NCIS Jimmy Palmer Doppelganger Alert!

Over a month since blogging…and I STILL can’t think of a good blogging subject!  Ha ha!  (Not that I really ever do anyway!)

IMG_0004However, in scanning some antique photos the other day, I came across this AWESOME one of what appears to be a group of Doughboys and young boys dressed as Doughboys!  I need to research it some more, of course…but meanwhile, I found another doppelganger in this photo!  And you KNOW how I love finding dopplegangers in old photos, right?

Well, there’s a doppleganger right in this photograph…right there, up top by the U.S. Flag!  See him?  He’s a dead ringer for Brian Dietzen…who plays Jimmy Palmer on NCIS!!!!  Do you see it?    Ha ha!  I LOVE it!

jimmy palmerIMG_0004 - Copy









I just had to share one of my doppelganger finds with you today!  And by the way…the winners of the last Blog Contest I did are Mary S. and Ann T.!  E-mail your snail mail addresses to me, ladies, and I’ll have your DVDs on their way asap!



As for a little contest for this doppelganger post…how about this?  Leave a comment here about something you find intriguing about history (or e-mail one to me, post it on Facebook or Goodreads), and you’ll be entered to win one of two copies of my book The Fragrance of Her Name (hardcover or softcover…winner’s choice)!  It’s a book that I love sooo much, but doesn’t usually rank as a fan favorite because it’s soooo long.  It’s a post WWI setting…meaning Brant might well have fought alongside one or two of the Doughboys in this photograph featuring the Jimmy Palmer doppelganger!  Fun, right?!?!


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13 Responses to NCIS Jimmy Palmer Doppelganger Alert!

  1. Kasey S. says:

    I love the personal stories some people have. The other day I heard a story of why someone’s last name was Naysmith. It was because in the 1400’s an ancestor was trying to hide during a war in England inside of a smithery and he did such a bad job pretending to be a smith that they caught him and said “Ye are nay a Smith” later in the war he was knighted by the king who knighted him Sir Naysmith.

  2. Marissa A. says:

    I like learning the personal stories, what motivated them and how they aren’t any different than we are.

  3. Julianne Criner says:

    I love love history! The Fragrance of her name is one of my VERY favorites, and I like that it’s long!:) I find World War ll fascinating and going to Auschwitz is a dream of mine! It’s so tragic and sad, I feel like people have forgotten what our country was like back then! True Patriots, and people standing up for what was truly right! I’ve also been to Pearl Harbor, and it is amazing there! So so proud to be an American, I love our history, and the Hero’s who fought and currently fight for our freedom!

  4. Melanie Martin says:

    I love how the ladies were so proper and beautiful!!

  5. Casandra Helzer says:

    I love personal stories and family histories. I also love that they make history come alive!

  6. Jennifer H says:

    I absolutely love that The Fragrance of Her Name is long!! There are so many things I love about that book!

    History in general is intriguing to me. How did people live, what did they do to work, what did they do to play, what was it like when the pace of life was a bit slower… what made them tick… the people are as intriguing as the events.


  7. Amy Cook says:

    STORIES, STORIES, STORIES!!! I LOVE listening to my husband’s Grandpa talk about WWII even though some are sad & make me cry. I LOVE stories no matter what form…personal, books, music lyrics.

    I LOVE the Victorian Era. I LOVE the old homes, dress & decor. Maybe because my 3X great grandfather built homes in England & in the US & passed it on to his children. Some of those buildings are still around & I LOVE to see them & walk through them!!!

  8. Cami says:

    Family connections intrigues me. I love to watch “Who Do You Think You Are” as they find their ancestors and the stories/family connections they lived. Some are heartbreaking and some are wonderful but I love hearing the stories of ancestors.

  9. Aubrey says:

    Not entering the contest because I already have this book, but I wanted to tell you that it’s one of my favorites of yours – I love long books. 🙂

  10. Jaime says:

    I’m such a history buff! I love learning about people’s stories, where they came from and how the came to be the person who they are and the connections that they make. Learning about different cultures and why they do the things they do is fascinating to me!

  11. Terri says:

    I love The Frangrance of Her Name.

  12. Jasmine H says:

    Love history. My husband loves to watch anything that has to do with history so he knows so much and is always telling me little random facts. One of the recent ones he told me was that Adolf Hitler’s last name was almost Schicklgruber but his father changed his name in 1877.

  13. Lynette says:

    I love to read old journals and family histories to see how others, especially ancestors, dealt with their problems. I find it annoying when people only wrote about positive experiences, because we all have problems and I’d love to learn how others dealt with bad marriages, difficult kids, or financial problems.

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