Elvis Calendar Winner-AND Birthday Celebration!

Good grief!  How could I NOT choose Tanya’s entry as the winner?  I received sooooooooooo many e-mail entries yesterday…but I have to go with Tanya’s as the winner!  Tanya…you can e-mail me the address where you’d like your calendar sent (marcialmcclure@cs.com) or send me a private Facebook message with the info!

Now, as for today (Elvis’ birthday), up for grabs is a 24×36 poster of one of my favorite Elvis photos EVER!  Same rules as yesterday…e-mail me at marcialmcclure@cs.com, add your comment here or on Facebook, telling your “very first Elvis memory” and I’ll pick a winner on Monday for the poster!

As for Elvis’ Birthday Celebration video clip today…my FAVORITE Elvis song is “Love Me!”  Footage of Elvis performing this song is rare!  In fact, it was the only Elvis song ever to hit the top ten (#6) on the charts without ever having been released as a single.  I hadn’t even heard it until I watched a corny, but very charming movie, entitled “Heartbreak Hotel” (Starring David Keith as Elvis) years and years and years ago (like in the 80s).  However, the moment I heard “Love Me” it became my favorite Elvis song!  Sooooooooooo dreamy!  Sooo romantic in fact, that I based an entire book on my love for that song!  Yep…my book entitled “Love Me!”

So, in remembrance of Elvis’ Presley’s birthday (January 8th, 1935)…here’s Elvis singing our song, “Love Me!”

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  1. Stacey says:

    Yum Yum gimme some!! Love him! I am loving all these clips!! My first Elvis memory is probably watching the movie “girls, girls, girls” growing up. Us girls would be captivated by his voice, and I gotta say it, cuz we all are thinking it… those hip moves!! To die for! Keep em coming Marcia, this is so fun! Love ya!!

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