30 Day Challenge-Day #4

Do you know what I’m discovering? I’m discovering that this 30 Day Challenge thing is a good motivator for blogging! I’m not quite sure why…probably because it urges my mind along different venues than writing my stories does…and that’s a good brain-rest for me!

Day #4 of the 30 Day Challenge Thingy is this: “Eight ways to win my heart.” Another hard one, of course! Still, I’ll give it a whirl. Again, I’m going to operate under an assumption…the assumption that the eight things are things that I find endear people to me. Does that sound right? Oooo! It’s kind of hard!  But I can totally think of #1

#1…Laugh! Laugh wholeheartedly and especially WITH me and you’re in! Make me laugh and laugh with me and it’s a done deal!

Okay…that was the easiest one! From now on it will be difficult I think! But…here goes!

#2-Treat others with respect, gently and with compassion…and/or sprinkle random acts of kindness! I LOVE that!
#3-If you’re a female, harbor a love of romance! If you’re a male, be an everyday hero!
#4-Own a deep love and appreciation for the past…people, things, events, movies, history, hand-written cards and letters!
#5-Enjoy sitting around the table conversing or playing cards more than watching TV!
#6-Relish, love and bathe in Autumn!
#7-Be a patriot and/or a Veteran!
#8-Struggle with weight and weight-loss!  (I’m serious!!!!)

So there you have it!  That was a hard one!

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7 Responses to 30 Day Challenge-Day #4

  1. Mallory says:

    That is what I Love about you, Marcia! You are so completely Real! That is one of the ways to win my heart…. Be Real!

  2. Stacey says:

    Love this post!! No wonder I love you so much,these things are all things I agree with! And #8?? yup..struggle is a good word for it!! Love this, and love you!!

  3. Lisa says:

    Okay, …LOVE IT! Thanks for giving me some food for thought. You seriously make me smile and feel better about myself. Loves!

  4. Becki K. says:

    I love them!!! I just about have all of them covered! Does 7/8 count? You are the best!! ??

  5. DogsMom says:

    I think I get at least a 7.5 on this (agreeing with you.)
    I’d have to add must love and be good to animals (of course.)

    This is a nice question to ponder. A way to be grateful for those in your life that do bring light and laughter.

  6. Gina says:

    Several of your 8 ways to win you over are nearly my own! Fabulous list of qualities for someone to have about them!

  7. Cami says:

    It’s so awesome to get on the computer and find people that think like me. I agree with all 8 (and Mallory). I feel so connected to you all because we agree on so many things. I wish I could go to a meet and greet to meet you in person. For now the computer will just have to do. Thanks for keeping up on it to fill my friendship bucket.

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