30 Day Challenge-Day #4

Do you know what I’m discovering? I’m discovering that this 30 Day Challenge thing is a good motivator for blogging! I’m not quite sure why…probably because it urges my mind along different venues than writing my stories does…and that’s a good brain-rest for me!

Day #4 of the 30 Day Challenge Thingy is this: “Eight ways to win my heart.” Another hard one, of course! Still, I’ll give it a whirl. Again, I’m going to operate under an assumption…the assumption that the eight things are things that I find endear people to me. Does that sound right? Oooo! It’s kind of hard!  But I can totally think of #1

#1…Laugh! Laugh wholeheartedly and especially WITH me and you’re in! Make me laugh and laugh with me and it’s a done deal!

Okay…that was the easiest one! From now on it will be difficult I think! But…here goes!

#2-Treat others with respect, gently and with compassion…and/or sprinkle random acts of kindness! I LOVE that!
#3-If you’re a female, harbor a love of romance! If you’re a male, be an everyday hero!
#4-Own a deep love and appreciation for the past…people, things, events, movies, history, hand-written cards and letters!
#5-Enjoy sitting around the table conversing or playing cards more than watching TV!
#6-Relish, love and bathe in Autumn!
#7-Be a patriot and/or a Veteran!
#8-Struggle with weight and weight-loss!  (I’m serious!!!!)

So there you have it!  That was a hard one!

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This Week’s Random Contest-Sam Elliott as “Conagher” DVD!

I cannot even TELL you how random I’m feeling today!  I just want to goof off and do nothing but fiddle around with stuff.  Do you know what I mean?  Therefore, I picked another random item for this week’s Blog contest…another DVD of an old “made for TV” movie I like…Conagher.

Now, you must understand that I LOVE Sam Elliott…especially his voice!  I couldn’t have cared LESS about the Super Bowl this year, but while over at my friend’s house…when I heard Sam Elliott’s voice introducing the Packers…I HAD to run in and listen!  LOVE that voice!  Anyway, Conagher is an old movie based on a Louis L’Amour book.  It’s just a simple sweet cowboy movie that I love!  I think the fact that Sam Elliott and Katherine Ross are married in real life made it a little more fun for me, too!  It’s not way, way exciting…just romantic and tender!  This blog contest is the same as the others have been…just comment here, Facebook  or e-mail me at marcialmmclure@cs.com and any of those count as your entry!  I’ll pull a winning name from the hat Monday!  Okay?  Ooo!  Here’s a little trailer teaser of the movie….

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30 Day Challenge-Day #3 and Contest Winner!

Ooo!  Day #3 is a hard one for me…“What’s your favorite TV show?  Include a picture of the cast!” Ouch!

Now, I don’t watch a ton of “TV” and when I do watch something, it’s kind of all over the board…like stuff on the History Channel, TLC and things like that.  However, there is one series I do DVR to have ready for those times when I DO feel like vegetating on the couch.  I LOVE the characters and plot lines…but I have to admit that it’s the characters that keep me watching!  So, currently (and I have to say currently) my favorite TV show is Criminal Minds!  I really dig it!  So…that’s my answer to Day #3 of the 30 Day Challenge!  Short, sweet, simply and probably kind of boring, right?  Hmmm…I don’t to bore you, though.  So, how about I post some extra photos of two of my favorite characters from the show…Hotch and Morgan?  Okay?  Will that help make this blog not so boring?  I’m sure it will!

So here’s one of Thomas Gibson who plays Hotchner…(I LOVE him!)  He was in The Inheritance, too…AND the bad buy we love to hate in Far and Away!  I love his character in Criminal Minds…so I forgive him for being the bad guy in Far and Away.

Although I love all the characters in Criminal Minds, Morgan is another one of my favorites…simply because he’s the brawn in the show with the awesome smile!  I actually envision that the hero in my soon-to-be-released book The Trove of The Passion Room looks a ton like Shemar Moore (Morgan)!

Now, one last thing…my “Criminal Minds Daydream” is this:  I wish Morgan would plant a big, passionate kiss on Penelope Garcia!  Actually, I wish they would make out for an evening!  That’s what I would like to see happen!  If you’re a Criminal Minds fan, too…what do you think?

So there you have it!  3 Days down, 27 to go!

Now…onto the 10,000 B.C. DVD contest winner!  Marie V. (who commented on the contest blog) is the winner!  Marie-e-mail your mailing address to me so I can get your DVD in the mail to you, okay?  Thanks for entering, Everyone!  I’ll post another contest tomorrow!  I LOVE contests!

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Last Elvis Winner and New Contest!

Good Grief, Charlie Brown!  I forgot to post the winner of the last Elvis contest!  Ahhhhhhhhhh!  My son comes home today after two long years away so I guess I was just a little distracted!  Anyway, I pulled Rebecca Booth’s name out of my hat as the winner!  Rebecca, just e-mail y0ur address to me at marcialmcclure@cs.com and I’ll get your CD and bookmark in the mail to you right away!  Thanks to everyone for helping me through the January Blahs!  Now, on to the February Lovey Dovies!

Hmmm…something Love Dovie…hmmm. I’ve got it!  How about this:

A few summers ago, my boys and I did a “double feature” movie day!  It was awesome!  We went to see College Road Trip (Hilarious!) and then, since all three of us were curious about a movie titled 10,000 B.C. but Kevin wasn’t, we hopped on over to see it…and LOVED it!  Sooooooo different and sooooooooooo romantic!  Well, since Steven Strait and Camille Bell (the starring actor and actress) have both been submitted for consideration as character representations for my Character Bios project…this week’s blog contest is a DVD of 10,000 B.C.!  Are you open-minded enough to give it a whirl?  I still love it!  It has sooooooooo many aspects of romance the way I like it!  If you haven’t seen it, enter the contest!  If you have seen it and love it, enter the contest!  If you just want to enter the contest, enter the contest!  Okay?

Just post a comment here, on Facebook or e-mail me at marcialmcclure@cs.com and tell me WHY you’re willing to take a chance on this unexpected movie recommendation by your goofy friend Marcia!  I’ll pick a winner this weekend!  Okay ? Have a great day!  Next time we talk…Mitch will be home!!!!!!

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30 Day Challenge-Day 2

Day #2 of the 30 Day Challenge I’m following is “A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest.”

Now, I decided not to do family (i.e. mother, husband, children). Instead, I’m going with my angel, darling, cherished, treasured friend, Sandy! So many of you know her already through my author’s notes and things…you know that she and I were roommates at college…that’s how we met. You know that I’ve dedicated several books to her over the years, that she’s always the first one to read any new book (as I write it, actually), and that she’s gorgeous…not to mention hysterical (see quote “wielding his enormous wife” from the author’s note of The Windswept Flame)!

Sandy and I met in January of 1984…27 years ago!  I can’t believe it’s been so long!  It seems like yesterday!  Within 24 hours of meeting, we were bonded forever!  She is my closest friend…my confidant…my kindred spirit (just like Anne and Diana)…my inspiration…my motivator…my only daughter is named after her!  Sandy and I are as close as ever we were…if not in miles…in spirit!  We spend hours and hours on the phone, spoil each other rotten at Christmas and on birthdays!  She has taught me so much, supported me so powerfully, helped me through the darkest times in my life…and whenever I hear the song “Wind Beneath my Wings” I think of her…she is exactly that to me!  I truly cannot imagine what my life would have been or would be without Sandy and the rare friendship we share.  We are only able to manage a face to face visit about once every three or four years…but it doesn’t matter at all!  We’re as close as ever we have been and laugh our guts out whether we’re together or talking on the phone!

Thus, the person I’ve been closest to the longest is Sandy!  I can still see and hear her squealing with delight whenever “Wake Me Up Before You Go, Go” came on the radio in 1984!  So, as a tribute to the birth of the greatest friendship a person could ever imagine or hope for…this is for you Sandy!

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Last Elvis Blog Contest!

Whew!  January is almost over and February is on the way!  And all I have to say is, “Thank you, Elvis!”  Right?  So, for the last little Elvis contest on my blog for January…an Elvis Bookmark (to inspire you while reading!) AND an Elvis CD (which happens to include a little known song by Elvis that I LOVE called Little Sister…not to mention Trouble and Fever!  Yummy!)!  Although I prefer Elvis’ early music, I do like enjoy a few of his later releases…so this CD is good because it has some early things, some rare things and some later things!

Just post a comment here or on Facebook, or e-mail me at marcialmcclure@cs.com and you’re automatically entered for the bookmark and CD contest!  (I’m so ridiculously goofy sometimes!)  Wouldn’t an Elvis bookmark TOTALLY enhance your reading experience of the limited edition of The Heavenly Surrender?  (Ha ha!)  AND you can never have too much Elvis music!  So just keep the fun going (you’ve all been so great at it this!) for the last couple of day so of January!  I’ll pick the winner on the 31st!  And once again…thank you for making January so cheerful!  It’s a new experience for me!

Here’s one more delicious Elvis performance for us to enjoy!  I LOVE this one!

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30 Day Challenge-(But might take me 90…okay?)!

Okay…I know everyone is doing this, but I think it’s a pretty good (not to mention fun) idea!  I think it’s a great thing to add to your journal or personal history, too!  So, I’m hopping on the bandwagon!  However, you know me well enough to know that there’s no way I could ever do it in 30 consecutive days…so I’m going to do 30 days, but like two or three a week.  Besides, I want to do one more Elvis Month Contest tomorrow, so I need to be able to do stuff like that, too!

Anywho…I’m going to begin with Day #1, of course, which is:  “A photo of yourself and 15 facts.”  Hmm!  It doesn’t specify ‘current photo’ so I’m just using of me as a baby!  Okay?

Now…15 facts…hmmm….hard one…and I think I’ll go with ‘random’ rather than ‘well thought out’…

1.  I LOVE marbles!  Seriously!  You have no idea how much I love them!  I just love to have them sitting around in jars…AND…I LOVE to sort them!  I find it very therapeutic to just dump out a jar of marbles on a dishtowel or blanket and sort them.  Ahhhhh!

2.  I don’t like Stuffed Bell Peppers!  I like the insides (the rice mixture and everything) and I love bell peppers in stuff…but I don’t like Stuffed Bell Peppers!

3.  My favorite meal to eat out is Breakfast!  Oooo!  I love it!  Especially when you can get pancakes, hash browns, eggs, and Bacon AND Sausage!  I love breakfast meat!

4.  I like wind chimes but ONLY the hand-tuned kinded (which I LOVE!)!  I love to be lying on the couch with the windows open in spring and fall and hear hand-tuned wind chimes tinkling here and there.

5.  I cannot sleep well on sheets that have any kind of a pattern on them.   Not stripes of flowers or anything!  It keeps me awake because I feel like I’m surrounded by noise.  I also prefer white sheets.  Dark colored sheets have the same consequences as patterned sheets.

6.  I have a mummified frog that my uncle sent to me a year or so ago.  I keep him in a little shadow box because he’s kind of stinky.   (The frog…not my uncle!)

7.  I’m suffer from arachnophobia!  However, not as badly as I used to!  As long as it’s not a black widow, I can usually smash a spider with a shoe now.  I used to just put mason jars over them and save them for Kevin to vanquish.

8.  My favorite comic strip is FoxTrot!  However, since the artist of that one retired, I’d choose Baby Blues or Zits as my favorite now.

9.  I love to drop movie quotes when they apply to real life.  One of my favorites is when Trent comes home from school with stories of all the junk that goes on, I like to say, “Screw you guys!  I hate High School!” from the movie She’s the Man.

10. For years and years and years, our family had a boys ‘cup’ (the plastic thing that goes in an athletic supporter) in our junk drawer…because even though my boys didn’t play t-ball or baseball any more, I thought it might come in handy some day!

11. When we were cleaning out my grandparents house (once they’d both passed away) I found some of their discarded teeth in their junk drawer.  Don’t worry!  I kept them!  They’re in my cedar chest in a little jewelry box!

12. Perfumes I have worn in the past are Lauren by Ralph Lauren, Anais Anais by Chacharel, and White Shoulders by Evyn.  I like a simple vanilla body spray now.

13. My favorite Neil Diamond song is Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon, and I’ve loved it since I was a little, little girl!

14. One of my favorite snacks is a toasted “everything” bagel with cream cheese and bacon!  (Most of the time I use Hormel REAL bacon bits because that’s easier!)

15. I LOVE to go to the movies and I LOVE to see movies I like over and over and over at the theater!

Well, there we go!  1 day down and only 29 to go!  This is kind of fun!  Are you doing it, too?

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Rare and BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Whew!  I’m so glad I finally have the green light to let you see what goes up for sale tomorrow!  Can you believe how beautiful this dust jacket is?  I LOVE it!  It’s the Anniversary HARDCOVER edition of The Heavenly Surrender!  Actually, the “official” title is the Limited 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition The Heavenly Surrender!  I LOVE this cover!  There were only 500 copies printed!  Period!  There’s extra stuff in this edition…an Author’s Note that’s like 19 pages long, special photos, an awesome photo layout of Kevin, a little thing from my “Dramatic Memoirs” called, “Obsession,” etc.!  I think the special page about the book goes up on my website tomorrow!  Still, what do you think of this cover?  Don’t you just ADORE it?  Let me know what you think!  I’m sooooooooooo excited!  AND I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since The Heavenly Surrender was first published!  Wow!  That went fast!

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I Totally Forgot!

I don’t know how…but I totally for got to draw a winner for the Crimson Knight Shcleich figure!  However, I did draw a name this morning…and…Kachina Mabey wins it!

Everyone’s entries were soooooooooooooo wonderful!  That’s why I just decided to pull a name out of a hat!  I couldn’t choose!!!!!

I’m off to run errands…but I’ll blog tomorrow and reveal a fun secret to you!  AND maybe a new contest if I can think of one!

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Weird Blog Contest…and Oh Yeah! Elvis Postcard Winner!

Okay…so you know I’m just so random sometimes, right?  Well, yesterday I was thinking about The Crimson Knight (I have to admit to you that anytime some asks me for a list of my favorite heroes from my own book, The Crimson Knight always is right up there at the top.  I’m not sure why.), and I realized that after almost two years, I still have the Shcleich Knights sitting on my bookshelf that I used as references for Sir Broderick’s “look!”  Now, although none of the figurines look just like Sir Broderick, his horse, armor, etc. did…I thought, “Maybe someone would like to have a little piece of The Crimson Knight!”  Therefore, the weird, random blog contest for the rest of this week is this:  A Schleich Knight used as a reference while I was writing A Crimson Frost!  Yep!  The very one sitting on my shelf!  Corny, I know!  BUT if you like stuff like this (which I do and would like to have the whole Shcleich Knights collection someday), why not jump in, just for fun?  I figured you needed a break from Elvis for a couple of days (Plus…I have to think of another Elvis thing!)…so why not start your own Shleich Knights collection, or just have a fun little thing to give a child, or stick on your shelf!  Hmmmm…I’m thinking this would make a great bookend now that I’m looking at it again!

To enter, simply comment here, send me an e-mail or post on Facebook!  That’s all!  I’ll pick a winner in a few days…let’s say…Saturday, okay?  And then we’ll get back to Elvis!

Oh yeah!  That reminds me!  The winner of the Elvis Kissing Postcard is, Stacey Whiting!  Stacey, just e-mail your mailing address to me and I’ll get Elvis in the mail to you!  Thanks for entering, everyone!  The Kissing Postcard was one of my favorite contests ever!

Meanwhile, there are a few new character bio photos up and the hunt is still on!  Thank you, thank you to everyone who is submitting photos!  It’s a very hard choice to make…but I LOVE seeing everyone’s ideas!

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