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My Jobs Before Being and Author

My friend Holly K. suggested a blog subject to me last week-“It would be neat to hear about your past jobs!  Did you work in High School/College?  What did you do before you became an author and started publishing?  What … Continue reading

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Just for Fun-DVD Contest!

You know, this morning I was thinking that I should just title my blog, “Random Junk.”  Seriously!  There’s no rhyme or reason to it at all!  For instance, this morning, I was just shopping on line for a gift for … Continue reading

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“The Flaming Heads of Housework”

While going through some old computer files the other day, I came across this old, old, old thingy!  It’s very random…just kind of a dumb story about when I caught my hair on fire while cleaning the bathroom once.  Like … Continue reading

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Just Feeling Random Today…

Okay…you know how I LOVE kissing pictures/paintings, right?  And how I love basically any picture/painting that is romantic, right?  Well, the other day I was just…I don’t know goofing around on the Internet after having seen an old-school romance novel … Continue reading

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New Divine Deception Cover!

Hey, Girls!  Here’s the mock up of the cover for Divine Deception!  Your thoughts please!

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Desert Fire/The Foundling-New Cover and Stuff!

Two weeks since I blogged!  Blech!  I stink at blogging!  Actually…things have just been even crazier than usual around these parts!  But I’m hoping I can settle back into a routine now…and MAYBE think of some better things to blog … Continue reading

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30 Day Challenge-Day #8 (and who won The Quiet Man DVD!)

Mandee Brown!  You won The Quiet Man DVD!  E-Mail your address to me at so I can get it in the mail to you, okay? Now…on to today’s blog!  What to blog about…what to blog about…….I know!-Day 8 of … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (And “Kevin Sketch” Winner!)

Okay!  A million years later…I’m still trying to catch up, but doing a little better! First things first:  The winner of the A Little Piece of THS History (the copy of the Kevin Sketch) is…Sherylin Porter!  Thanks to everyone who … Continue reading

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Waaaayyyyyyy Behind!

Help!  I’ve fallen way behind and I can’t catch up!  Just a quick note to let you know that I had some unexpected events this past week and haven’t been able to get the Brevan Casting thing up here OR … Continue reading

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A Little Piece of THS History!

You know that I have dubbed March as The Heavenly Surrender/Brevan month, right?  Well, here’s my first corny, corny, corny…yet TOTALLY weirdly fun contest concerning The Heavenly Surrender and/or Brevan!  It’s really corny…but it’s a true story! Back in the … Continue reading

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