The Toad Stabber (and Pig Pile winner!)

The last time I was in Lamar, Colorado visiting my mom and dad, Mom was fixing lunch and using The Toad Stabber.  There I was, in my forties, and only just then did I wonder for the very first time how in the world The Toad Stabber got it’s name!  All My life we’d called my mom’s best kitchen knife The Toad Stabber.  To me, referring to that knife by it’s proper name (i.e. The Toad Stabber) came as naturally as calling a peach a peach.  But until that day, I’d never really thought of it.  The Toad Stabber?  How funny!  I mean obviously

I LOVE discovering little family oral traditions like that!  Though I did snap a quick photo of mom wielding The Toad Stabber (included here) I forgot to ask why in the world we call that knife The Toad Stabber!  It’s just a plain smooth-bladed kitchen knife.  I need to call her and ask her for certain, but I’m almost 100% positive that her parents (or my dad’s parents) probably had a kitchen knife they called The Toad Stabber. (I think I should use this in a book somewhere along the way…don’t you?)  “The Toad Stabber?”  How hilarious!  I mean, obviously (though you can’t see it very well in this photo) the knife would be perfect for stabbing toads if the occasion arose that one found oneself in need of doing so…but really…why The Toad Stabber?  And maybe it’s as simple as that.  Maybe some ancestor of mine found the need to stab a toad along the way somewhere.  Yet, it’s a mystery that I’m going to have to research.  Maybe the people at could help me.  I love that show!  They discover a lot of interesting things!  However, I’m not sure anyone can solve the mystery of The Toad Stabber…not entirely anyway.  But I do know one thing…having a kitchen knife christened The Toad Stabber is TOTALLY my family!  And I mean my family way back for generations and generations!  It’s one thing I love so much about my family, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc…little fun, unique things like The Toad Stabber.

I need to get myself a Toad Stabber.  Though my kids are almost all out of the house, the grandbabies are just starting to come along and I think “Grandma” should have a Toad Stabber, don’t you?  I mean…really…think about it…The Toad Stabber?  It’s hilarious!  I’m not kidding…my mom never said, “Sweetie?  Will you hand me that long kitchen knife out of the drawer?”  She always said, “Sweetie?  Will you hand me The Toad Stabber?”

The Toad Stabber…and important and tangible piece of my personal and family history!  What are some of yours?

Also, I forgot to mention…that Holly B. (posted a comment on the blog) is the winner of the Pig Pile game!  I just felt so badly for your children, Holly!  E-mail and address to me where I can send your game!   (