Epiphany-Elvis will get us through January!

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before!  The answer to my January blues…my January blahs…my January boredom…ELVIS!  Of course!  How could I not have thought of it before?  January 8th is Elvis’ birthday!  So…not only is the contest on my site at www.marcialynnmcclure.com Elvis-themed…but let’s jut have us an all-around Elvis month!  I’ll try to think of some fun contests and stuff to feature here on my blog…you think of some, too…and we’ll just have an Elvis month of it!  What do you think?  Fun, huh!!!!

So…for today…our Elvis Month celebration begins with “Too Much!”  I LOVE this video of Elvis!  First performed exactly 54 years ago today (January 6ht, 1957) on the Ed Sullivan show, this clip of Elvis performing “Too Much” is totally Toooooo Gorgeous!  Of course, this is the famous show where they only filmed Elvis above the waist because of his, delicious dance moves!  What I love about this clip…other than he’s so handsome…is his mannerisms as he tries not to smile too often when the girls scream, and when you can tell he just can’t keep from dancing no matter how hard he tries!  Love it!

So sit back and enjoy Elvis in 1957!  He was TOTALLY “Tooooo Much!”

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2 Responses to Epiphany-Elvis will get us through January!

  1. Stacey says:

    Oh my stars and garters!! YUM!! He is so delicious! Thanks for this video, I have never seen this one! And thanks for doing these fun Elvis stuff! It will knock those January blues right out of 2011!!

  2. yep marcia that worked i now love the first half of january, i loved his smile in this it made me smile. as odd as it sounds i read your “An Old-Fashioned Romance” around christmas every year and for someodd reason that book puts elvis on my mind that is just gonna keep it going 🙂

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