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Linda Kish!   You won Marcia’s most recent Random Contest!
(Please e-mail Marcia at marcialynnmcclure1@gmail.com with your shipping address so your prize can be shipped asap!)

Now enter Marcia’s Random Contest
for a chance to win…

A 42 oz. Canister of Almond Roca!

almond roca
From Marcia:

No…this is NOT a joke!  You know the regular sized cans of Almond Roca?  They’re between 8 oz and 12 oz…and I’m talking 42 oz. here!  Yep!  42 oz. of delicious, non-nutritious heaven in a can!  THAT’S what I’m choosing to give away this month!  Bwah ha ha ha!  I LOVE Almond Roca!

And what do you have to do to have a chance to win?  Simple!  Just e-mail me (Marcia) at contestentries16@gmail.com and you’ll be entered to win!  I’m ending this particular contest sometime over the next 14 days, so enter as soon as possible!  And believe me…one woman really CAN eat an entire 42 oz. canister of Almond Roca all by herself!  My own experience doesn’t lie!

Love to You All,
Marcia Lynn McClure

Previous Winners:

Month Prize Winner
5/26/2016 “The Heavenly Surrender Collectors Ed.” Linda Kish
4/29/2016 “Jim Gaffigan: Food. A Love Story” Donna Durnell
3/30/2016 “To Echo the Past/Amazon Card” Shiela Billeter
3/3/2014 “Dan Gibson Shimmer CD!” Pepper Dahlke
2/2014 $30 Olive Garden gift card Sarah Gwynn
1/2014 Emma and Chocolat Soundtracks Casi Messick
12/2013 $25 Amazon gift card Lysha Sorensen
11/2013 Book, Hot Chocolate, and Game Ali Lewis
10/2013 “Autumn Books & Movie!” Sabrina Dearth
9/2013 “Ode to Marcia’s Favorite Month of the Year!” Lise Holt
8/2013 “Ushering in Autumn!” CD and books Seante Nielson
7/2013 “Period Drama Passion” Elizabeth Baker
6/2013 Marcia’s “Summer Reading List” Denise Fowden
5/2013 Three CDs Marcia Wishes She Could Give to EVERYONE Lu Worley
4/2013 Alias & Castle Sarah Mountford
3/2013 “Mr. Hornblower and Pirate Stuff” Jeanette Sprecher
2/2013 “Wind Chime Heaven” Brenda Swanson
1/2013 Inspirations for One Classic Latin Lover, Please Tammi Young
12/2012 Things to do in January Amberle Persons
11/2012 Four Holiday Favorite “Made for TV” Movies Kasey Stutz
10/2012 “Two of Marcia’s Favorite Autumn Books” Teresa Barkoskie
9/2012 Renditions of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” Stephanie Siems
8/2012 “The Ghost Whisperer” Season One Cheryl
7/2012 “The Middle” Season One Kelli Smith
6/2012 “Three Yankee Candle Daisy Crackle Votives” Patricia Barraclough
5/2012 “Three CDs Everyone Should Own” DVDs Rebecca Booth
4/2012 “My Favorite Cowboys” DVDs Rebecca Riley
3/2012 Two DVDs and two CDs with that oh-so-Brevan Irish Flavor Sherry Strode
2/2012 Four of Marcia’s Favorite “Kissies” on DVD Natalie Johnson
1/2012 Northanger Abbey DVDs Cari Sue Covolo
12/2011 Little Dorrit mini-series Julie Langevin
11/2011 Three Pinecone Crackle Glass Votive Holders from Yankee Candle Aimee Mojzisik
10/2011 The Witch Who Wanted to be A Princess, October/Pumpkin puzzle Hanna Crowley
9/2011 Swarovski Crystals “Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage” Trinket Box Vella Rose Smith
8/2011 Tom Selleck as a Cowboy Ashley Kelley
7/2011 “Esther Williams Vol. 1” DVD set Isabella Johnson
6/2011 3 Hayley Mills DVDs Lise Holt

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