Elvis-“Trouble” Worth Lookin’ For!

Yes!  It’s true!  It’s still Elvis month on my blog!  Naturally, we’re taking a little break here and there, you and I…so that we can pull ourselves together a bit!  HOWEVER, one of my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE Elvis performances is “Trouble” from the 1958 movie, King Creole!  I’ll tell you this…”Mrs. Adams” was never the same after witnessing this performance live, I’m sure!  I LOVE this one!  Enjoy!  AND check back tomorrow for another “Elvis” contest here!

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2 Responses to Elvis-“Trouble” Worth Lookin’ For!

  1. Kristie says:

    Mrs. Adams and Mr. Matthau look pretty good-LOL!! Elvis looks –great!! Thanks for sharing Marcia!!

  2. Carol L says:

    Well, I’m sitting here crying after watching Lisa Marie singing Don’t Cry Daddy with Elvis.
    He was indeed a very good looking and sexy man.Thanks for this post. I loved it. One of my very favorite songs is Trouble from King Creole. Also, goodness when he sings Fever, get out a cold drink lol
    I loved him in Charro or how he looked. 🙂
    Carol L

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