Funny Title Challenge! (And a new contest, too!)

Now, for those of you who have met my friend Rhonda…you know what a funny little stinker she can be!  Right?  Well, the other day, she and I were e-mailing back and forth about which of my books she didn’t have in her collection.  I asked her to simply e-mail a list to me of what she DID have, and then I could fill in the blanks so she would know which ones she was missing.  Sounds easy enough.  But nooooooooooooooooooo!  Playful little Rhon Rhon made a game out of it!  It was totally fun and I thought I’d share it with you!

Below you’ll find a list of the Marcia Lynn McClure titles that Rhonda has on her shelf.  See if you can figure out which ones she has by HER titles.  (This was before the release of The Haunting of Autumn Lake and The Chimney Sweep Charm…so those aren’t included!):

Smell of Her Moniker
Beneath the Bees
Red Cold
Tree Water Flowing
Gem Winter
Dreams in my Head
I Can’t Hear You Kisses
A Little Bit of Spice
Cloudy Give Up
Locks on My Wrists
Dirt in My Pants
Robber in The Woods
Little Stories All Together
Sea Captain Trickery
Winds Kill My Campfire
Storms Make Me Old
I Just Kissed my Cousin, Oop
The Rapscallion Night
Love Me Tender
Living for Lots of Pricks
In the Middle of Nowhere with Little King
To To To To To To To To An An An An An Earlier Time
Long Ago Love
You Faked Me Out
Bored in School
Phoenix Rising

So?  Did you get them all pretty easily?  Ha ha!  Fun, huh?

Naturally I responded to Rhonda’s e-mail with a list of my own…the ones she was missing:

Motivated to Stumble
Beso en la Oscuridad
Quick Tempest
Honeyed Stemmed Fruit Beam
Accompany Moi un Promenade
Illuminated Paramour Crescent Body
Vortex a la Siren Saline Droplet
Treasure en la Rapture Space
Hallucinations of an Extorted Reservoir

Did you get them all?

Now…hoping you had fun with this little guessing game…and whether or not you did well on it, leave a comment and be entered to win my newest blog contest!  What’s the contest for? you may be asking.  Good question!  Give me a second.  Hmmm.  Something random…something random.  How about…Oh!  I know!  How about a Gone with the Wind DVD?!!!  Yes!  My daughter-in-law and I were talking just yesterday about Gone with the Wind…swapping memories about the first time we saw the movie or read the book!  And so…leave a comment and you’ll be entered to with the Gone with the Wind DVD!  LOVE it!  (AND I love random contests, too!)