30 Day Challenge-Day 2

Day #2 of the 30 Day Challenge I’m following is “A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest.”

Now, I decided not to do family (i.e. mother, husband, children). Instead, I’m going with my angel, darling, cherished, treasured friend, Sandy! So many of you know her already through my author’s notes and things…you know that she and I were roommates at college…that’s how we met. You know that I’ve dedicated several books to her over the years, that she’s always the first one to read any new book (as I write it, actually), and that she’s gorgeous…not to mention hysterical (see quote “wielding his enormous wife” from the author’s note of The Windswept Flame)!

Sandy and I met in January of 1984…27 years ago!  I can’t believe it’s been so long!  It seems like yesterday!  Within 24 hours of meeting, we were bonded forever!  She is my closest friend…my confidant…my kindred spirit (just like Anne and Diana)…my inspiration…my motivator…my only daughter is named after her!  Sandy and I are as close as ever we were…if not in miles…in spirit!  We spend hours and hours on the phone, spoil each other rotten at Christmas and on birthdays!  She has taught me so much, supported me so powerfully, helped me through the darkest times in my life…and whenever I hear the song “Wind Beneath my Wings” I think of her…she is exactly that to me!  I truly cannot imagine what my life would have been or would be without Sandy and the rare friendship we share.  We are only able to manage a face to face visit about once every three or four years…but it doesn’t matter at all!  We’re as close as ever we have been and laugh our guts out whether we’re together or talking on the phone!

Thus, the person I’ve been closest to the longest is Sandy!  I can still see and hear her squealing with delight whenever “Wake Me Up Before You Go, Go” came on the radio in 1984!  So, as a tribute to the birth of the greatest friendship a person could ever imagine or hope for…this is for you Sandy!

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6 Responses to 30 Day Challenge-Day 2

  1. Sandy says:

    I cannot believe you wrote about me! That was sooooo sweet, but undeserving since you’re the one who taught me about friendship and loyalty 🙂 I surely miss you and will be thinking about you and your family in the next few days. Love you much!!!

  2. Stacey says:

    She looks like a ton of fun.. just like you! It is so good to have a friend that you can be so close to and yet not get to see very often and still know that even apart you are as close as ever!! Love this post and getting to know one of your inspirations!! Oh, and LOVE wham!!

  3. Kacee says:

    Friendships that are kindred spirits are rare & special!
    Wham! Now that brought back memories!

  4. Gina says:

    Ah, now that’s the kind of friendship everyone should enjoy! Now I LOVE Sandy!

  5. Lisa says:

    That was a beautiful post, thank you for sharing that about Sandy. You are both adorable!

    I also have to say that George Michael’s voice is dreamy and this video makes me want to watch Music and Lyrics! Thanks!

  6. Becki K. says:

    Everybody needs a good friend like that! She is lucky to have you as well!!

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