15 FREE Georgette Heyer Romance Novels!!!!!

So, last week I pretty much bombed blogging!  I think my blog was so long and blah blah blahing, that most people just read the first part (depressing to anyone who didn’t read the pick-me-up part afterward).  My sweet, darling angel-friend, Jan, even sent me a bouquet of flowers!…Which I, admittedly, loved!…but felt badly about, too, because Jan just had terrible foot surgery!  And there she was, convalescing in pain, while sending ME flowers!

So let’s just chalk last week up to a dud, and move on…shall we?

011So, here’s the deal…Kevin and I have been renting a storage unit for the past 7 years.  It was a necessity at first, because we did downsize from a larger house (thank heaven!), and because I am a sentimental fool who loves nostalgia and has a hard time letting go of “treasure.”  Anyway, once our first two kids and their families bought their first homes, we were able to dish off a TON of stuff to them.  That took the contents of the storage unit way, way down…but we still had too much stuff to fit in one garage.  We have a three car garage, and Kevin has generously allowed be to store my “treasure” and seasonal/holiday decorating things in one.  The other two garages he likes to use to park our cars in so they don’t get beaten up by the weather or stolen.  (It’s a weird hangup he has or something, ha ha!)

IMG_9422Anyway, as our youngest son (there he is to the left) prepares to get married (to Karli who is with him in the photo) and have his own house, Kevin and I began to really rethink the need for a storage unit at all.  I’ve managed to compact most of my treasures and decorating necessities (even fabric for quilting and stuff) into our garages and still have room for the cars.  And then, holy smokes!  This happened…

One day Kevin and I were talking about things we pay for that we really don’t need at all anymore, but are just in the habit of paying for, right?  And we added up how much we’ve paid on that storage unit over the past 7 years…i.e. $95 dollars a month, times 12 months in a year, equals a whopping (and nauseating) $7980!  I nearly launched my lunch and so did Kevin!  There were other things that gave us nausea…such as the fact that we NEVER watch our Satellite TV, except during football season.  So, in other words, there are about 7 months out of the year that we’re handing out $104 for Satellite TV when we don’t even watch it anymore!  That equated $728 dollars a year, and $2912 in the past four years since we’ve been semi-empty nester’s with no kids at home!  Sickening, right?

IMG_4156Well, this made me decide that enough was enough!  Even though I’ve been trying to sort through and discard things that really aren’t treasure anyway, I don’t have a lot of free time and the job is overwhelming!  I mean, I have soooo many plastic tubs full of stuff…just sitting in storage!  There are even a few plastic tubs that we moved from Rio Rancho, NM to Ferndale, WA in 1997, that then moved with us from Ferndale, WA to Monument, CO in 2005, and then from Monument, CO back to Rio Ranch, NM in 2009 that have NEVER been sorted!  For instance, Tuesday I even opened a tub/bin, that hadn’t been opened since about 1990!  It had untouched, Mardi Gras throw in it from 1990!!!  (Here’s a photo of Kevin and our grandson as our grandson was playing with about 1/20th of the beads/necklaces from the Mardi Gras throw we’ve drug around for like 26 years!  I think my grandson’s expression proves he must’ve been channeling my disbelief at still having this throw!  P.S. I kept the Mardi Gras throw, because…well, the grandkids will like it now!  But I did get rid of all the other New Orleans souvenirs that were with it in that bin…by giving them to my mother and father-in-law!)  Furthermore, you know how it is…whenever you move, there are always those boxes or plastic storage tubs that you just throw all “the rest” of the stuff you don’t have time to deal with in, right? So I have tubs and tubs (or bins and bins) full of…well, I’m just gonna say it, crapola!

Now, as I said, I had been slowly sorting there storage tubs here and there and consolidating treasures and tossing things that weren’t treasures over the past couple of years.  But that number that we figured out…that $7980 to a storage unit just really lit a fire under me, you know?

georgette heyer(Oh, no!  I’m babbling again!)

Anyway, I’ll just skip to the chase and telegraph you this:  Found multiple storage bins full of books (Stop)!  I don’t read other authors anymore (Sad-Face, Stop) No time to read (Stop)!  Found a storage bin with 15 brand-new, never been read, copies of Georgette Heyer Regency Romance Novels (Stop)!  Will ship 3 Georgette Heyer novels (titles picked at random by me-though you CAN request a certain title, but keep in mind it will go to whomever requests said title first if they win) to FIVE lucky winner friends who leave comments on this blog before I blog again. (Stop)

the black mothThat’s right!  15 Georgette Heyer (the author who basically created the English Regency Romance Novel beginning in 1921 with The Black Moth when she was just 19 years old), are up for grabs as part of my, “I have too much stuff, and am sick of paying for a storage unit,” plan to release myself from the bondage of worrying over what to do with all this…um…treasure!  Ha ha ha!

So leave a comment on my blog here, on Goodreads, or Facebook, and I’ll choose 5 winners sometime next week!  BUT before you leave a comment, I do have to tell you that, as far as my blog contest is concerned, I’m finding that I love your comments so much, that I chose the last two winners by how touched/moved/amused or whatever, I was when I read their comments!  So from here on, for my blog contests, I will choose winners the same way I play the game Apples to Apples…meaning I’ll choose the comments that I like best…not necessarily the one that is the best answer.  Does that make sense?  That does NOT mean I want you to TRY and touch/move/amuse me!  I don’t like that…just write whatever comes to your mind…the first thing you think of as your comment on my blog today, okay?

As for last week’s blog contest winner:  It was Anna, who sent me this joke as part of her comment:  So these two cannibals were eating a clown, and one says to the other, “Does this taste funny to you?”

Ah ha ha ha ha!  Thanks, Anna!

In conclusion (makes me feel like an English Lit. teacher whenever I say that), leave a comment for me about anything mentioned in my blog today, and you’ll be entered to win 3 of my 15 extra Georgette Heyer novels!  I’ll announce the winners next week on a new blog.

Meanwhile, thanks for helping me sift through the treasure in my storage unit!  $7980-UGH!!!!

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38 Responses to 15 FREE Georgette Heyer Romance Novels!!!!!

  1. You seriously crack me up. Latley I’ve been obsessed with reading usually reading 1 to 2 books aday over the last couple of months. I’ve read almost everything of yours that I can get my hands on (still need to by s few of your new ones that the library doesn’t have) so finally I’ve ventured on trying to find aome new authors that I like. I love romance novels and regency or old westerns tend to be my favorites. I will have to check and see if my libary has any of this author. I really love it when I can find an author that I like that has a large collection. Thanks foe the recommendation although if I win it will mke it a bit easier to check them out right :).

  2. Nicole J says:

    We have boxes from when we moved 18 years ago that have never been sorted! Glad to know we aren’t alone!

  3. Casandra Helzer says:

    Are you telling me, that in 25 years, I will still have boxes never opened from my move across country?

  4. Lynda roderick says:

    I love your blogs. I have to tell you, when you said “In conclusion” and that you feel like a lit teacher, Kyle(whom is on line schooled now)had to write a 2100 word essay. He was not allowed to use “in conclusion” on his conclsion. The teacher repeated that several times. Plus no opinions in that conclusion. I even had a hard time trying to do that. Lol, but, He ended up doing well on it even though he was really sick for the 2 weeks he worked on it. He received a B . so yay
    But I do love your blogs.

  5. Lynette says:

    You’re making me feel like a hoarder. I have sooooo many books that won’t fit in my six bookcases. I have tubs and tubs of them, and everyone tells me to cut back, but I haven’t been able to. I have duplicates of your books, plus own them and many more on my Kindle, but still can’t seem to part with some print books. Books are my treasure. I guess I need an intervention.

  6. Karen Christiansen says:

    Oh my goodness! Georgette Heyer is the best! I thought I’d read all her books, but there are a couple of titles I didn’t recognize. Now I need to find them though Powder and Patch and Devil’s Cub will be hard to beat. And I adore that cover art, harlequin’s republishings didn’t improve on that at all.

  7. Katie Burt says:

    I love that picture of your grandson. At first glance I thought the Mardi Gras beads were your inspiration for Pirate Ruse. I was mistaken. Good luck cleaning out your storage unit! That’s a great big pile of “no fun”!

  8. Sarah says:

    I’m in the filling tubs with treasure stage of life so I’d love to take some of your off your hands!

  9. Alysha says:

    Oh my goodness you always make me laugh!!!! ? It is always a good day when I go on Facebook and see that you are either having a sale or a new audiobook or book came out I get all giddy and hyper and immediately have to get your latest. I absolutely love reading your blogs and am so glad that you started doing them again!

  10. Shawnette Ramos says:

    I also have bins of book that I love, but don’t read anymore but can’t part with them yet 🙂 one day. I get the whole paying for cable and satellite. I wish they would just sell us the few stations we would watch and just for a couple of months of the year. I enjoy your books. Thanks.

  11. Katie Noble says:

    I was so shocked by your storage unit cost. We recently de-cluttered and it was a nightmare deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. I was thinking of things I could by for $8000 and for some reason the first thing that came to my mind was a llama. Probably because I watched Emperor’s New Groove recently. I don’t even know how much a llama costs. Anyways…congrats on the downgrading and to your son and his lovely girl!

  12. Sara Jenks says:

    My parents moved and downsized like you did, however they ended up with 2 storage units full of things. My mom thought that it was very exhausting to go through everything and get rid of what they don’t use and therefore don’t need. It took her a long time before everything was able to fit into their garage and storage space in the house. I have never heard of Georgette Heyer…so therefore I have never read any of her books. Is she good?

  13. Tori says:

    The tub of Mardi Gras stuff made me LOL!
    My husband and I had a huge “Aha” conversation about 2 years ago. We decided to downsize a TON and really get back to basics. We sold our home and moved into a 2 br/1 bath rental on 30 acres of land with our kids. We had 4 living with us at the time. Yes, 4. The owner let us build a 3rd bedroom about 2 weeks before our son left on his mission. He had been sleeping in a makeshift room made out of 2 bookshelves and some wood paneling. (Tons of YOUR books are on those shelves!!) He only had real walls for about a week before leaving, bless his heart. Lol
    Anyway, now who is rambling?? Simplifying and focusing on what’s really important has been awesome. Oh- check out Sling Tv. It’s cheaper than vable, but has ESPN. My husband loves it.
    The End 😉

  14. Lucinda Marks says:

    I feel like I am in the same boat! My plan is to start taking more pictures of my “treasures.” Then I can put the pictures in a scrapbook and get rid of the stuff..because really…it isn’t the “stuff” but the memory that goes along with it!

  15. Amy Cook says:

    I went through all of our crap of 17 years!! Had a Yard Sale…made enough to buy something that we thought was important at the time & now can’t remember what it was!!! MAN we had a LOT of CRAPOLA!!!

  16. Jessica says:

    The Life Chnging Magic of Tidying Up…….at book group our ladies wanted to read it. I fought soooooo hard because the last thing I wanted to do was read a book about cleaning when I do it day in and day out. I have twisters, 5 of them to be exact……they leave destruction in their wake. Secret potties in air vents (yes, I stuck my head in a vent with poop, before I knew it had poop), boogers on walls, I’m getting real here people. However, the worst person was me with all my “storage bins.” Back to book group, I finally convinced them not to read it, then read it on my own and totally had to eat crow. It’s fantastic, especially in helping you release things that have special memories but no longer spark joy. Yes, I talked to all my items, even when I was passing them on. Not so strange because I’ve talked to things since I was little…..but maybe that’s strange. Anyway, we all use the bathroom, so take 5 minutes for a potty break and read this book……you’ll love it!!! Then again, maybe you’ve read it and you’re staring daggers at my post right now because you didn’t like it but alas, it is life changing!

  17. Julianne Criner says:

    Sounds like a treasure hunt to me!;) I love sorting through old stuff! Last time my husband and I were cleaning out our storage unit, my husband kept saying, “more books woman?” I might have a slight problem! Although I will say I don’t have any of your books in storage. They are my absolute favorite and are all tucked up in my favorite bookshelf.

  18. Karen says:

    I need to go through all my stuff too. Luckily I’ve been storing it at my parents’ house rather than a storage unit. I plan to downsize some…but probably not in the book department . That I will just keep adding to.

  19. Kathy says:

    Oh boys do I have Crapolla that needs my attention too. I’m almost motivated to get up and do something about it… almost.
    I’m currently stuck in a Heyer phase. A zillion books to read and yet I just reread The Grand Sophy and am now back to Arabella so the piles of crapolla will be waiting cause Heyer wins my attention for today at least.

  20. cynthia nelson says:

    That cracks me up. I use to think most people had bins full of “stuff”, my husband would call it something else. I recently learned from some friends that they don’t have bins waiting for them to go through. I am having to seriously consider my friendship with them as they make me feel guilty. JK just think of all the surprises and treasures you will find.

  21. Alysa Lovell says:

    I actually had the same thought this week about paying for a storage unit (or two) that just holds things that aren’t needed and how much money could be saved by just getting rid of it! Things that it’s just a habit to pay for! I’m going to get rid of the stuff that is holding me back!

    My friend has always told me I should read some Georgette Heyer. Good time to start!

  22. Kate Sparks says:

    When my mom and dad moved, it was to a 2 story with full basement old 1890’s place. When their parents downsized, it ended up in our basement. Our basement became more like an historical dig!
    Georgette Heyer got me started on romance!
    I’ll admit I’ve used a storage unit, but it was to clear out the excess when we were selling out house.

  23. Oh wow! So many Georgette Heyer books. Her books have been on my TBR pile for a while now. I love regency and I had a friend tell me I would really like them, but I have yet to get my hands on a copy to read. So it would be so much fun to win these books from this giveaway. Thanks for the post and the fun giveaway!

  24. Stephanie Siems says:

    Can I just say that I am glad I’m not the only one with boxes or containers full of stuff that hasn’t been sorted for several years. 🙂 I also was so excited when I saw what the prize is this time. I LOVE Georgette Heyer, I remember the first book of hers that I ever read was Devil’s Cub. I was hooked, then it got even better when my friend told me that it was a sequel to These Old Shades. Well I just had to run to the library and get it to read. Now I’m just rambling on and on so I’ll end with saying that I love your books and your blog posts, and your fun personality. 🙂 🙂

  25. Amy says:

    So I have moved 3 times in the last year and I have found that I have lots of stuff that I don’t need. I have a hard time getting rid of stuff because I become so over whelmed. I found this book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up the Japanese are of decluttering and organizing by Marie Kondo
    I am here to tell you it works. It helps me know where to start and how to decided what to keep and what not to keep. I am done with the book and have started the process and I am seeing a change already when I do what she says. I also like that she tells you right off it is not going to happen in a day. But the little changes I have made already have made a big change in my life an I can’t wait to finish my whole house.
    Good luck to you on sorting through your stuff and if you ever need a just a need a little push you should try this book it really helped me 🙂

  26. Lindsey Olmstead says:

    It is amazing how one can accumulate so much stuff over the years. So, one time my Dad was helping my Grandpa to clean out one of his many storages (oh, and when I say many storages, he has them in several different states).Now it must be known that this said Grandfather is someone who stores things away and forgets he has the storages. Well, maybe not necessary forgets that he has the storages but rather what is within them. The amount of stuff this man has is awe inspiring. Well on this occasion, having convinced him to at least sort through one of these storages they set out to complete the task. Now, this is no joke, as my father was sorting through the timeline of the many items this storage possessed, he found, not one, not two, but twelve brand new or barely used vacuum cleaners. Crazy right? Who knew one could have so many vacuums? When my Dad told me this story I found it both hilarious and endearing. My Grandpa sure is a funny guy.

  27. Mary Preston says:

    I’ve just had the painter in to do the internal walls. I put it off for so long and they were just so far gone.

    The bad thing is that this house has no built in cupboards, except the kitchen, so that all of the furniture had to be moved out of the way. Which meant emptying cupboards to move them.

    The good thing is that I was forced to do a major cull.

    I donated, I gave away, I binned and I sold.

    So now I not only have beautiful walls I actually have cupboard space.

  28. Erika says:

    I was so excited when I saw Georgette Heyer books were your blog giveaway! I love her and I bet it was you who introduced her to me! All your talk of plastic bins makes me remember all of mine that are crowding my garage! I think I will just tuck into another book and forget about them again!

  29. Jennifer H says:

    I love that you found multiple storage bins of books. While going through a storage unit of stuff must be overwhelming, it sounds like a ton of fun at the same time. I have opened boxes I have been storing before and laughed because I have found things that I know I couldn’t let go of at the time, but now I think “Why did I keep this?!?” Haha The treasure hunt is only part of the fun!
    And I am sad that you don’t have time to read anymore!
    I started reading Georgette Heyer books because of you mentioning them (and I wouldn’t mind taking The Grand Sophy, Bath Tangle and Sylvester off your hands;) there are several of hers that I like very well. The Toll-Gate always come to mind when I think of her books.
    I also have to say, I am intrigued at what else was in the bin with these 15 new books you found…

  30. Darlene Wylde says:

    All I have to say is ” You Rock ” with your romantic novels!! You took me to a pleasant place while I was doing my dialysis 3 times a week for 4 hours per sessions for 4 years!!! I have read many of your books and I’m still reading them… So keep writing these awesome books!! I want to thank you for making those 4 years easier for me!

  31. Megan E says:

    My husband always tells me, “we’d be better off to soak everything in gas, burn it down, and collect the insurance instead of trying to clean it out!!” I should let him just get rid of all those boxes and bins we haven’t been through in years, but I just can’t let my treasured books go … he finally understood how I feel about my books when I compared it to how he feels about his tech devices. 😉

  32. Darlene Wylde says:

    All I have to say is ” You Rock ” ? with your romantic novels!! You took me to a pleasant place while I was doing my dialysis three times a week, four hours per sessions for four years!!! I have read many of your books and I’m still reading them… So keep writing these awesome books!!! I want to thank you for making those four years easier for me, as well as continuing to entertain me today!! ?

  33. Megan Alton says:

    When my parents became empty nesters my mom kept telling us to get our stuff out. I kept wondering why she wouldn’t just store it for me for a little longer. We cleaned out the house a couple of years ago and realized how much of a hoarder my mom was, we never knew because she kept things so well organized but she did have a ton of stuff. I took lots of it so now I get to carry it around and store it until someday my kids have to clean it out!!!

  34. Kelsie N says:

    Ah! I love that the blog posts and giveaways are back! My husband is currently in a night school police academy program, so at nights I snuggle up with my baby girl and a good book, until he gets home! I haven’t ever read Georgette Heyer, so I’m definitely going to look into her! You haven’t recommended a book yet that I don’t love, (Keturah and Lord Death is one of my favorites!) My to-read shelf is getting longer! What a happy problem!!

  35. Alisha C says:

    So I know I’m a little late on the comments, but this post just made me smile. And laugh…because I know that we all secretly have those boxes that are decades old that we just can’t get rid of. And you’re very generous to let your Georgette Heyer go. She’s a great author! Her books always make me happy…just like yours do!
    I did see an episode of Hoarders once where the whole house was filled with books. Seriously…that couple could have opened a bookstore with how many books they had. It was crazy!!!

  36. Marilee Bird says:

    So I just saw this blog of yours. How awesome! I have loved Georgette Heyer books for years. I found out about her in high school. How fun for you, even though you are sorting to get rid of stuff, in finding old things that have given you joy at some point in your life!
    Happy down sizing!! I have to do the same….maybe tomorrow. 🙂

  37. Nancy Luebke says:

    I have a few boxes of books, some of them have moved a few times. Now as I read them, I have a few reading friends that enjoy them after me. Thanks for this opportunity.

  38. Mila Kette says:

    Anna’s joke was very tasteful! Seriously, I really laughed.

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