Another Kevin Bacon Epiphany! (And the winner of the Almond Roca!)

So here’s the deal…you know how the only two places a woman can ever have a quiet moment to think are in the shower or when she wakes up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep? Right? Well, today during one of those two moments a woman can find think (in the shower), I realized something kind of fun.

Let’s begin yesterday. I went to Joann’s to get a couple of spools of thread I needed for a fun quilting project, and while standing in line waiting to get my fabric cut (yes…I bought more than thread while I was there), I saw an old friend, Lori. (It’s kind of funny, because I rarely bump into her, but the last two times I have, it’s been at Joann’s. 🙂 )

Well, Lori and I got to chit-chatting (me babbling on like an idiot…you know how I get when I’m nervous), and I remembered a trivial little story I wanted to share with her.

Last April, my sister-in-law, Kristi, and her kids, Amanda, Blake and Aubree, came down for a visit. While they were here, my brother-in-law, Kyle, had the idea all of us taking the kids to a fun little restaurant in Albuquerque called, Tim’s Place. (Click here for a link to Tim’s restaurant’s web site.)

You may or may not know that two of my sister-in-law’s four kids have Down Syndrome…and so does Tim, the owner of Tim’s Place! Therefore, we knew it would be a way fun place to have lunch! 🙂

We arrived at Tim’s Place, received our hugs from Tim (who slathered us all with attention :)) and then were seated and told our waiter would be right with us. The very instant I saw our waiter, I kind of did a double-take, thinking he looked really familiar. He was tall, handsome and his name was, Sam…and I could’ve sworn I knew him from somewhere, but I couldn’t think where.  Hmmm.

Naturally, the moment Sam had seated us and had handed our menus to us, I leaned across the table and whispered to my niece, Amanda, “Amanda…aren’t you glad we got the hottie waiter?”

In her adorable little voice she said, “Yes I am, Aunt Marcia!” Amanda appreciates a handsome guy as much as any of us, after all.  🙂

Now, over the years, one of the blessings I have observed of having Down Syndrome, is that those with Down Syndrome don’t seem to be as easily embarrassed as the rest of us. Amanda and Blake (Amanda’s brother who also has Down Syndrome) don’t struggle with the burden of humiliation like the rest of us do. They own a certain liberation we can only envy.

Therefore, when Sam Our Hottie Waiter returned to our table, Amanda promptly smiled and greeted, “Hi, Hottie!” (Awesome, right?!?! That girl is so free and uninhibited! I love it!)

Sam Our Hottie Waiter was very patient with us…very kind and cordial and even posed for some photos with Amanda! (Cute photo of Amanda and Sam Our Hottie Waiter to the right there.  I told you he was tall!  How dreamy, right?)

Yet, the entire time we were at Tim’s Place, I kept thinking, “I know that guy,” any time Sam Our Hottie Waiter was a round.

Well, we had a blast at Tim’s Place, then went home, and that was that. Of course, Tim is too wonderful NOT to request as a friend on Facebook, so I requested him, and he kindly accepted me as a friend.  🙂  He’s such a nice man!

Weeks and months went by.  Periodically I would check in on Tim (via Facebook) here and there to see what he was up to.  (And he’s always up to some adventurous thing.  🙂 )  But I never could figure out why Sam Our Hottie Waiter had seemed so familiar to me.

Then one day, WHAM! Tim posted a photo of Sam Our Hottie Waiter and tagged Sam in it! Lo and behold, Sam Our Hottie Waiter’s full name was Sam Dalton—and that’s when it hit me!

If you remember the Author’s Note in by book, A Better Reason to Fall in Love, I mention that my “Bacon Number” is three—you know, my Six Degrees to Kevin Bacon number—I can be linked to Kevin Bacon in three people…remember?

But what I did NOT tell you in the Author’s Note, was through WHOM I’m linked to Kevin Bacon in just three moves. And since it’s pertinent to this little tale, here’s the deal:

1. In High School I was acquainted with a couple of Hottie Brothers named Eric and Darren Dalton…the younger of the two being Darren Dalton. Well, while were in high school, Darren Dalton just happened to became a movie star! And one of the first movies he made was The Outsiders.  (He was Randy Adderson. :))
2. So I know you see where this is going…Darren Dalton was in The Outsiders with Tom Cruise.
3. And as EVERYONE on earth knows, Tom Cruise was in A Few Good Men with Kevin Bacon!

So there you have it! Now you know the secret to my THREE Degrees to Kevin Bacon! And I think you can see what’s coming next, right?

After Tim of Tim’s Place, led me to Sam “Our Hottie Waiter” Dalton, I Facebook messaged Sam and asked him, “Are you related to Eric Dalton?”  I mean the minute I realized Sam Our Hottie Waiter’s last name, I realized he looked sooooooooooo much like his dad!

Sam took mercy on me and was kind enough to answer my message and tell me that, Yes!…he is Eric’s son and that Darren Dalton is his Uncle! Totally fun, right?  The family resemblance is so uncanny…and that’s why I thought I had met Sam Our Hottie Waiter before, that first day at Tim’s Place!  Ha ha!

Anyway, back to me having a moment to think in the shower this morning…as I was in the shower this morning thinking over my conversation with my old friend, Lori ( I was actually thinking of what a dork I had been…nervously babbling on like and idiot…because for some reason the ol’ social phobia still raises its ugly head now and then and chose yesterday in Joann’s to do so…ugh 🙁 ), and how I’d told her about bumping into Eric Dalton’s son/Darren Dalton’s nephew, because she was friends with the Dalton boys as well…it hit me!

I thought, “Oh my heck! I have GOT to tell Kristi and Amanda that they have a Bacon Number of four through Sam Our Hottie Waiter from Tim’s Place!”

You see, Kristi and her kids are in town right this very instant for another visit! And I realized that since Amanda met Sam Our Hottie Waiter, and since Sam Our Hottie Waiter is Darren Dalton’s nephew, and since Darren Dalton was in The Outsiders with Tom Cruise, and since Tom Cruise was in A Few Good Men with Kevin Bacon…Amanda has a Bacon Number of 4! Yay!

Yep…true inspiration and/or epiphany usually hits me while I’m showering. I mean, I’m sure that’s true for everyone…but I thought I’d just share my morning epiphany with you…just for fun…being that we all LOVE to know our Bacon Numbers, you know?

Now…because I’m such a terribly tardy blogger…I realized that I owe someone out there a GIANT can of Almond Roca! And that lucky someone is…Melody!  Melody…here’s the comment I pulled out of my hat, and it’s yours…so just e-mail me at with you address and I’ll get your Almond Roca shipped asap!

Melody says:
February 11, 2014 at 1:23 pm “Love it! Coquette is a name I have down if I am lucky enough one day to have a daughter, I think it’s just beautiful. ”

As for the little goody I’m giving away for THIS blog…hmmm…let’s see. I’ve got it! Leave a comment here, on Facebook, Goodreads, etc. concerning your Kevin Bacon number, an “it’s a small world” story of your own, or anything fun, and I’ll plop your name in my hat to receive a package of Hormel Black Label Fully Cooked Bacon…72 STRIPS OF BACON!!!!! Delicious!

P.S. 30 years ago this very month, my college roommate, Sandy, and I…hailed the soundtrack to the ORIGINAL Footloose as our favorite music to blast through our apartment! Long live Kevin Bacon! Ha ha!

P.S.S. Here’s a video of an interview with Tim of Tim’s Place!  He’s sooooooooo awesome!!!!

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14 Responses to Another Kevin Bacon Epiphany! (And the winner of the Almond Roca!)

  1. Kate Sparks says:

    Awesome story, in more ways than one…. but you had me at ‘bacon’…. My favorite condiment!!

  2. Patricia Barraclough says:

    I saw the TV piece they did on Tim’s Place, probably on 60 Minutes. Wise parents and an inspiring story.
    I have never done the six degrees from Kevin Bacon thing. I doubt I would get much of a connection. We do enjoy bacon even more than chocolate.
    Thanks for the interesting post. It is nice to see families taking their Downs Syndrome out as a regular member of the family. I can remember a time when they’re were hidden away.

  3. Michelle Zeugin says:

    Hi Marcia! I cannot tell you how much this touches my heart! You see, I am a para professional ( a fancy name for aid) to special needs children! My student this year happens to be an amazing young athlete who just happens to have Down Syndrome! I love the story of Tim’s place! I feel Special people shine with a joyful light! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Teya says:

    Marcia, I absolutely love that you get all nervous a talk! Love love that you love Kevin Bacon! I love that you share that special part in your heart of your niece and nephew with downs! So sweet! I understand with a child who is special needs just not as visible.
    Okay story in my home town of Sugar City. Oh, oh, we had a huge grain silo that stood like forever, right. This is how sooo not exciting Sugar City is we all gathered (as close as possible) to it to watch, video and picture the grain silo being blown up. Falling and crashing to oblivion. Happy sad moment.

    My Kevin Bacon number I nannies for David Pocus and through him I met Harry Connick Jr. Handed him David Pogues baby at the time. Harry was in my dig skip with Kevin Bacon. I love it a little nobody like me in Idaho and I’m that close in degree to Kevin Bacon. LOVE IT!!
    You so fun Marcia!!!

  5. Kelly Winland says:

    You had me at bacon! If by some chance I’m the winner, don’t tell my boys — my personal bacon stash needs replenished 😉 I’ve no clue what my Bacon number is, probably in the thousands though :/ And I love how you go from bumping into an old friend, to a special family time, to your niece’s Bacon number – it’s a little scary how I totally understood where you were going with it all! 🙂

  6. Lori Van Noy says:

    I think my Bacon number is 4. Here it goes, please correct me if I am wrong, my brother-in-law Jeff has a friend who was an extra in “the dance” scene of Footloose. Which, of course, starred Kevin Bacon. Wait? Is that 3? I don’t know. Anywho, my number is either 3 or 4. Cool! I love you and your books.

  7. Dusti Hugh says:

    I am extremely socially awkward and tend to say the most ridiculous and nonsensical things when I get nervous and then think about them forever afterwards and wonder why I said that!!
    Anyway, I rarely share this, but my Bacon number is 2. My dad was extremely involved in the filming industry in the smallish town that I grew up in, which was a very popular destination for film makers. Because of this, I was dragged into being involved in many films and commercials in different capacities and giving me my Bacon number.
    I worked as a stand-in for Robin Tunney on the film Riders of the Purple Sage (my horse was the star “bad guy’s” mount). This meant that I worked directly with, and got to know Ed Harris just about everyday that summer, who was in Apollo 13 with Kevin Bacon. Wish I would have known back then about this and I would have asked him about Kevin!!

  8. Amy Cook says:

    OK…so my Bacon # would be five (?) because I know your sister-in-law Kristi, who knows you, you know Darren Dalton..etc., etc. (I think that makes it 5!). Still blows my mind that Kristi is your sister-in-law!!! LOVE that lady & her family!! 😀

  9. Katsie says:

    Love your blog, you babe woman! I pretended you told me this story over lunch and I was so involved in your story that I made the butter flip across the room. Oh wait, did that really happen??!?

    My Kevin Bacon #…. 1) I had a college professor, who’s 2) son was a stunt double for 3) KB for the gymnastics in the footloose dance scene. Is that 3 also? Not as exciting as personally knowing a hottie who grew up to be a movie star and have a hottie nephew-waiter, but there ya go! xox

  10. Kirsten says:

    So with a little help, because I’m not good at figuring these things out myself, I have a couple “Bacon Numbers!” This first one is my favorite because it seemed like such an odd correlation. My friend Melanie’s husband Matt’s grandfather Bob King coached Larry Bird on the Indiana State University basketball team. Larry Bird was in the movie Space Jam with Bill Murray. Bill Murray was in the movie “Wild Things” with Kevin Bacon. That’s 6 degrees, I think?

    This next one, which is my closest number, a 3 I think, it pretty good. My aunt Kim’s parents live next to Kevin Bacon’s parents. BAM! Kind of awesome!

    This is fun! I might try this with a few of my other celebrity crushes like my favorite, Hugh Jackman, and my newest, Channing Tatum! 🙂

  11. Kirsten says:

    Oh! I misunderstood! My aunt Kim’s parents live by HIS home! Not his parents so I guess that’s a 2! Woohoo! 🙂

  12. Katsie says:

    Oh p.s. Hubster’s # is 2. He watched a basketball game with Mimi Rogers and Tom Cruise when they stayed at the hotel he was working for. Mimi was filming, Tom came to visit. He set up the game in a suite and they invited him to watch. I was jealous. So I also just realized a second route that my # is 3! Oh yeah!

  13. Katie Leatham says:

    I think my Bacon # is 4? My college (at Ricks!) roommate’s uncle is an actor who has been in movies with Tom Hanks and other various people who have worked with Kevin Bacon. I don’t think he’s been in anything with Kevin Bacon but I could be wrong and that could lower my #!

    Cute tidbit, I overheard my oldest son say to his sister the other day, “Don’t be silly Cassidy, there’s no one in the universe who doesn’t like bacon!” Needless to say, it’s one of our favorite treats. 🙂

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