Random for Random’s Sake! (Contest winner and new contest, too!)

Ever feel like your brain is just on vacation without you?!  I’m totally serious!

Well, whether or not you know the feeling, today is one of those days for me.  Therefore, this is what I’ve decided to jot down to go along with this week’s random contest: a list of totally random thoughts, written in order as they pop into my mind!  Weird, I know…but I sort of just want to see what happens.  So here goes!  I now present…random thoughts as they pop into my mind and in the order they pop into my mind (WARNING:  This blog may be more pathetically goofy than usual!):

1.  I LOVE peacock feathers!  And if they were so strongly associated with bad luck in Victorian times…then why did so many Victorians use as decor in their house?

2.  How could ANYONE ever have drunk the whiskey when they knew a dead body had been stored in side the barrel with it while that guy was sneaking dead bodies in to medical students back in the 1800s?

3.  I should put my new salad spoons away.  They’ve been sitting on my office floor ever since I bought them in October.

4.  My BFF Sandy’s birthday is two weeks from today.

5.  I need to remember to pick up some printer ink while I’m out today.

6.  I should mail that “Peppercorn Medley Grinders” I bought for a friend that’s still sitting on my desk after a month.

7.  The Carol Burnett Show was soooooo hysterical!

8.  Why did I always think the TV show “Big Bang Theory” was about a gay polygamist until Trent had me watch an episode with him the other night?  (I don’t mean to offend anyone…but that’s just what popped into my head…honest.)

9.  Why can’t Sue on the show “The Middle” ever catch a break?

10.  Ah ha ha ha ha!  I’m glad Sheri and I thought of a new meaning for the acronym ASAP yesterday!  “A Sudden Ape Poop” is soooooo less stressful then “As Soon as Possible” to think about when I’m working!

And now, in reference to Random Item #10…a quote from My e-mail to Sheri yesterday…

“AND…from personal experience…I can add that Ape Poop happens, too!  Especially at the old Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs when you’re a teenager and visiting the ape house with your Aunt and Cousin Dan…and your cousin Dan provokes the ape and the ape throws ape poop at your cousin but hits your aunt instead!!!  Ape poop DOES happen!  So considering that, let’s go with ASAP=A Sudden Ape Poop!”

Now…as for contest stuff…the winner of the Anne of Green Gables CD Audio Book is…Terri Bergman!  Just e-mail me at marcialmcclure@cs.com with your address, Terri and I’ll get your prize mailed off to you!

As for this week’s contest…how about a $25 gift certificate to Applebees!!??  I don’t know why…probably because I’m starving at the moment!  So to enter, just leave a random thought of your own as your comment!  Fun, huh?  Let’s see what’s going through everyone else’s ‘tired of winter’ brain today!

Meanwhile, maybe I need a nap!