Why I Love Skunks!

So here’s the thing…I think I’ve mention to you before that one of my greatest regrets in life was not taking the time to keep a journal—not necessarily for posterity’s sake, but for my own! Even if it hadn’t been terribly detailed, I wish I would’ve jotted down just simple things—experiences, memories, thoughts. My paternal Grandmother kept journals, and they weren’t incredibly detailed. She’d mention the weather, or how many peaches she canned one day, or the birth or death of someone significant. BUT, the things she recorded tell me so much about my Grandma and her life, and I’m sure it was unimaginable to her at the time she was jotting things down, how invaluable her writings would be someday!

Therefore, with that “never kept a journal” regret fresh in my mind always…every year I manage to spend a total of about 15 minutes working on my “Personal History.” Pathetic, I know! However, one thing that has helped me jot some things down here and there, are these little “prompts” that my daughter, Sandy, gives to me every once in a while. And in trying to keep the pressure off her in feeling that she has to be responsible for getting me to jot down past memories and things, I’ve been trying to self-motivate here and there.

For instance, I came across this little thingy a while back with 200 questions to use when interviewing someone about their life. I thought it would be a good idea to interview myself when I could steal a minute or two. The idea was that I would eventually answer all 200 questions for Sandy and have a little bit of myself down on paper/computer screen.

Well, while going through the prompts the other day, I found that question #149 said, “What or Who is your favorite:”…and then had tons of sub-questions. One of the sub-questions was, “What is your favorite animal?”

I thought it would be a pretty basic, straightforward, even boring one to answer, right? And so, I began, “Cats, dogs and cows have always been my favorite ‘domesticated’ animals…but lions and skunks are my favorite non-basic animals.”

Like I said, it was an easy one to answer…IF one was to keep the answer just basic. Yet, as I typed the word “skunk”…I got to wondering why in the world I’ve always liked skunks!

Lions are soooo obviously an animal to love! In fact, I’ve often thought that when I head on up to Heaven in the next life, one of the things I can’t wait to do is to romp around with a lion.

But skunks? Even I wondered why I like skunks so much! So, I sat back for a moment and thought about it.

skunk gameThe first memory I have of any skunk thing (other than the VERY discernible odor one frequently gets a whiff of while traveling along on a rural country road…or even city road for that matter), was a game my parents had when I was little. The game was actually called, “Skunk,” and for some reason it totally intrigued me! I was way too little to play the game (I was 3 or 4 years old when I remember playing with the game pieces), but I was so delighted by the little dice that each had a skunk on them, the little plastic ‘chips’, and the score pad which also had a little skunk on it! I remembering fiddling around with our Skunk game and just loving it because of the skunks!

skunk familyStill, I wasn’t sure that just that little game would leave me with an affection for skunks, so I thought some more, and remembered something else—a little tiny, bone china set of skunks that my Auntie purchased for me on a trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs on one epic Zoo visit when I was also very small. There was a Dad skunk, a Mommy Skunk, and an itty bitty cute little baby skunk! I also had a lion family set that Auntie purchased for me on another trip, but the skunks were always my favorite and I still have them! (They look like this…and if you’re old enough, you probably had a little bone china animal family, too, at one point! They were very “the in thing” when I was growing up.)

pepe le pewHowever, I still wasn’t sure I’d hit the nail on the head yet about the magnetism skunks hold for me. And then, all at once, it struck me! BAM!!!! Ha ha! I couldn’t believe it had taken me so long to remember the 3rd, and most prominent reason I like skunks—Pepe le Pew!!!!

Seriously! Pepe le Pew has ALWAYS been my favorite Looney Tunes character! He’s followed closely by Foghorn Leghorn, and Speedy Gonzales, but Pepe le Pew I LOVE! He literally makes me laugh out loud, cracks me up, totally entertains me! The reasons I love Pepe le Pew are many:

* He is soooo positive! Nothing gets him down! He’s never deterred! (Except in the one cartoon episode where the girl is chasing after him. Pepe likes to be the aggressor, so he wasn’t too thrilled when the tables were turned!)  Pepe is eternally hopeful, self-confident and patient. Love that!

* He is SUCH a romantic lover! Like when he says, “Permit me to introduce myself. I am Pepe Le Pew, your lover.” Oh, and “You are my peanut, I am your brittle!” And he likes to kiss! Gotta love a man who likes to kiss!

* And probably most of all, I LOVE his one liners! Ah ha ha ha ha! Especially when he goofs them up! Remember the one where he gets buried in the snow and pops up covered in snow and says, “I am the abdominal snowman, no?” Abdominal! Bwah ha ha ha! And “Where have I been all your life?” Ah ha ha ha! My husband, Kevin, often messes up clichés and I LOVE it! So in matters of being the perfect lover and having great one-liners, I guess Pepe le Pew led me to my one true love in a way! (Only Kevin smells delicious…unlike poor Pepe!)

And so, THAT is why I love skunks—a vintage game, little bone china Skunk family, and especially Pepe le Pew! (I love the way real baby skunks waddle around after their mama, too!  Sooo cute!)  I guess it’s just more proof that so much of what we like and who we turn out to be is built upon impressions we receive in our formative years, no?  (And as Pepe le Pew would say, “viOLA!”  I’ve answered one tiny question to add to my personal history!)  🙂

pepe glass Now…here’s the deal…leave a comment here on my blog, on my Facebook wall, or send me an e-mail at marcialmcclure@cs.com, subject line “Pepe le Pew,” and tell me what YOUR favorite animal is, and why, and I’ll put your name in my hat for the chance to win a little Pepe le Pew pack for yourself! The package will include a DVD of 17 Looney Tune episodes starring Pepe le Pew, a Pepe le Pew glass tumbler, AND a set of Skunk Dice so that you can play the new version of Skunk with your pepe le pew dvdfamily! Ha ha ha!


skunk dice

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Ahhh! Another CLASSIC Photo Bomb!

It’s true!  The last time I blogged was over a year ago (on September 23rd of 2014, to be exact)!  AND when I DID blog, it was about a vintage photo bomb!

Well, being that I “lit’rally” (as Rob Lowe’s character ALWAYS says in Parks and Recreation), get to sort through my vintage photo collection only once or twice a year, today was one of the days I chose to sit down for an hour and go through some of my 2015 acquisitions!  And lo and behold, while I was leafing through them, I came across not one, but two, wonderful photographs that I wanted to share with you.

Says on Back-Zora and Olive Bowman about the turn of century 1900, Palestine, OhioThe first is this AMAZING photo of two little girls in front of their family Christmas tree!  I’m going to assume that this was Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning, being that they appear to be enjoying new dollies and even new toy dolly buggies!  LOVE it!  Written on the the back of the card the photo is mounted on is:  “Zora and Olive Bowman at the turn of the century 1900 in Palestine, Ohio.”  How awesome is that?  Now, I know that sometimes old photographs can be frustrating because of focus issues…and that everything behind the girls and the Christmas tree in this photograph is in better focus than the girls themselves.  In fact, I’m going to have my daughter photograph this photo, because many times photographs of photos turn out better than scanner scans of photos for some reason.  Still, I do want to mention, that at the time this photograph was taken, people still had to hold completely still for anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on lighting and what sort of camera was being used.  So, as fuzzy as it may seem, it’s still an unusual, very rare, historically priceless photograph, to my way of thinking!  I love it!  (P.S.  You should be able to click on all of these photos to see a larger image and more detail, okay?)

IMG_0002Now, the next photograph I came across today, is another fun one!  Sadly, this photograph has no writing at all on the back…not even a date, or the names of the wedding couple (which is true in about 99% of vintage photographs before the 1940s or so).  I LOVE this photograph so much!  It’s such a wonderful example of Edwardian EVERYTHING!  I love the ladies and their hats, the men in their suits, and ESPECIALLY the children!  The children in this photograph are simply ADORABLE and the main reason I purchased it in the first place!  I could lit’rally (again, my Parks and Recreation reference) study this photograph for hours!  I love the curly-haired toddler in the back row on the left, and the grouchy toddler a couple people to the right of the curly-haired one!  I love all the grouchy, unhappy looking little boys, and all the little girls on the front row who are obviously so excited to be involved in a wedding.  I love all the smiling faces in this photo–for smiles in photographs were still a little questionable in photographs at this time–at least in wealthy circles.

IMG_0002 - Copy (2)Still as I was studying this photograph this morning and just loving everything about it (the fashion, the kids, the headpieces on the little girls and the bride, the ivy climbing up the brick wall to the left behind the wedding party)…BAM!!!!  If you haven’t seen it before now (which I’m sure you have) look at the window top photo center!  PHOTO BOMB!  Ah ha ha ha ha ha!

IMG_0002 - CopyWhat was the guy thinking?  Was it an accident?  I think not!  For although people didn’t have to hold perfectly still for very long by the time this photo was taken, there was still a good measure of “hold still.”  Therefore, I like to believe that this guy was some kooky, eccentric old uncle or someone the like, who was just being a dork in the family wedding photo!  Ah ha ha!

Photo bombs pulled off back before there was a term for the thing, are so fun!  I hope dorky, old Uncle Ernest or whatever, made you smile today, the way he did me!  There he is…long gone for probably decades up on decades…and yet, he’s still making people smile!



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A Vintage Photo Bomb I LOVE!

Okay…the other day, a friend pointed out to me that it had been a WAY long time since I had blogged.  Not that my blogs are anything profound, or even important, but she noticed… which made me feel happy!  Ha ha!  It doesn’t take much to give me a jolt of joy…and it did to know she noticed.  🙂

However, as you know, I’m a terrible blogger all the way around!  My content is weird and random, and I sometimes tend to ramble on and on and on and on and on…and I’m not at all consistent.

But, I did come across something a few months back that made me smile, and that I instantly thought of sharing with you.  As ever, it’s random, and pretty pointless, but it made me smile, so maybe it will give you a grin, too.

You probably know that I’m a photo fanatic!  I won’t go into all the history and reasons as to why (the blog would be way too long!), but suffice it to say, that part of my photo fanaticism revolves around vintage photos, and has for all my life.

Therefore, you will not be surprised to find out, that I’m an avid collector of old/vintage photos…ESPECIALLY old wedding photos, old military photos, vintage sibling photos, etc.  I have learned, along the way, to be VERY selective…otherwise I’d have to buy another house to store all my photos in.

Still, even though I am very selective about which photos I actually purchase, when I saw this snapshot…I HAD to have it!  It’s not the usual kind of wedding photo I add to my collection, and even though the bride and groom are adorable and I LOVE their affectionate pose…it’s the photo bombers in the back that I fell in love with!

This photo looks to be circa mid-late 1930s, and I simply adore the display of happiness and fun by the bride and groom AND the photo bombers!  The bride and groom and their romantic pose is actually very rare for this time period when, although smiles were finally incorporated in photos, a lot of touching wasn’t.  So that made this photo special to me.

Then add those two crazy photo bombers…also appearing to be a couple…and I just smiled and smiled off and on for hours after seeing them.  Keep in mind, that the actual photo is tiny…about 2 inches by 3 inches…so the wonder of this photo could easily have been missed.  But not by yours truly…no sirree!  I LOVE it!  And I bought it!  Yep…I spent a whole $1.50 on this sucker…because someone missed it’s true value…both emotionally AND monetarily as a collectible.  Whew!  Lucky for me, right?

Anyway, just another random blog that won’t do anything to change your life.  But if you’re have a rough day today, hopefully this little treasure in my collection will make you grin a bit and remember the fun, photo-bombing or just-being-happy-and-silly times in your own life story.  🙂

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Unexpected Treasure-My FAVORITE! (And who won the bacon!)

So, as you may or may not know, I’m a deltiologist (one who collects and studies postcards)…my specialty being postcards of the ephemeral nature…antique postcards of the Edwardian era (1901-1920 officially…but extending through 1918).

Blah blah blah…let me get to the point…that being, as a deltiologist I have learned that one must be selective in which postcards to keep and which ones to sacrifice for the frustrating sake of lack of storage space.

Therefore, when I received an E-Bay auction “lot” of 15 vintage Christmas postcards, I knew that there would be a risk that some of them would have to be let go…whisked away to join someone else’s collection.

I initially bid on the lot of postcards because this one, and at least seven others, were so darling!  The lot was up for a cheap beginning bid, and I was pretty astonished when I won them for the opening bid price.  Impatiently I waited for the postcards to arrive, and when they did, I began to sort out the ones I favored and could keep over the ones I could not.

It’s important to mention here, that I like antique postcards not just for the beautiful artwork or photographs on the front, but for the wonderful messages that can be found on the back!  I LOVE when I find a fun, fun message on the back…or especially a romantic one, etc.  But to be honest, most have a simple, “Merry Christmas,” type message or something.  Others however, are very interesting, tender…or in the case of one of the postcards in this lot, historically significant!

So there I was, sorting through postcards…and though I hate to part with ANY postcard, this one of the 15 was my least, least, least favorite.  In truth, I didn’t like it at all…the poor little French clown kid having fallen down and dropped his mistletoe and holly.  🙁  How sad!  Definitely not my type of postcard.

Yet, if and when I do have to part with a postcard, I always, always read the back first…and I’m so glad I do!

You may or may not be familiar with my book The Fragrance of Her Name…and the mention of the Influenza Pandemic that killed an estimated 100 million people (3-5 percent of the world’s population at the time).  WWI was part of the reason for the rapid spread of the virus, and as you know, Brant Masterson was a wounded WWI soldier at the beginning of the book.

While doing research for The Fragrance of Her Name, I learned so much about the “Spanish Flu” (so nicknamed because Spain it was falsely assumed, for some time, that Spain was especially hard-hit).  I remember a little skipping rhyme that I learned was popular at the time of the Influenza Pandemic:

I had a little bird…
Its name was, Enza.
I opened up the window,
And in-flu-Enza.

Morbid I know…and it stuck with me long after my research was over!  It STILL sticks with me!

Also during the time I was researching stuff for The Fragrance of Her Name, I went to visit my sister in Tennessee.  (Yep…same trip where we went to visit Graceland!)  Knowing I LOVE old cemeteries, she took me to one in a little town near where she lived in Knoxville.

As we were searching…wandering through the part of the old cemetery where those who had fallen during the Civil War were laid to rest…I meandered away from that spot for a ways.  I came upon a line of tombstones…the names of which all ended with the same surname.  At first, I thought that it was simply a family plot…for it was obvious that all the people interred there were relations.  Yet as I looked more closely I began to read the dates on the tombstones.  Seven of the tombstones bore dates very close to one another—with in days of one another—all in the year 1918.  Five of the tombstones were children, as I recall…and two were there parents.

In truth, it took me a moment.  I thought, “How terrible!  A whole family within the space of a week!  I wonder what could have…”

Yep…that’s when realization finally hit me…influenza.  How sad!

I was pretty depressed, in truth…thinking of that poor family and those who may have lived to miss them.  But then, when I returned to the car, my sister had switched my beverage (ice and water) with hers (ice and Sprite) in the center car console, and when I picked up my drink (which had only ice remaining in it a few moments earlier) and removed the lid from the plastic fast-food cup and tipped it and my head back to retrieve ice…but then found SPRITE all over my front, I was kind of startled out of my despair for that poor family back in 1918.

Anyway (how I DO ramble on, right), as I was going through the postcards I’d won on E-Bay, and found this poor little French clown kid one that I didn’t really like, I DID take a moment to turn it over and read the back.  Wow!  I hadn’t expected what I read…and needless to say, the postcard remains in my collection…not because of the front, but because of the message written on the back and it’s  historical significance to me.

I’ve posted it here, and you can click on it and it should bet big enough to read.  However, in case you can’t see it very well or something, I added some punctuation and it reads:

(Postmarked December 23rd, 1918)

To Mrs. Norma Ransbottom (Thanks for the name info, Mindy!)
Delphos, Ohio
R.R. #6

Dear Friend:

I have been wondering what had become of you.  We are well…have escaped flu so far.  Schools are closed again.  My sister is here visiting again so I am pretty busy.  How is Lorene and Edwin’s kids?  (Often) speak of them.  Answer real soon.  Your friend, Ethel.

See what I’m saying?  Historical treasure!!!  Did Ethel escape the flu entirely?  Did she catch it and then survive it?  Did Norma ever tell her how Lorene and Edwin’s kids were doing?!?!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  So many burning questions!

Maybe it isn’t the pretties postcard ever…but the history behind it is incredible and has already settled into my mind permanently!  Moral of the story…always read the back of something before you give it away!

And now, for a new silly contest.  Let’s see…the winner of my last blog contest is (“Hey, Rocky!  Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!”)…this post from Michelle Zeugin!

Michelle Zeugin says:

Hi Marcia! I cannot tell you how much this touches my heart! You see, I am a para professional ( a fancy name for aid) to special needs children! My student this year happens to be an amazing young athlete who just happens to have Down Syndrome! I love the story of Tim’s place! I feel Special people shine with a joyful light! Thanks for sharing!

Michelle…e-mail your address to me at marcialmcclure@cs.com and I’ll get that bacon to you asap!

As for today’s contest…you know I always like to have a contest that somehow parallels my goofy blog…so how about this…This LOVELY little book of 30 Norman Rockwell postcards!  I LOVE Norman Rockwell (and so does my beverage swapping sister!)!  These should be fun to send to friends, include with gifts, or SIMPLY to look through once in a while!  So leave a comment and I’ll pull a name out of my hat next time I blog for the winner of the postcard book!  Fun!  (Though…I’m still haunted about Ethel and Norma and whether or not they escaped the flu! 🙁 )

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Another Kevin Bacon Epiphany! (And the winner of the Almond Roca!)

So here’s the deal…you know how the only two places a woman can ever have a quiet moment to think are in the shower or when she wakes up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep? Right? Well, today during one of those two moments a woman can find think (in the shower), I realized something kind of fun.

Let’s begin yesterday. I went to Joann’s to get a couple of spools of thread I needed for a fun quilting project, and while standing in line waiting to get my fabric cut (yes…I bought more than thread while I was there), I saw an old friend, Lori. (It’s kind of funny, because I rarely bump into her, but the last two times I have, it’s been at Joann’s. 🙂 )

Well, Lori and I got to chit-chatting (me babbling on like an idiot…you know how I get when I’m nervous), and I remembered a trivial little story I wanted to share with her.

Last April, my sister-in-law, Kristi, and her kids, Amanda, Blake and Aubree, came down for a visit. While they were here, my brother-in-law, Kyle, had the idea all of us taking the kids to a fun little restaurant in Albuquerque called, Tim’s Place. (Click here for a link to Tim’s restaurant’s web site.)

You may or may not know that two of my sister-in-law’s four kids have Down Syndrome…and so does Tim, the owner of Tim’s Place! Therefore, we knew it would be a way fun place to have lunch! 🙂

We arrived at Tim’s Place, received our hugs from Tim (who slathered us all with attention :)) and then were seated and told our waiter would be right with us. The very instant I saw our waiter, I kind of did a double-take, thinking he looked really familiar. He was tall, handsome and his name was, Sam…and I could’ve sworn I knew him from somewhere, but I couldn’t think where.  Hmmm.

Naturally, the moment Sam had seated us and had handed our menus to us, I leaned across the table and whispered to my niece, Amanda, “Amanda…aren’t you glad we got the hottie waiter?”

In her adorable little voice she said, “Yes I am, Aunt Marcia!” Amanda appreciates a handsome guy as much as any of us, after all.  🙂

Now, over the years, one of the blessings I have observed of having Down Syndrome, is that those with Down Syndrome don’t seem to be as easily embarrassed as the rest of us. Amanda and Blake (Amanda’s brother who also has Down Syndrome) don’t struggle with the burden of humiliation like the rest of us do. They own a certain liberation we can only envy.

Therefore, when Sam Our Hottie Waiter returned to our table, Amanda promptly smiled and greeted, “Hi, Hottie!” (Awesome, right?!?! That girl is so free and uninhibited! I love it!)

Sam Our Hottie Waiter was very patient with us…very kind and cordial and even posed for some photos with Amanda! (Cute photo of Amanda and Sam Our Hottie Waiter to the right there.  I told you he was tall!  How dreamy, right?)

Yet, the entire time we were at Tim’s Place, I kept thinking, “I know that guy,” any time Sam Our Hottie Waiter was a round.

Well, we had a blast at Tim’s Place, then went home, and that was that. Of course, Tim is too wonderful NOT to request as a friend on Facebook, so I requested him, and he kindly accepted me as a friend.  🙂  He’s such a nice man!

Weeks and months went by.  Periodically I would check in on Tim (via Facebook) here and there to see what he was up to.  (And he’s always up to some adventurous thing.  🙂 )  But I never could figure out why Sam Our Hottie Waiter had seemed so familiar to me.

Then one day, WHAM! Tim posted a photo of Sam Our Hottie Waiter and tagged Sam in it! Lo and behold, Sam Our Hottie Waiter’s full name was Sam Dalton—and that’s when it hit me!

If you remember the Author’s Note in by book, A Better Reason to Fall in Love, I mention that my “Bacon Number” is three—you know, my Six Degrees to Kevin Bacon number—I can be linked to Kevin Bacon in three people…remember?

But what I did NOT tell you in the Author’s Note, was through WHOM I’m linked to Kevin Bacon in just three moves. And since it’s pertinent to this little tale, here’s the deal:

1. In High School I was acquainted with a couple of Hottie Brothers named Eric and Darren Dalton…the younger of the two being Darren Dalton. Well, while were in high school, Darren Dalton just happened to became a movie star! And one of the first movies he made was The Outsiders.  (He was Randy Adderson. :))
2. So I know you see where this is going…Darren Dalton was in The Outsiders with Tom Cruise.
3. And as EVERYONE on earth knows, Tom Cruise was in A Few Good Men with Kevin Bacon!

So there you have it! Now you know the secret to my THREE Degrees to Kevin Bacon! And I think you can see what’s coming next, right?

After Tim of Tim’s Place, led me to Sam “Our Hottie Waiter” Dalton, I Facebook messaged Sam and asked him, “Are you related to Eric Dalton?”  I mean the minute I realized Sam Our Hottie Waiter’s last name, I realized he looked sooooooooooo much like his dad!

Sam took mercy on me and was kind enough to answer my message and tell me that, Yes!…he is Eric’s son and that Darren Dalton is his Uncle! Totally fun, right?  The family resemblance is so uncanny…and that’s why I thought I had met Sam Our Hottie Waiter before, that first day at Tim’s Place!  Ha ha!

Anyway, back to me having a moment to think in the shower this morning…as I was in the shower this morning thinking over my conversation with my old friend, Lori ( I was actually thinking of what a dork I had been…nervously babbling on like and idiot…because for some reason the ol’ social phobia still raises its ugly head now and then and chose yesterday in Joann’s to do so…ugh 🙁 ), and how I’d told her about bumping into Eric Dalton’s son/Darren Dalton’s nephew, because she was friends with the Dalton boys as well…it hit me!

I thought, “Oh my heck! I have GOT to tell Kristi and Amanda that they have a Bacon Number of four through Sam Our Hottie Waiter from Tim’s Place!”

You see, Kristi and her kids are in town right this very instant for another visit! And I realized that since Amanda met Sam Our Hottie Waiter, and since Sam Our Hottie Waiter is Darren Dalton’s nephew, and since Darren Dalton was in The Outsiders with Tom Cruise, and since Tom Cruise was in A Few Good Men with Kevin Bacon…Amanda has a Bacon Number of 4! Yay!

Yep…true inspiration and/or epiphany usually hits me while I’m showering. I mean, I’m sure that’s true for everyone…but I thought I’d just share my morning epiphany with you…just for fun…being that we all LOVE to know our Bacon Numbers, you know?

Now…because I’m such a terribly tardy blogger…I realized that I owe someone out there a GIANT can of Almond Roca! And that lucky someone is…Melody!  Melody…here’s the comment I pulled out of my hat, and it’s yours…so just e-mail me at marcialmcclure@cs.com with you address and I’ll get your Almond Roca shipped asap!

Melody says:
February 11, 2014 at 1:23 pm “Love it! Coquette is a name I have down if I am lucky enough one day to have a daughter, I think it’s just beautiful. ”

As for the little goody I’m giving away for THIS blog…hmmm…let’s see. I’ve got it! Leave a comment here, on Facebook, Goodreads, etc. concerning your Kevin Bacon number, an “it’s a small world” story of your own, or anything fun, and I’ll plop your name in my hat to receive a package of Hormel Black Label Fully Cooked Bacon…72 STRIPS OF BACON!!!!! Delicious!

P.S. 30 years ago this very month, my college roommate, Sandy, and I…hailed the soundtrack to the ORIGINAL Footloose as our favorite music to blast through our apartment! Long live Kevin Bacon! Ha ha!

P.S.S. Here’s a video of an interview with Tim of Tim’s Place!  He’s sooooooooo awesome!!!!

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Almond Roca and The Whispered Kiss! :)

It’s been soooooooooooooooo long since I blogged…5 months, to be exact. But when The Whispered Kisswas chosen as this week’s “featured title” on my site, I was asked to blog about it, and decided this would be just the perfect thing to get me started…again. (*The Whispered Kiss being featured at www.marcialynnmcclure.com means that all versions of the book are on sale all week! Hardcover, softcover and e-book! So if you’ve been needing extra copies, or haven’t read it at all, here’s a chance to get a copy cheap, by the way. )

The truth is that, The Whispered Kiss is one of my favorite books! Like very book ever written in the entire world, it gets some guff from reviewers here and there (mostly for being too sappy, or because of Coquette’s first name), but it’s honestly one that I love, and that I loved writing.

When I was getting ready to write this blog, my mind was a void (which it often is, ha ha!). I couldn’t get started, so I asked friends to ‘jump my battery’ so to speak, and give me some suggestions of things they’d like to know about The Whispered Kiss and it’s origins.

I’m going to start with Teya’s posted comment: “I love the beauty and the beast reflection of the book. My question is, was that it’s inspiration and if so why and if not how did it come be like that?”

Well, Teya…bingo! Beauty and the Beast was ABSOLUTELY my inspiration for the book! I’ve always, always loved the story of Beauty in the Beast, and would still tag it as my favorite fairy tale…or at least in my top two. One reason I love the Beauty and the Beast theme, is because the thread of Beauty and the Beast can run through so many different real-life situations. If you don’t take the beast part as literal (a guy who physically turns into an animal-type thing), you can actually see Beauty and the Beast stories all around you. I think that’s why the idea resonates so strongly in me…and it’s what inspired me to write The Whispered Kiss.

Even though The Whispered Kiss is a historical romance, the wounded bad-boy theme is believable—because haven’t we all known a situation like Valor’s? Whether it’s the boy or the girl in a relationship, we’ve all known someone who has been brutally injured emotionally and has had to go through a healing process…one that often includes anger, bitterness and resentment. Heck! most of us have our own personal experiences on some level, that helps us relate to Valor.

Next I’d like to address Kelsie’s suggestion. She wrote, “I always like to hear the history of the characters names, any inspiration and trivia tidbits.”

Kelsie’s comment is kind of fun for me, because one place where The Whispered Kiss once got hashed was by a reader who went on and on about how much she hated Coquette’s name. Thick skin or not, I am upset when someone trashes one of my character’s names. After all, you might as well tell me you hate one of my kids’s names, right? But I so so soooooooooo love Coquette’s name! Since Beauty in the Beast is oft times associated with a French setting (being that the first published telling of it was La Belle et la Bête by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve in 1740), I wanted to pay tribute to that by using a French name for the heroine. However, my main reason for naming the heroine, Coquette, is because I LOVE the word…and I have loved it since the first time I ever heard Bing Crosby sing, “Katrina” in Disney’s animated version of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

“And yet when you’ve met, that little coquette, Katrina…you’ve lost your heart!” the song goes.

In truth, the word coquette most literally means a woman who flirts…and it’s also a species of hummingbird. But it can also mean, enchantress…which is the definition I choose to acknowledge with my heroine in The Whispered Kiss. To me, Coquette is a very pretty name that brings to mind femininity and the appearance of vulnerability.

Of course, these days, the qualities of femininity and the appearance of vulnerability are sometimes considered weaknesses in a woman. But I whole-heartedly disagree. First of all, femininity is fun, soft, nurturing and important. And as for the appearance of vulnerability…just because a woman inspires protective instincts in a man, the world should not assume she’s weak or not empowered. The phrase “Steel Magnolias” says it all. So there you have my thinking behind naming Coquette. A synopsis would be, she’s a very feminine woman, inspires the protective instincts in a man, yet is strong in spirit, mind and body.

As for Valor…well the name just came to me as sounding really cool…and then a moment later, I realized that the meaning of the name fit what Valor is. Though he slipped up for a time and became bitter and resentful…vindictive for a moment even…Valor literally means: determination and boldness in facing danger, especially in battle; heroic courage and bravery. That’s what Valor exemplifies to me at his best—what Coquette needs to unearth in him by healing his heart.

Yikes! That turned out to be a pretty long explanation of my inspiration for the names of the hero and heroine in this book. Sorry.

Now, my friend, Astasia, had several questions for me. I’ve listed, and answered them below.

What playlist did you listen to while writing this? I listened to a playlist I compiled of pieces by my favorite composer, Brian Crain. Some of the titles of the tracks I listened to are, A Walk in the Forest, A Voice From the Past, The Secret Letter, Eclipse of the Moon and Crimson Sky. Brian Crain is AWESOME!!! His music is what will be the intro on the audio editions of my books. ?

Which scene was your favorite to write? Oooo! I have no idea! I could tell you what my favorite scenes are…but those weren’t necessarily my favorite to write. Um…I did like writing the one where Valor and Coquette are at the dinner party and she’s freaked out by Lord Springhill and Valor picks up on it and stuff.

Do you have a ceiling mural? Ha ha! Nope! My bedroom has a sign over the door that reads, “An Autumn Haven,” and it’s all about coziness and warmth. 🙂

Did you come up with the ‘whispered kiss’ idea or were you introduced to it? Ha ha! Katie asked the same question. 🙂 I was never introduced to it, that I remember. I just thought it would be deliciously romantic! (I must mention that, the ‘mumbling against my mouth’ kisses are ones I know WELL from experience, however! 🙂 )

What was your comfort/brain food while writing this awesome book? Ha ha! The same as it always is…a package of Milk Chocolate Chips and a jar of Jiff Peanut Butter! Mmmmm!

Next, Kirsten asked: “What was your inspiration for the book? Why did you choose the specific timeline, place setting, and certain characters? Do you ever dream about your characters while you’re in the middle of writing the book (I ask because occasionally I’ll dream about the characters as I’m reading it!)?”

My inspiration for the book (other than the basic idea of Beauty and the Beast without the thread of magic in it), would totally be the simple fact that the idea for the title popped into my head while I was driving somewhere one day! It’s not the only time that’s happened…that I’ve thought of a book’s title before I’ve even thought of the concept for the story…but it was the first time it happened this way. Once the title popped in my head and I started thinking about it, the Beauty and the Beast plot thread began to simmer in my mind and Voila! Ha ha! I’m so weird, right?

As for the timeline, setting, etc…it’s simply what I imagined when I thought of Valor and Coquette’s romance…i.e. the surroundings in which I envisioned them.

And do I ever dream about my characters? Absolutely! Both waking and sleeping! To me, each story is real in my mind, you know? Like a movie, or memory. Though, maybe your dreams are a bit different. 🙂 I did have a friend call me after she’d read The Heavenly Surrender years and years ago. She told me she dreamt all night about being on an airplane with Brevan…and that he was the most delicious kisser ever! Ha ha! ?

Okay, Marche asked me the question that is always, always a quandary for me. She asked, “Do you ever picture any celebrities when writing about your characters? Who would you pick to star in the movie (if it were made into one)?”

It might surprise you to know that, while I’m in the process of writing a book, I never ever picture celebrities! Each character has their own appearance in my mind, and that’s how I always see them. It’s also why I have trouble imagining who could play them if a book was ever made into a movie.

For instance, here’s one description of Valor from the book: “Her breathing stopped, her breath dying as she gazed on his perfect face, intense amber eyes, narrow and straight nose, square jaw, and strong chin. The brown of his hair, windblown, gave him the look of some wild predator.”

Honestly, I cannot think of one movie star that measures up to how I see Valor in my mind! Ha ha! I way open for suggestions! 🙂

One thing I did want to mention (because Jennie commented that the book frustrated her at first because of all the misunderstandings) is that, to me, that lack of communication and multiple misunderstandings thread in the book, is probably one of the things that makes the relationship so real. We can’t ever assume someone feels one way, for they might feel completely opposite of what it appears they do. We have to talk things out…communicate with one another. Otherwise misunderstandings begin to snowball…to fester and grow to a point that is ridiculous. I’m all about communication and working things out NOW…instead of waiting until a more convenient time. I think Valor and Coquette realized that in the end…and that’s how life is a lot of the time. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to suffer deep hurt and harm to learn important lessons.

Now for some Trivia Tidbits, as Kelsie suggested.

1. I LOVE Nutmeg! Honestly, quite often, I just take the jar of Nutmeg out of my spice cupboard, rip of the lid, and inhale to my heart’s content! It soothes my senses and gladdens my heart. It may sound weird, but to me, it’s TOTALL aroma-therapy! I also love the taste of it, and use Nutmeg in my French Toast, instead of cinnamon. 🙂

2. My friend Amy (one of the friends this book is dedicated to) is hysterical! I called her one day to talk to her about something in the book I was working on. Amy had been reading The Whispered Kiss chapter by chapter as I wrote it. Once I’d written the chapter where Valor and Coquette first kissed, Amy called me…and when I answered the phone she exclaimed, “Let the games begin! Do we get to see him naked?!” It made me laugh so so so soooooooooooo hard! She kills me!

3. Lions are one of my favorite, favorite, favorite wild animals! In fact, as a chilled I used to collect little lion figurines, stuffed animals, etc. I still love lions and wish I had a place to keep a collection now…but I already collect too many things I have to find places for, you know?

4. The very first cover of The Whispered Kiss featured a lavender rose against a muted gray background. That image was taken from a painting that famous artist Jared Barnes did just for me…just for the first The Whispered Kiss cover! Jared gave me the original painting and I cherish it more than he can ever imagine!

5. Of all the covers of my books that incorporate a human element (some I like and some I do not), The Whispered Kiss is one that I really like! Not that the people on the cover are really who I imagine Coquette and Valor to look like…but I just like the unusual color and the concept.

I’m not sure whether or not you found anything interesting in this little blog about The Whispered Kiss…but I hope you did! And just to make sure you find SOMETHING to like about it…how about some Almond Roca? Ha ha! So random, right?

Leave a comment here, on Facebook, Goodreads, etc…or e-mail a comment to mariclamcclure@cs.com concerning anything to do with this blog about The Whispered Kiss, and I’ll choose someone to receive a 42 oz. can of Almond Roca! Ha ha! That’s like 100 pieces of Almond Roca! A dream come true, right?

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I’m Thinking WAY too Much About Food!!! (And last blog’s winner, too!)

Okay…the truth is that, right now, there are two things I can’t get out of my mind!  One is Autumn, Glorious Autumn!…and the other is…PANERA BREAD!!!!  I’m sooooooooooooooooo craving my favorites at Panera!

I think they’re connected…the two things stuck in my head…because I LOVE Panera Bread in the fall more than ever!  Even though I love it all year long, fall and winter at Panera are my favorite!  You know, when the soup is extra hot and the fires are on in the dining area…Heaven!

Lately, I just start salivating whenever I think of my current favorite meal there…their Basil Pesto Sacchettini AND a half of a Frontega Chicken Panini!  I’m dying over here!  Then you throw in a chocolate chip cookie and WHAM!!!  I’m there!

Do you know that I’ve never taken a laptop to Panera and worked?  No way!  I prefer to savor my food there…mmmmm!

Anyway, I was just sitting here craving Panera Bread (especially their Basil Pesto Sacchettini) and I realized I haven’t blogged forever (again!)!  So here’s the deal…the winner of the Sadie’s Salsa from my last blog thingy, (and  yes, she’s getting TWO jars, because it took me so long to blog again) is…Lily Jones!  Just e-mail me your snail mail at marcialmcclure@cs.com, Lily, and I’ll get that Sadie’s Salsa in the mail to you!

Meanwhile, leave a comment about absolutely ANYTHING fun and/or happy here, on Facebook, Goodreads or e-mail, and I’ll drop your name in my hat for a chance to win…yep…a Panera Bread Gift Card!  Ha ha!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!  I LOVE PANERA BREAD!!!!

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Shannon’s Southwest Chicken Recipe! Yummy!

Wow!  I had no idea it had been over 2 months since I last blogged!  Ugh!  I guess it’s an indication of what summer was like around here…NUTS!!!!  Crazy!!!!  Chaos!!!!

Still, the past is in the past…so onward with the determination to do better from here on, right?  (Ha ha!  HOW many times have I set THAT goal for myself, hmmm?)  🙂  First, however…the winner of the last blog contest is Jessica Spafford!  Jessica…which magazine subscription would you like?  Country or Reminisce?  Just e-mail me at marcialmcclure@cs.com and I’ll get you signed up asap, okay?

Now, so so sooooooooo many of the Ticket Holder’s Event attendees have written asking for the recipes for the thooper dooper, yummy Southwest Chicken Party Posse member, Shannon, served at the events!  Therefore, I asked Shannon if I could share the recipe on my blog and she has graciously allowed me to.  Yay!  Therefore, this week’s blog is simple…a delicious new meal for your family to enjoy (or, as we say in our house, a new thing to slop the hogs with!  Ha ha!)!

Shannon is a culinary genius you know.  You should have a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch at her house!  It’s incredible!  Gouda cheese, some sort of fancy ham, a delicious, butter garlic-herb-spread on the thick, soft, white bread…perfectly grilled and INCREDIBLE!  Wow!  Kevin and I were blown away!  Needless to say, I’ve now upped the quality of my own grilled cheese sandwiches, you know?

Anyway…here are Shannon’s recipes for the INCREDIBLE Southwest Chicken, the Vulture Dip she served with it, and a list of the…as Kevin would say, “Accessories,” for toppings!  Ha ha!  Hope you love Shannon’s recipes as much as we do!

Oh!  And one more thing…leave a comment here, on Facebook, or via e-mail at marcialmcclure@cs.com, and you’ll entered to win my newest blog contest:  A jar of Sadie’s Salsa (as featured in The Time of Aspen Falls) AND a few cans of Hatch Green Chili!  Yay!



Southwest Chicken

6 Chicken breasts (frozen are fine, might take just a bit longer, like half hour more on high)
1 can drained kidney beans
1 can drained black beans
1 cup frozen corn
1 Tbs. cumin
1 t. salt
Jalapenos to taste, (I put in about 2 Tbs. diced)
2 cups mango salsa
1 8oz. package of Cream Cheese

*Place in crockpot and cook for 4 hours on high, or 8 on low.
*Before serving, remove chicken and chunky-shred the chicken.
*While doing that, add 1 8oz. cream cheese to mix. Gently stir in cream cheese until melted and add the shredded chicken back in.
*Serve over tortilla chips.

“Accessories” (a.k.a. Toppings)

Shannon’s Vulture Dip (Recipe below.)
Grated cheese
Pico de Gallo
Sour Cream

 Vulture Dip

(From Shannon:  “My family eats this every Sunday after church for lunch
and fight over it like a pack of Vultures, hence the name!”)

2 cans chili beans. (SW are my favorite)
1 8 oz cream cheese
1 tbs. diced jalepenos

*Heat on stove and use a submersion blender and blend until smooth.
*Eat with tortilla or Dorito chips.


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White Lie Cake (AND new contest AND Jenny/Raisinets-you won the last one!)

Okay, (as my friend Gina always says) so here’s the thing…I subscribe to exactly 2 magazines.  Yep…2 and only 2…Country Magazine and Reminisce Magazine.  Of the two, I love Country for it’s AWESOME photos (especially in autumn and winter) and Reminisce for it’s nostalgic quality.

Well, as you’re sitting there wondering why on earth I’m going on about magazines I like…I have to tell you that sometimes they have just funny little things in them that brighten my day!  And I came across one of these funny little things just yesterday, and decided to share it with you.

This little cutie thing, not only reminded me of my Mom’s famous “House” birthday cake, and a little of the movie “The Help”…but just made me smile so sincerely that I thought it was worthy of going a little further than just my box of “Magazines I Don’t Really Want to Throw Away, But Don’t Know What Else to Do With.”  You know what I mean?

And so, hoping you enjoy it as much as I did, here it is:

White Lie Cake

“Alice was to bake a cake for her ladies’ church group bake sale but forgot to do it until the last minute. Worse, whens he took her Angel Food Cake out of the oven, she found that the center had dropped flat.

With no time to bake another cake, Alice looked around the house for something to build up the center and found it: a roll of toilet paper!  She plunked the roll in the center of the cake and covered it with icing.  The finished product looked perfect.

Before dropping off the cake on her way to work, Alice woke her daughter, giving her money to go and buy the doctored cake as soon as the bake sale opened.

When the daughter arrived at the bake sale, she found that the cake had already been sold.  Getting the bad news by phone, Alice was horrified.  Everyone will know!  I’ll be ridiculed! she thought.  All night, Alice envisioned people pointing and talking behind her back.

The next day, Alice attended a fancy luncheon and bridal shower, even though the hostess was a snob who had looked down on her as a single parent from a working-class family, and other guests were definitely upper-crust.  After serving an elegant meal, to Alice’s horror, the hostess presented her bake sale cake as dessert!

Before Alice could leave her seat to tell the hostess about it, the mayor’s wife said, “What a beautiful cake!”

Alice, still stunned, sat back as she heard the hostess say, “Thank you. I baked it myself.”

Smiling, Alice thought to herself, God is good.”

Seriously, do you LOVE that story?!?!  It’s sooooooooooo something that would happen to me…well, except for the happy ending!  Ha ha!

And so, hoping you enjoyed the little story I ripped from the pages of Reminisce (authored by Emily Caglione by-the-way), I’m going to hope you enjoy this blog’s contest, too!

First of all, though, I need to let Jenny (whose Paw Paw loved Raisinets) know that she won the Olive Garden gift card!  Hey, Jenny!  You won the Olive Garden gift card!  E-mail your address to marcialmcclure@cs.com and I’ll get your gift card in the mail asap!

For this week’s contest, leave a comment here, on Facebook, or Goodreads (you know the drill) and I’ll pop your name in my hat for the chance to win a subscription to either Country Magazine or Reminisce Magazine!  Each one is an every-other-month magazine, meaning you’ll get 6 issues a year!  So the winner can just let me know which one she/he wants!  Fun, huh?!?!

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The Art/Rituals of Eating Certain Types of Candy :) (And Michelle C.-You won the last blog contest!)

As you may, or may not know, I spend a lot of time in my pumpkin-themed office, trying to force myself to work.  While doing this, I find that at various times of any given day, my mind begins to wander.  Understand that once my mind starts to wander, there’s no telling where it might end up!

As it would happen, this moment is one of those moments!  I had been sitting here for who-knows-how-long, trying to work…and yet, for some reason, all I could concentrate on was how many yummy things there are out in the world right now that I want to eat, but can’t!  Naturally, this train of thought led me to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (the mini ones).  Which, for some reason, led me to thinking about Baby Ruth candy bars and Butterfinger candy bars…which consequently led me to thinking about 3 Musketeers candy bars which of course led me to thinking about my life-long friend Amy L. and the delicate manner in which she use to consume a 3 Musketeers candy bar.

I can still see it now…the vision as fresh in my mind as if it were only yesterday!  There we were…sitting in the Valley High School cafeteria, having just finished our lunch.  Yep…me and Amy…Amy and me…and from her lunch sack, her pocket or by having dropped 50 cents in a vending machine (I don’t remember the means by which Amy came to have a 3 Musketeers bar in her possession that day), Amy produced a 3 Musketeers bar.  What followed was truly a mesmerizing sight to behold.

Now, I’ve since seen other people consume a 3 Musketeers candy bar in a similar manner.  In fact, my own daughter, Sandy, use to eat a 3 Musketeers bar in this same fashion (even though I had never told her about my witnessing Amy’s legendary method of thoroughly enjoying a 3 Muskeeters).  (I say that my daughter, Sandy, USE TO eat a 3 Musketeers bar this way because, she apparently doesn’t anymore, owning to the fact that one of her college friends told her that the middle of a 3 Musketeers bar reminder her of chicken fat.  Grodie! 🙁 )

Anyway, though the method might be familiar to you, way back in the Valley High School cafeteria in the early 1980s, I had never witnessed such a thing as Amy’s savoring her 3 Musketeers!  It was totally intriguing to me…the way she very gracefully removed the candy bar from its wrapper, completely stripping it of it’s silvery, aluminum-ish envelope…the way she held it with one thumb and index finger poised at its center, as she nimbly, slowly and very neatly, used her teeth to pull the chocolate coating off one end of the 3 Musketeers bar and reveal the creamy nougat.  Next she rotated the candy bar, then stylishly repeat the process of removing the chocolate coating on the other end by using the same method, or perhaps the index finger and thumb of her free hand…you know, to mix it up a bit.

Then came the sides of the 3 Musketeers bar…removed in the same manner (either with teeth or thumb and forefinger)…the the chocolate bottom of the candy bar was then removed.  (Ha ha!  “Chocolate bottom!” 🙂 ) Having saved the best chocolate coating for last (the top with the cute little swirls on it), Amy then relished the taste of the final pieces of chocolate coating before eating the creamy nougat that is the innards of a 3 Musketeers.

Now to be honest, I can’t remember if Amy always had the time during our lunch there in Valley High School’s cafeteria to perform this ritual as perfectly, delicately and with as much patience as a Tibetan Monk the way she did that particular day (it seems I remember that in most incidences she only had time to do the sides and ends), but on that particular day I was in AWE!!!!  I’d never seen anything like that!

I mean, for the most part, I had always taken after my dad when it came to eating candy bars…open one end of the wrapping and pull it down as if peeling a banana…take a bite, then another, then another and Voila!  It was like Mr. Turtle counting how many licks it took to take to the get to the center of a Tootsie Pop…“One, two, three. (Sound of crunching.)  Three.”  Therefore, Amy’s meticulous dissection of the 3 Musketeers bar was mind-blowing to me!

Well, getting back to the subject at  hand, reminiscing over Amy’s 3 Musketeers ritual, did NOTHING to get my mind back on track and to writing today.  On the contrary, my dear Watson!  Instead, I began to think of the fact that I have my own ritual preference when eating Whoppers.

Yes!  Though I’m always careful when eating a Baby Ruth bar or Butterfinger bar…you know, because they’re so messy (like when you eat the Baby Ruth, sometimes you hit a peanut and then it causes the surrounding chocolate to crumble and get all over the seat of the car while you’re driving…and of course you can’t take your eyes off the road long enough to brush the chocolate crumbs off the seat between your legs…so you just have to leave them there and then you end up with melted chocolate all over your inner thighs and rear end…and your husband asking you how chocolate got all over the driver’s side seat and reminding you that it is the very reason that he always buys cars with leather seats…because the chocolate cleans off easier, and the same thing happens with Butterfingers if you eat them while you’re driving), and so I keep my hand cupped up just under my chin in case of residual chocolate crumbs.  Right?

But Whoppers…now that’s a different ballgame!  That’s where I have my own ritual, and I’m guessing you might, too.

First off, I always eat one Whopper at a time…which is weird for me, since with most candies that are small (like skittles or M&Ms) I have to have two at at time…one for each side of my mouth.  However, for me, Whoppers take care of themselves in that regard.

What I do is take a Whoppers and bite it in half with my front teeth.  Then I gingerly pop both halves in my mouth, working them around a bit with my tongue, until one half is on one side of my tongue with the malted inside part pressing against my taste buds, and the other half is mirroring the placement on the other side of my tongue.  Then I wait with delicious anticipation until when, in the very next instant, I can feel that malted center tingling on my tongue as it dissolves!  LOVE that sensation!  Fabulous!

So there you have it…an example of where my thoughts wander to when I’m trying to work!  Of course, NOW I’m back to thinking about all those yummy things I’m not supposed to eat…like a Butterfinger bar crushed up and mixed into a bowl of Vanilla Bean ice cream!  Yikes!

Meanwhile, it’s time for a new contest!  But first, let me pull a name out of my hat for the winner of the last one…Michelle Christensen!  LOVED your story of the Barbie house, Michelle!  They have these ones now on Amazon that I dream over all the time!  I might have to get one once I have a granddaughter to spoil!  Meanwhile, shoot me an e-mail with your address so I can get your copies of Over in the Meadow and Andrew Henry’s Meadow sent to you!  Hope you love them!

And for this week’s contest…how about we make it simple.  I don’t have any 3 Musketeers bars loitering around here anywhere, BUT how about a $25 gift certificate to The Olive Garden?!?!  Yes!  Now my mind is REALLY wandering!  Must be time for dinner.  Just leave a comment here, on Facebook, Goodreads, etc. telling me anything about your favorite candy and I’ll drop your name in my hat for the chance to win the gift card to The Olive Garden!  Yay!  (Still wish I had a Costco-sized bag of Reese’s Mini Peanut Butter Cups though. 🙂 )

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