Desert Fire/The Foundling-New Cover and Stuff!

Two weeks since I blogged!  Blech!  I stink at blogging!  Actually…things have just been even crazier than usual around these parts!  But I’m hoping I can settle back into a routine now…and MAYBE think of some better things to blog about!  First of all, the winner of the (two weeks ago!) contest (the Two Mules for Sister Sara DVD) is Lacey Nickel!  Just send me your address, Lacey and I’ll get that DVD out to you right away!

Now…onward!   As you may or may not know, Desert Fire is now available in e-book format!  It has a new cover…and, yes…that will be the new cover for the new edition of the book when it’s released soon!  (Details to follow soon!)  However, I thought you might find it funny to know a little something about good ol’ Desert Fire that you may, or may not, already know.  It’s just trivia…nothing too exciting.  But kind of funny…at least I think.  But then again, I am easily amused.

Desert Fire was the first Western-themed book I ever wrote.  However, when I wrote it, it was titled The Foundling (for obvious reasons, right?).  For all the years preceding publication, and even as it’s short-lived stretch as an early e-book, The Foundling was a favorite among my close friends.  Years and years and years ago, a few of my intimate friends and I, gathered together for a reading of The Foundling.  I had a friend who was awesome at reading allowed and she read it while we all giggled, sighed and made funny comments.  We had a lot of fun with it…and that was all before it was ever published in any form.

Well, when the day came that The Foundling was chosen to be the first novella in the Love Notes collection by another publisher, I was admittedly sad when the publisher called me and told me that they needed to change the title.  Apparently, the owner of the publishing company was walking through the conference room one day and saw my manuscript laying on the table.

“The FONDLING?” he asked.

Yep…he’d misread the title and was astonished to see that I had written a book called The Fondling!  Thus, the publisher wanted me to change the title.  Naturally, I was adverse to it…however, seeing that it could be a problem…that it could cause some readers’ eyes to widen with momentary chagrin, I agreed.

Agreeing to change the title found me in a conference room with several staff members who worked for the publisher, including the owner.  However, we were all stuck as to what to retitle the book.  Nothing came to my mind at all because, to me, the book already had a title and it was hard to think outside that box.  Finally, we began discussing what the book was about in an effort to brainstorm a title.  Well, then it just got silly.  We all started giggling as one man (who has an awesome sense of humor) suggested, “Hairy Chests Forever.”  We had a good chortle and then someone else suggested, “Shirtless in the Desert.”  Again we laughed and continued to laugh as we popped out silly title after silly title (which…on having browsed through the mainstream romance section at Barnes and Noble this summer…I realize aren’t that far out these days!).

Finally someone noted that “Shirtless in the Desert” was the best title so far, even though we knew we couldn’t use it.  But that led me to thinking of the passion Malaina and Jackson share…and I suggested, “How about Desert Fire?”  And the rest was history!

When that original publisher finally released Desert Fire to come back to me (thereby a different publisher), I did consider reinstating the original title of The Foundling.   But in the end my staff and myself felt that it would be too confusing or maybe even misleading to readers to do that.  So we settled on Desert Fire in the end again.   Yet, it still ate at me…until, that is…I saw the concept for the new cover!  (Now lick your index finger and put it on your hip and make a “ssssssssssssss!” sound.)  To me, the new cover sizzled…just like a desert fire!  Just like the romance between Jackson and Malaina!  (Just like Malaina’s palm when she first touched Jackson’s shirtlessness chest!)

So, at long last, with newly edited guts (i.e. text) and a sizzling new cover…I’m okay with Desert Fire as the title for my very first Western Romance!  Whew!  The book will be coming out in print form soon, complete with a new in-depth Author’s Note!  It’ll have a new layout, too and a new size so I’m really excited!  To Echo the Past will follow shortly with a new cover, Author’s Note and text edits, as will Divine Deception (wait until you see THAT cover!  I LOVE it!) and Daydreams!  (Their e-book versions should be available next week sometime.)  AND The Highwayman of Tanglewood will be available in print again soon, too!  I’m sooooo excited about these re-releases!  A book is like a pet to an author…or something else of a cherished and treasured nature.  So seeing these books back in print is wonderful for me!

PS…just to make things clear…I would never write a book entitled The Fondling!  I worried enough about Dusty Britches…being afraid the printer might accidentally drop that VERY important “r” out of the title by accident!

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10 Responses to Desert Fire/The Foundling-New Cover and Stuff!

  1. Lisa says:

    Great blogging and amazing cover for “Desert Fire” – soooo sizzling…love it! Very excited to own these little novel nuggets…I knew there was a reason I didn’t own these yet…=)

  2. Stacey says:

    You are better at blogging than I am!! I love the new cover… very romantical!! Although The Fondling is quite catching as well! Seriously, we did see many interesting titles at Barnes and Noble by the way! Oh, I printed my pictures from that day at the bookstore with you holding a certain T.D.and W!! I will get you a copy!! Can’t wait for all these new lovelies on the way!!

  3. Holly Kurtzeborn says:

    Great post! It’s neat to know how it all came about! Interestingly enough…..I ordered Desert Fire yesterday, and when I downloaded it to my Kindle it came up on my Kindle screen as The Foundling! I’m so excited to re-visit this great story! And I’m very excited about all of these re-releases coming soon! Thanks for writing Marcia!

  4. Sandi wolfley says:

    Desert fire cover looks amazing…. and about Dusty Britches that made me Laugh out loud cause when i was reading my brother in law and went Dusty Britches -the R and was like what like of book are you reading i had to have him read it again and it took a couple of time but he finley say the R

  5. Julie says:

    That is funny Sandi. I had the exact same experience with Dusty Britches. My husband saw me reading it and said, “What are you reading?!” I then had him look at the title of the book again. I absolutely LOVE the new cover Marcia! Beautiful!!!

  6. Becki K. says:

    LOL! Too funny! I love the cover and am excited to see everything else that is to come!

  7. Angie c. says:

    I can’t wait!

  8. Jennifer H says:

    Wow, I tell you what – you were RIGHT (of course) about the cover of Divine Deception… I LOVE it too. Sizzle, Sizzle!!!


  9. Dawn Sherman says:

    This story is one of my top 5! Love the new cover! Will be buying it too…;)

  10. Lena Mattice says:

    I love it!! Your blog is also very interesting every time I read it. Thanks!!

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