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All September events are nearly filled!
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Marcia Lynn McClure’s first release of 2016 is now available to order in softcover and hardcover editions!
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The Wolf King by Marcia Lynn McClure

(*Please note that the e-book release of this Medieval Romance will follow shortly.  The upcoming wedding of Kevin and Marcia’s son is this coming weekend has delayed technical production of the e-book.) 


Sudden Storms-Upcoming Audio Membership
Audio Book!

*Please keep in mind that Marcia and Kevin’s youngest son is getting married June 4th…and although everyone at Distractions Ink, LLC is working tirelessly to finish up May’s audio book, so much depends on Kevin and Marcia that Audio Book Membership Members may not receive download info until after June 6th.  Thank you so much!

Add hardcover editions of  Sweet Cherry Ray, An Old-Fashioned Romance and Divine Deception to your Marcia Lynn McClure collection!  AND watch for more Classic Marcia titles to become available in collectible hardcover editions!


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