Ahhh! Another CLASSIC Photo Bomb!

It’s true!  The last time I blogged was over a year ago (on September 23rd of 2014, to be exact)!  AND when I DID blog, it was about a vintage photo bomb!

Well, being that I “lit’rally” (as Rob Lowe’s character ALWAYS says in Parks and Recreation), get to sort through my vintage photo collection only once or twice a year, today was one of the days I chose to sit down for an hour and go through some of my 2015 acquisitions!  And lo and behold, while I was leafing through them, I came across not one, but two, wonderful photographs that I wanted to share with you.

Says on Back-Zora and Olive Bowman about the turn of century 1900, Palestine, OhioThe first is this AMAZING photo of two little girls in front of their family Christmas tree!  I’m going to assume that this was Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning, being that they appear to be enjoying new dollies and even new toy dolly buggies!  LOVE it!  Written on the the back of the card the photo is mounted on is:  “Zora and Olive Bowman at the turn of the century 1900 in Palestine, Ohio.”  How awesome is that?  Now, I know that sometimes old photographs can be frustrating because of focus issues…and that everything behind the girls and the Christmas tree in this photograph is in better focus than the girls themselves.  In fact, I’m going to have my daughter photograph this photo, because many times photographs of photos turn out better than scanner scans of photos for some reason.  Still, I do want to mention, that at the time this photograph was taken, people still had to hold completely still for anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on lighting and what sort of camera was being used.  So, as fuzzy as it may seem, it’s still an unusual, very rare, historically priceless photograph, to my way of thinking!  I love it!  (P.S.  You should be able to click on all of these photos to see a larger image and more detail, okay?)

IMG_0002Now, the next photograph I came across today, is another fun one!  Sadly, this photograph has no writing at all on the back…not even a date, or the names of the wedding couple (which is true in about 99% of vintage photographs before the 1940s or so).  I LOVE this photograph so much!  It’s such a wonderful example of Edwardian EVERYTHING!  I love the ladies and their hats, the men in their suits, and ESPECIALLY the children!  The children in this photograph are simply ADORABLE and the main reason I purchased it in the first place!  I could lit’rally (again, my Parks and Recreation reference) study this photograph for hours!  I love the curly-haired toddler in the back row on the left, and the grouchy toddler a couple people to the right of the curly-haired one!  I love all the grouchy, unhappy looking little boys, and all the little girls on the front row who are obviously so excited to be involved in a wedding.  I love all the smiling faces in this photo–for smiles in photographs were still a little questionable in photographs at this time–at least in wealthy circles.

IMG_0002 - Copy (2)Still as I was studying this photograph this morning and just loving everything about it (the fashion, the kids, the headpieces on the little girls and the bride, the ivy climbing up the brick wall to the left behind the wedding party)…BAM!!!!  If you haven’t seen it before now (which I’m sure you have) look at the window top photo center!  PHOTO BOMB!  Ah ha ha ha ha ha!

IMG_0002 - CopyWhat was the guy thinking?  Was it an accident?  I think not!  For although people didn’t have to hold perfectly still for very long by the time this photo was taken, there was still a good measure of “hold still.”  Therefore, I like to believe that this guy was some kooky, eccentric old uncle or someone the like, who was just being a dork in the family wedding photo!  Ah ha ha!

Photo bombs pulled off back before there was a term for the thing, are so fun!  I hope dorky, old Uncle Ernest or whatever, made you smile today, the way he did me!  There he is…long gone for probably decades up on decades…and yet, he’s still making people smile!



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3 Responses to Ahhh! Another CLASSIC Photo Bomb!

  1. Amy says:

    LOVE them!!! Every time I see old photographs or old postcards I think of you. In fact I scanned some of my sweetie’s great-grandpa’s pictures & postcards a couple months ago. The whole time I was thinking: “I should send these to Marcia. She would LOVE them.” But I didn’t want to flood your email!!! 🙂

  2. Judy Harder says:

    Love this photo! The little girls in front with the bows only (not the headpieces) remind me of photos of my maternal grandmother, born in 1920, and her older sister when she was about 5 years old. The women’s dresses and hats remind me of photos of her mother. As for the photo-bomber, I’m gonna guess that Old Uncle Ernie was indisposed and missed the call for the photo; knowing his dear niece would be heartbroken if he were not in the photo, he decided to appear through the window as he didn’t have time to get outside and in position. How’s that for a little light fiction? (My first – Ha!) xoxo

  3. Karen Foster says:

    It’s funny, but I look at these people and see ward members, an actor and an actress, people from town, etc…
    One of these little girls I even “saw” at the store today…haha! Really though, some of them look familiar!
    One of the little boys remind me of Kevin when he was little! I saw a vintage picture on a patriotic music video maybe yesterday that looks like my paw paw and maybe his family!

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