Winner of the Frequency DVD!

Oh, Kristie Whiting…you won the Frequency DVD!  Where do I send it? Drop an e-mail to me at so I can drop your DVD in the mail!

As for something new…hmmm…I’m a little off my game today, so I’ll have to think about it.  In the meantime…your thoughts on…dill pickles please!

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The Importance of a Good Stick!

The other day, a friend posted this on my Facebook wall:

“So I am reading Sweet Cherry Ray and you talk about poking the coyote LOL any ways I’ve read all your books a bunch of times and I guess I really never realized that you talk about poking coyotes or other animals with a stick a lot.  Or maybe it is just the books I reread this summer.  So now to my question…Is this one of those things that has a funny story to it or were you just interested in those kinds of things?  Maybe it is something to blog about…lol I guess I just found it interesting…ha ha ha ha!”

Well, I think I WILL go ahead and blog about the stick thing…specifically, the importance of a good stick!  I mean, let’s think about it…sticks are quintessential in so so so many ways-obviously!  However, when it comes to poking things (especially dead things) the availability of a good stick is paramount!  I don’t know about you, but road kill and other dead animals…well, how do YOU investigate them, if not with stick?

Of course I poke dead things with a stick!  I also use a stick to test spider webs…you know…like this summer when I showed my new daughter-in-law how to tell if a spider web was a black widow web just by the feel of it when you pull at it with a stick.

An arrogant little black widow decided she was going to live in the bottom of the pot of my violets!  Now, naturally, this pot of violets was the one pot my little grandson was always drawn too.  So when I saw the web that was spun from the bottom watering hole of the pot of violets to the side of my sage pot…I was worried.  Well, naturally, I found a good stick and ripped up that widow’s web.  Then I watered my violets so that the water in the bottom of the pot was pretty deep.  Voila!  I thought I had drowned that nasty little she-devil.

But NO!!!!  The next morning I went out to find a bigger and stronger web!  The little she-devil had spun her new web, not only between the violet pot and the sage pot…she’d ventured out onto the walkway!  Can you believe the audacity?!  Well, another stick was in order!  And I found one!  I whipped down her web and watered my violets again, thinking surely she’d be discouraged by now, right?  But NO!  This went on for days and days…back and forth…a contest of wills between a protective grandma and a she-devil, husband-killing black widow spider.

Well, one morning, the web the spider had spun during the night stretched clear across the walkway!  Anyone coming to the front door would’ve walked right through it…including my little Lincoln!  I tore down the spider’s (Belligerent little so and so!)  web again and this time went and got the small little blow torch type thingy Kevin uses to light the grill, and burned the rest of her web in the bottom of the pot!  I also stuck the torch in to the watering hole of the pot and let it rip!  I thought we were done with Miss “I’ll build a web to worry you when the grandbaby is over” Widow!  (Remember, it’s her own fault she’s a widow in the first place!)

The next morning I walked out to find the biggest, longest, thickest. highest, most belligerently spun web ever!  Okay…now I was really vexed!  Mallory (my new daughter-in-law) was over and so I explained that I was through messing around with this spider!  BUT…being so much like my mother the way I am…I saw the opportunity to have Mallory learn a little about Black Widow Spiders.  I found a good stick and told her to use it to feel the unusual strength and stickiness of the web.  I explained that black widow webs look chaotic, too.  To the trained eye they’re very recognizable…but not to the untrained eye, or to a 16 month old little boy who loves to get into mischief!  Needless to say, Mallory was very impressed with her new-found knowledge and stick skills.

After I was certain Mallory was sufficiently impressed by what a good stick can teach you as far as spider webs are concerned, I turned on the hose and stuck it right into the watering hole of the pot!  Moments later, here she came…that competitive, belligerent black widow who was keeping my grandson away from my violets!  She came crawling out of the hole and began making her way up the side of the pot.

BAM!  She never saw it coming!  I used my one of my chartreuse colored Crocks (the right one, I think) to smash her flat on the side of the pot!  Victory!  And now my little Lincoln can sniff and pick my violets ’til his little heart is content!  Thus, I’ve presented only one reason a good stick is important!

One of my greatest frustrations about the 8 years we lived in Washington state, was the sad lack of a good stick to poke dead, living, or interesting things with.  Everything was so green and gorgeous and alive, that when a nine inch slug presented itself, there was never a stick available to poke it with.  It was infuriating! There was never a stick around to fish something out of the creek with…never a stick available to poke a rotting pumpkin with.  Nope.  There ain’t no good sticks in Ferndale, Washington.

Thankfully, we’re back in New Mexico now…and when I found a dead rattle snake while on my walk a couple of years ago, I glanced over to the side of the road and Voila!…a big, perfectly strong and dry stick was right there at hand!  Therefore, I was able to carry the snake home for Trent to see (and for the UPS man to wonder about when he saw it laying in an old pie dish on the bench on my front porch).

I mean, what are you going to prod animal feces with if there aren’t any good sticks around?  What are you going to stir mud with?  What do you use for poking dead things with if you don’t have a good stick?

Which brings me to this…if you were walking along the shore and you saw, let’s say, The Count of Monte Cristo/Jim Caviezel washed up on the sand…you’d want a good stick so you could poke him and make sure he was alive, right?  I love the movie The Count of Monte Cristo!  AND I love Jim Caviezel in that part, AND I would totally poke him with a stick if I found him washed up on the shore!  I wouldn’t poke him as hard as I would, let’s say, a washed up, squishy, transparent-ish jelly fish.  But I would poke Jim Caviezel/The Count of Monte Cristo with a stick if I found him.

Frequency Movie - For Contest WinnerSo…in honor of Jim Caviezel and the fact that any of us would probably poke him with a stick if we had the chance, I’ve chosen one of my favorite Jim Caviezel movies as this week’s blog contest!

I know, I know…my brain runs around like a chicken with its head cut off sometimes!  But, in thinking about the question of a good stick and poking things with it…I thought of The Count of Monte Cristo and how I would want a good stick around if I came across him on the beach.  That led me to Jim Caviezel…which of course let me to thinking about the first Jim Caviezel movie I ever saw…which was Frequency!  LOVE it!

So…the winner of the last blog contest and the pirate/mermaid puzzle is Nikki!  E-mail an address to me, Nikki…one where I can send the puzzle…at and I’ll get that in the mail for you!  Meanwhile, leave a comment here if you’d like to be entered to win one of my favorite Jim Caviezel movies-Frequency!  Okeydokey?

Ahhh, some truths cannot be ignored!  You can never underestimate the importance of a good stick.

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Contest Winner/New Covers/New Contest!

So…I’ve been receiving a ton of questions regarding the new releases of some of my books…specifically Desert Fire, To Echo the Past, An Old-Fashioned Romance, Divine Deception, Daydreams and The Highwayman of Tanglewood. Therefore, I’ve decided to share a little secret information with everyone.

These particular titles were initially published by a publisher other than Distractions Ink, and were literally in bondage! Since 2008 (the year The Highwayman of Tanglewood was first published) I have been battling to get the publishing rights to my books back in my hip pocket. Without going into great detail, it has been a long, frustrating road to trudge. In truth, it probably took ten years off my life, and it definitely added weight to my rear end. However, it’s over now and I’m able to breathe easier. My books are all mine once more! Whew!

And so, with the publishing rights well in hand again, Distractions Ink worked to re-edit, redesign and re-publish The McCall Trilogy (har har) and other titles that had been out of my hands for so long. You cannot believe the relief I feel! It’s so liberating and fresh. These poor books had been slaves—trapped in something that didn’t let their true nature and ambiance shine! So I hope you enjoy the new versions of these books as much as I do…because now they’re liberated and I feel better!

You’ve probably also noticed that some of my books that were once available only as e-books have finally made their way to print versions. That’s another project I’ve been working on for some time, and I’m so thankful that they’re now finding their way to bookshelves as well! In realizing that e-books are outselling print books 100 to 1 these days, I’m very grateful that books like The Light of the Lovers’ Moon, Sweet Cherry Ray and (as of tomorrow) The Tide of the Mermaid Tears are being made available n a tangible form.

I love books! I love to hold them, smell them, see them stacked here and there on bookshelves. It breaks my heart to know that technology is changing the book world. Yet, I understand convenience, too. So I’m glad that my books are available to both electronic devise readers and traditional book readers. It helps me to sleep better knowing that which ever format you prefer is available to you.

So there you have it…the answer to a couple of book questions I’ve received lately. BUT this doesn’t make for a very fun blog now does it? Thus, I’m on to random goofiness! After all, that’s where I’m most comfortable!

Let’s begin with the winner of the “First Memory” contest. Okay…how do I possibly choose a winner out of all the fabulous entries? Everyone’s was fabulous! And I loved how so many involved time spent with grandparents! However, I have to say that the one that just jumped out at me (and I’m warning you…it’s kind of sad) was Trista Rich’s! You have to read her comment! I think the reason it did jump out at me is because it kind of reminded me of a first memory one of my Uncle’s once told me. Blah blah…not matter the reason…Trista-you won the DVD! Toss an e-mail to me at with your address and I’ll get the DVD in the mail! And thank you to EVERYONE for sharing your first memories! I loved reading them!

As for this week’s contest…hmmm…let me think of something really silly…hold on…okay I’ve got it! My friend Stephanie found this for me! AND since tomorrow marks the release of The Tide of the Mermaid Tears in print form…how about this…leave a comment concerning your positive thoughts on the video below, and be entered to win a 500 piece puzzle of the famous print The Pirate and the Mermaid by Scott Gustafson! Fun, huh? Yep…watch the Cherish video and then comment and you’ll be automatically entered to win! See? I’m so weird!

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First Memories, Contest Winner and New Contest!

As you know (and I don’t know why I’m even saying this, other than stating the obvious seems to be one of my many many faults) I’m a terrible blogger!  I’m trying to be better, however, and I have decided to do something my daughter does…blog life as it happens and just keep it as part of my journal.  BUT for today I thought I’d do something a little scary…let you into my mind so you can see what a weirdo I’ve always been!

A month or so ago, my daughter asked me to jot down some of my first memories…you know…things I remembered when I was little.  Well, amazingly enough, I had recently come across something I’d typed up about sixteen years ago.  It was a brief list of first memories, and I think some of them reach back to when I was just over a year old!  Seriously!  Can you believe it?  Kevin is always teasing me about how I never forget anything, and even though I do forget stuff, I can remember things way way way back!

Anyway, I thought it might be fun just to post a couple of paragraphs from that thingy I wrote about my first memories.  Keep in mind that these are just quick thoughts…so their not very fun to read really…just kind of something to help me remember them when the day comes that I Do forget them.  (PS…I will post the winner of the Tarzan contest AND a new contest at the end of this blog, okay?)

So here goes!

“I have little bits and memories of standing in my crib talking to a “man.”  This frightened my parents, needless to say.  I would say, “Hi, Man.  Go away, Man.”  I can recall doing this and in my memory, I can see the man—a visible being.  For years I remembered him as being a black man.  But as I grew older, I think I only thought he was black, because he was always standing in the shadows in one corner of my room.  I was never afraid of the man, I would just finally get tired and want to lie down and go to sleep so I would tell him to go away. 

I remember my rocking horse and the carpeting in the house on Griegos Rd. In Albuquerque.  I can remember sitting in a high chair and gorging on ear after ear of corn-on-the-cob!  I loved it!  I still do!  I can remember curling up on the shelf of a large plant stand/table that my mom had our large Boston Fern sitting on.

Mom used to put me in the stroller and go for walks—very often to the nearby public library or the little neighborhood store.  I have a sense of the way the library smelled and remember how it looked and my favorite book to check out was Timothy Turtle by Al Graham (I have acquired three copies of this book thus far—one for each of my kids.  It’s really hard to find!).  I loved that story!  I also have a vivid mind-movie (memory) of a particular walk to the neighborhood store when Mom purchased some little plastic boats for me to play with in the tub.  I loved those boats!

There as a little elderly couple named The Timmons, who lived next door.  Mrs. Timmons crocheted a lovely afghan for me.  I had a matching pillow.  I’ve been told that while observing Mr. Timmons walking along the sidewalk one day, I announced, “There goes Mr. Timmons’s bottom!”

I must make mention of my pillow, “plug”, and Muggins.  My pillow is self-explanatory.  It was a small, child-sized pillow—made out of that typical white and blue striped pillow ticking, and stuffed with feathers (I still have it).  I loved my pillow and drug it everywhere it seemed.  “Plug,” was the term my parents used for a pacifier.  I’m guessing the reason is obvious—plug the hole, turn off the noise, right?  Muggins was a soft, plush, yellow, stuffed bunny that became my most treasured possession for a time.  These three items went everywhere I went!  If we forgot one, we went back for it.  I did finally give up the plug, and was able to do without the pillow after a while.  But Muggins was part of my very being.  You see, to me he was real.  I remember being petrified on occasion at looking out at the clothesline to see me Muggins hanging by his ears!  Such insensitivity was not common in my mother, however. Over the few years that Muggins was nearly flesh of my flesh, his soft, pretty, yellow fur became faded and worn.  Mom had to patch and repatch him several times and at one point must’ve gotten desperate, for he looks as if he’d had extensive skin-grafting procedures performed on him.  Over half of his original fur is gone and in its place lingers a fabric adorned with little green flowers.  The flowers are now faded, his pitiful arms are held together by a large safety pin, and he looks malnourished…especially in light of the fact that there are large gaping holes in his torso through which stuffing tries to escape.  On the inside of his pitiful little ears, one can still see a hint of faded yellow fur…evidence of the fine fur he once flaunted.  He is preserved, for as long as time will allow, in my cedar chest.  I check on him every once in a while out of respect and never-ending love.”

What a nut bag, right?  But in my own defense…at two years old, Mr. Timmons’ bottom was probably at my average eye level, okay?

Now…onto contests!  The winner of the Johnny Weissmuller/Tarzan contest is Shauna Bartlet!  Congratulations Shauna!  Just e-mail your address to me at and I’ll get your Johnny stuff mailed!  (Oh I just LOVE Tarzan!)

Next…for this week’s contest…I’m heading back to another one of my first memories…Showboat!  I remember watching Showboat on our old black and white TV when I was really, really little!  I instantly fell in love with Howard Keel (Man!  What a voice!), and the Deep South.  I think Showboat, combined with reading Gone with the Wind when I was in fifth grade, solidified my love for Civil War history and things.  But I digress…Showboat…when William Warfield sings Old Man River (STILL gives me goose bumps every time!)…WONDERFUL!  And then there’s my favorite part…Kathryn Grayson and Howard Keel singing Make Believe!   (Heavy sigh!)  It is a rather bitter sweet movie…which makes the fact that I still love it, kind of amazing!  So…in thinking of my early years…my formative years…I HAVE to offer a copy of Showboat as this week’s contest!

But wait!  There’s more!  Why not put up the TMC Broadway Musicals collection with not just one…but four…count ’em four…Howard Keel musicals!  Including Annie Get your Gun and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!?  Let’s do it!

Therefore, for this week’s contest post a comment here or on Facebook or e-mail me with one of your first childhood memories!  It can be random, funny, brief…whatever!  That will be your entry to win the DVD.  Okay?

Meanwhile, if you’ve never seen Showboat, here are a video to peak your interest…

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Speaking of Tarzan…

I have always LOVED the stories of Tarzan!  Every since I was a little, little girl, I though Tarzan was sooooo handsome and manly!  However, there IS a catch to my Tarzan adoration…when it comes to films (which are quite different than the books), the only Tarzan I love is Johnny Weissmuller’s Tarzan!

I used to wait and wait and wait (very impatiently) for Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movies to air on afternoon TV in the summer!  Ooooo!  So scandalous, romantic and exciting!  Jam-packed with adventure, too!  Ah yes!  Another weird Marcia thing…Johnny Weissmuller’s Tarzan movies!

Now, in case you’ve never seen a Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movie, I will warn you…my favorite Tarzan the Ape Man, was filmed in 1932…so if you’re not used to those early 1930s films, you need to be patient!  Current critics will blast the movie, which used extra wild animal and jungle footage filmed for other movies and scrapped, for not being true to the book and for the animals and extras not being perfect.  But again, it was 1932 and they didn’t have George Lucas back then!

Are you asking, “Johnny Weissmuller?  Tarzan?  What’s up with that?”

Well, here’s the answer…I’ve just come off a month of traveling, stress and a wedding!  So I’m super super super random today!  Thus, Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan is this week’s Random contest!  Post your thoughts, comments, etc. on Johnny Weissmuller and/or Tarzan and be entered to win not only a DVD including 4 Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movies, but also an 8×10 framed photo of Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O’Sullivan as Tarzan and Jane!  I’m serious!  I haven’t decided which of my personal Johnny and Maureen photos I’m giving up yet, but it will be a good one!  (Something similar to this one!)

Random and fun, right?  And just because I love trivia…did you know that Johnny Weissmuller was an Olympic simmer and 6-time Olympic medalist?  It’s true!  In 1924 Johnny won 3 Gold medals and one Bronze medal in Paris in 1924, and 2 Gold medals in Amsterdam in 1928!  He set 67 world records and never lost a race!  He retired with an unbeaten Amteur record!

Now, grab a vine and swing on over to Tarzan’s tree-top pad with me and give this little video a gander while you enter!  (Not digging the music…but it’s all I can find.)  I LOVE Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan!

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New Cover and Fun Trivia for The Highwayman of Tanglewood!

Okay!  I just have to confess that The Highwayman of Tanglewood is one of my favorite books!  I LOVED writing it and I love the feel of it!  I’ve always loved stories about Highwaymen, masked men, Robin Hood types, etc…so I’m sure that’s one reason I favor it!

Now…in case you haven’t seen the new cover of the new edition…here it is!  Do you LOVE it or what?!!!  Seriously!  I liked the old one, but this one is just so…so…so manly or something!  I love it!  AND I’m double excited because, since it’s a “reader favorite” it has been re-released as not only a traditional soft cover version, but also as a traditional hard cover version, too!  AND I LOVE that cover as well!  (You can click here to see a fold-out of it on The Highwayman of Tanglewood page on my site if you want to!)

The new edition has been re-edited and re-formatted…and obviously there’s a new cover!  I LOVE it so much!  And I was thinking about all kinds of little things (you know…trivial things) that I wove through the story that I’d almost forgotten about!

For instance:  When I was writing it, I was listening to a lot of 50s music during my down time.  I LOVE the song Twilight Time by the Platters (I’ll post a video link below) and even though it had nothing to do with The Highwayman of Tanglewood, and wasn’t even the appropriate type of music for a soundtrack, some of the lyrics are so pretty and Highwaymanish…like “when purple-colored curtains mark the end of day,” and “fingers of night will soon surrender the setting sun,” and “Here in the afterglow of day, we keep our rendezvous, beneath the blue way.”  See what I mean?  Anyway, I just love that song and it really did help inspire some of things (evening moods and stuff) in the book.

Next (and this one is kind of silly I suppose), is Lochlan Rockrimmon’s estate and his name!  The year I was first nesting on the ideas for the original e-book version of The Highwayman of Tanglewood, my daughter, Sandy was in the High School Swing Choir.  One of the most beautiful and moving pieces they performed that year was Loch Lomond.  It’s a melancholy song, but I’ve always loved it and I really loved Sandy’s Swing Choir rendition.  (I’ll post a video link of the song below, too)  Anyway, the song echoed through my mind over and over as I thought about the book I was wanting to write.  I actually thought of calling the estate Loch Loland first, in tribute to the song Loch Lomond, and because I had always wanted The Highwayman of Tanglewood to have an Irish or Scottish accent!  Then, on day as I was driving along I-25 through Colorado Springs, I saw the exit for Rockrimmon Ave.!  Yep!  That’s it!  Exactly!  Lochlan Rockrimmon was born!  Do you love it, or what?  I’m so random!

Just a little trivia about our beloved Highwayman of Tanglewood!  I do so love love love the new cover!  I hope you do, too!  AND I hope you still love The Highwayman of Tanglewood…after all…he’s way gorgeous if nothing else, right?

To get to a video of Loch Lomond Click Here!

To get to a video link of Twilight Time Click Here!

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P&P DVD Winner!

Becki K.!  I pulled your name out of the hat for the P&P DVD!  Just e-mail your address to me and I’ll get it in the mail to you!  Meanwhile, I’m think, think, thinking about a new contest!  Hmmm…give me a few hours and I’ll have it posted okay?

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True Pride and Prejudice Fan?-Or Not?

Hmmm!  That is the question!  How true a Pride and Prejudice fan are you?  Are you a fan of the book and story?  Or just of Colin Firth and/or Matthew Macfadyen?  Hmmm?  Well, here’s one way to find out!  But first, a boring little blah blah by moi:

The very first Pride and Prejudice ANYTHING that I ever experienced or was exposed to, was the 1940 movie version starring Laurence Olivier!  Now, you know how I love old movies, well this one was no different!  I was a pretty young teenager when I saw it and therefore wasn’t too familiar with the book at all.  This movie is actually what sparked my initial interest in Jane Austen!  It’s very very very different than the dramatic versions we’re now familiar with, but it’s fun all the same!

So, the question of the day is:  Are you a TRUE P&P fan?  If you are and you’ve never seen this 1940 version, leave a comment here or on Facebook or e-mail me at and I’ll drop your name in my hat to win a DVD copy of it, and pull out a winner at the end of the week!

Oh, I know that I don’t get much blogging done…but I do love silly contests!  So let me know if you’re interested in winning this DVD of P&P!

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DVD Winner!

“Alyssa S.”…I pulled your name out of the hat as the winner for the Cat on a Hot Tin Roof DVD!  E-mail me an address so I can get it shipped to you asap!  (

Meanwhile…Everyone enjoy your Mother’s Day weekend!  Whoopee!

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Timeline Winner and NEW Random Contest!

Oh, Heather?  Heather H.?  I pulled your name out of  my hat as the winner of the Timeline DVD!  Go ahead and e-mail me at  and let me know where to send it!  I hope you enjoy it!  I’m all nervous now!  Ahhhhhhhhhh!

AND onward to another weird, inexplicable Marcia contest!  And this one isn’t maybe quite as va-va-va-voom as last weeks…and least to you…but to me…it reveals one of my secret, scandalous, deep dark intrigues…Tennessee Williams films.  I know, I know…don’t got there!  Weird, huh?  Especially coming from me, right?  But, it’s a truth…a weird, random, inexplicable fact…Marcia kind of digs Tennessee Williams (the playwright) films.  I know!  I know!  I’m crazy!  So many of them are sad and stuff…i.e. This Property is Condemned (the song from that still wafts through my brain every once in awhile…probably because I saw that movie as a kid and my mom used to hum that song all the time.)  However, they intrigue me so much!  For instance, I love the way the old 1951 movie version of A Streetcar Named Desire captures the hot, moist, dark, slow southern ways of New Orleans at the time.  Okay…and Marlon Brando is a WOWZER in that movie…even though he is a total jerk!

Then there’s Suddenly Last Summer!  Fabulous movie…though very dark with disturbing (very disturbing) insinuations and undertones!  Still, it’s incredible and Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor just sizzle in anything they were together in (See Youtube video below).  Katherine Hepburn was amazing, too!

So, no that my scandalous secret is revealed, I can tell you that I also love Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof!  I know, huh!  Super Scandalous!  BUT…this is one of the rare Tennessee Williams movies that end happily…and least in my opinion!  I always want a happy ending…and even though it’s all dramatic and you hate some of the characters and love others, it does have a happy ending!  Furthermore…I never was a huge Paul Newman fan…but HELLO?  In this movie…fo sho!!!! 

Therefore, in case you haven’t guessed it yet…the new weird/random/nearly inexplicable contest for this week is for a copy of the DVD of Cat on a  Hot Tin Roof!  I’m so scandalous!  Ahhhhhhhhh!  Same drill, comment here, on Facebook or e-mail me to enter!  Do leave your thoughts on Tennessee Williams films if you feel up to it, too!  I love hearing your thoughts!

AND don’t forget to watch the Monty and Liz video below!  I LOVE them as a couple!  I like to imagine that they were!

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