30 Day Challenge-Day #7 (A picture that makes me laugh!)

Day #7 of the 30 Day Challenge (that is going to take me forever) is “A picture that makes me laugh!”  This was difficult for me at first, because there are sooooooooooooooo many!  However, what I decided to do was just open a random “pictures” file on my computer and find the first one that made me laugh…and here it is!

The truth is that photos of my sister “oft” make me laugh!  She’s just funny!  Now, I think this picture is funny anyway…just because of the expressions of my sister and her two children!  Hilarious!  However, what made me laugh even harder was when I noticed the random little hand clutching her breast at the left…and the random little foot (that must belong to the little hand) peeking out from behind her hip at the right.  Hysterical!!!!  (If you click on the photo it will get bigger so you can see it better…)  I mean seriously…who’s the poor kid that can’t even see what’s coming, where he or she is going?  All he or she can do is hang on for dear life!  Poor little thing!  And yet…it’s funny!  (It actually puts me in mind of another story…when my friend was at the awkward middle school age, she was taking swimming lessons one summer and had a giant crush on her gorgeous, male swimming instructor.  When the day came to jump off the diving board into the ‘deep’ end, the handsome swimming instructor waited below the diving board as my friend prepared to jump.  He was there for safety reasons…in case anything went wrong.  Well, my friend did finally get the guts up to jump, but when she hit the water and went so deep, she started panicking…her arms flailing around in the water trying to find SOMETHING to grab onto for help.  She found something all right…as her hands clutched the first thing they found…it ended being the ‘stuff’ secured in the front of her handsome swimming instructor’s swim trunks!)

Anyway, my sister is ‘oft’ hilarious in photographs…whether she means to be or not…and this one made me laugh out loud when I saw it!  So…that’s my 7th day of the 30 Day Challenge…a picture that makes me laugh!

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7 Responses to 30 Day Challenge-Day #7 (A picture that makes me laugh!)

  1. Stacey says:

    That is a hilarious picture! So funny! And the story of your friend…oh my stars, that made me laugh so hard! That is something that would happen to me… and yes.. on accident! Heehee! Oh the poor girl! Wow! LOVE this post!!

  2. Oris says:

    Your and your sister’s pictures have caused me to split my sides many times over the years.

  3. Becki K. says:

    Hahahahaha!!! I am laughing right now! The picture was good enough with the random hand grabbing. I am sure that is why your sister is screaming the way she is, because the little hand has quite the grip. LOL And that story of your friend grabbing the instructor’s stuff?? Oh my!!! How embarrassing for your friend and the swimming instructor. Hehehe!!! Thanks for making me laugh!

  4. Gina says:

    That is funny! I am glad you pointed out the hand and foot– cause I might have missed it entirely had you not!

  5. Lena Mattice says:

    You crack me up!! Thanks for sharing the picture. This and your story of your friend brought back some of my own hand grabing memories. Thanks a lot:( I try to forget them. Lol What a good laugh!!!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Oh my goodness, this is hilarious!! I’m sitting over here laughing to myself and my husband is looking at me like I’m crazy, haha:) Your poor friend, not sure I’d go back to swimming lessons 😉

  7. Dawn Sherman says:

    Oh my heck, you crack me up girl! Love your stories!

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