. I remember my first grade self thinking that Gideon was the guy I was going to marry someday. 🙂 But that is definately not my earliest memory. I was probably pretty close to being two years old. I would go out to my grandparents ranch while my parents were at school and work, and I was always intrigued by my grandpa’s old cowboy boots he wore. So finally my mom bought me a pair of pink boots to wear whenever I went out to the ranch. And I remember Grandpa tromping around in his dusty old cowboy boots and me trying to walk in the footsteps he left in the dust in my “cowboy-girl” boots.

  19. Katie says:

    I have a dim memory of my 4th birthday. Sitting at a restaurant and getting gifts. My grandmother was there, and she gave me a little bunny that played a lullaby.(I still have this bunny and cherish it) I remember not wanting it, probably because it wasn’t a barbie, but I really don’t remember why I didn’t want it. I feel horrible to this day about that memory, because that was the day my Grandpa died. Imagine the rejection my grandmother felt when I didn’t like her gift, then dealing with losing her husband. I think that is the reason I have always gone overboard in my praise of the gifts I have ever been given since.

  20. Ashley says:

    Ok this has nothing to do with this but I read that there is a book you wrote where the delicious lead male doesn’t take his shirt off…..I can’t figure out which book it is…. Help me fans????

  21. admin says:

    Ashely…it WAS Kissing Cousins! But I corrected that unacceptable fact before it was re-released this last spring! Now we’re all complete…EVERY one of my heroes takes of his shirt!

  22. Stacey Hall says:

    Oh my! I soooooo love Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! Howard Keel is the best! We watched that over and over and over growing up! I loved Adam and Benjamin, and really did not like that Ben was with Dorkas! She drove me crazy(she later played catwoman in the “old” Batman!”) Anyway,LOVE that movie AND Howard Keel!
    And Ashley, you have got to read the newly re-released version of Kissing Cousins! Swaggart shirtless….hubba hubba ding ding, that baby gots everything!! YUM!!

  23. Michelle says:

    One of my earliest memories was the night my brother was born. We had just moved to Kansas (from Washington) and I was 5yrs old. I remember getting out of bed and walking to the stairs to go down to the kitchen and there was this strange woman, I had never seen before, standing at the foot of the stairs. She had extremely short hair and had a funny looking vest on. The first thing she said was “don’t worry, your mom and dad went to the hospital to have a baby and I’m here to look after you”. Immediately, I felt this warmth come over me and I knew I could trust her. I went to fetch my sister and let her know everything was alright. Later, I came to realize this experience as God putting His arm around me.

    That is one experience in my life I have never forgotten and I hope to remember always.

  24. Kendra M says:

    One of my earliest memories is of my dad singing “bless your beautiful hide” from seven brides for seven brothers. My dad has a very deep, loud voice and he loved to belt this song. And I am convinced that the only reason why he liked to do it so much was to see me cry. Every time he would sing this song I would poke my lip out and sob because it was so scary for me even though everyone else though it was so funny! 🙂

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